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TRiLLBASS - Gold Fronts

To celebrate the new look of their website, the Trill Bass crew cooked up this nasty mix, chock full of hefty dubstep vibes:



Trill Bass - Get Some
Trill Bass - Lotus
Claw - ANti Social
Trill Bass - Save me From Myself
Trill Bass - Creepin
Trill Bass - Dizzee Remix
Trill Bass & Bro Safari - Fist Pump (ft. MC Kemst)
Trill Bass - The Trillest
Claw - Fuck up
Solace - Stackin (Trill Bass VIP)
Claw & Roomate - The Process
Trill Bass - Tony Danza
Trill Bass - Boo & Yarr
Claw - Death Wish
Trill Bass - Fucking Heater
Claw - Jersey Shore Guidos (Trill Bass VIP)
Trill Bass - Skywalker (Wet Coat edit)
Claw - Orion VIP
Swytch & 12th Planet - Tonka

Be on the lookout for the first release on Trillbass Records, as well.

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