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Cy Yung "Dreamcatcher Revisited" CDS

I recall telling you guys a few things... one was that the BPA crew is the future, another was that Cy Yung & J. Slikk were working on a project entitled Soul Train Dancer: A Tribute to Rosie Perez. Well, both comments are combined into this post, as I bring you the official first single from that project, "Dreamcatcher Revisited". Fans of classic Hip-Hop will not be disappointed, and for those of you who wanna play sample spotter, yes Slikk definitely flipped that Christopher Williams in the chorus, and it fits so perfectly at that slowed down tempo. If that isn't "new jack" enough for you, Slikk then created a whole New Jack Swing Remix of "Dreamcatcher Revisited", making a nigga feel like he was watching Strictly Business or some shit. They've also included a special B-side on this single.

Cy Yung "Dreamcather Revisited" (prod. by J. Slikk)

And it's all free. Seriously. Download this, then go put on the following movies: Do The Right Thing, White Men Can't Jump and New Jack City. Then try to convince me that Black cinema is so much better today than it was then. Classic movies, classic concepts and today, classic Hip-Hop inspired by all of that. BPA, niggas. I'm trying to tell y'all!

I dedicate this one... to Tina!

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