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Negativland "Richard Nixon Died Today"

Negativland "Richard Nixon Died Today": New music from Negativland's forthcoming song-based album, Thigmotactic, which is set to drop on July 15th. Check out the tracklisting:

01. Richard Nixon Died Today
02. Lying On The Grass
03. Extra Sharp Pencils
04. It's Not A Critique
05. Basketball Plant
06. Two Light Bulbs Flickering
07. By Truck
08. Jack Pastrami/Flower Bum
09. Influential You
10. Virginia's Trip
11. Steam On A Whim
12. Pork In The Store
13. Perfect Little Cookies
14. Kind of Grumpy
15. Your Skin Is Gelatin
16. Omnipotent Struggle
17. Rancho Pancho

This is the first song-based album of theirs in something like 28 years. Fanatic has more info on this album, so if this is your cup of tea, check it out.

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