RIP George Carlin

Rest in peace, George Carlin.

Let me first start this by saying that, not only is Carlin one of my favorite White comedians of all time, he is in my top 5 (being beat out by Pryor, Chris Rock, and a few others). He combines a few of my favorite qualities about comedians: he's smart, and he doesn't pull punches. And even though he definitely called into question a host of things about our society, he did it from an intellectual angle that is very appreciated... to the point where HBO gave him 14 fucking specials, the last one releases earlier this year (where, admittedly, he did look a lil' worse for wear). I remember him speaking on death and mortality in one of the interviews leading up to that special, so I am not surprised he has recently passed (given his health and bouts with substance abuse), but fuck all of that.

The man was a genius, and had been counter-culture before many of you scared rabble-rousers even picked up a pen. Check out a few of these clips:

You will be missed. I think I'm gonna do a lil' tribute to him. Soon come...

EDIT Wifey just passed me the CNN obit.

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jon jon said...

the nigga was a dying breed