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R. Kelly Acquitted

I am not surprised at all about the verdict, but I mean, shit, half of the damn country (including this nigga right here) seen R Kelly piss on that girl. Must be the money.

So, the morale of this story is, as long as you have 1) a shitload of money and 2) a legion of fans backing you, you too can piss on a little Black girl. And don't give me that OJ shit, while OJ wasn't on tape murdering his wife, I see Kellz piss on a child.

Thing is, I bet there are loads of Black females in the hood that are happy as hell. I mean, he had them in his back pocket, with charges and everything up! I admit, I watched Trapped In The Closet on IFC, but shit, I got daughters, you nasty nigga. Now he's gonna be singing "Kelly, not guilty!" to the studio. Expect a mixtape out by the end of the month.

I guess Aaron McGruder was right.

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