KONCEPT, JLOG1C & Soul Khan "Make Way"

KONCEPT, JLOG1C & Soul Khan "Make Way" (prod. by Mr. Porter): Three Brown Bag All-Stars representers drop some fresh Hip-Hop over this Mr. Porter-laced beast. They take a lot of you herbs to task, so definitely pay close attention.

Big up to KONCEPT for lacing me with this!

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2 Responses to “KONCEPT, JLOG1C & Soul Khan "Make Way"”

Anonymous said...

The beat pops off. Solid effort by all MCs. The rappers flexed technical ability but at times it felt as if they cared more about the aesthetics of rhyme schemes then actually saying mind blowing content in unique ways. As for song form, it comes to no surprise that they follow the chorus, verse, chorus, verse etc. formation in classic "underground" hip hop fashion. This is a perfect example of "underground" hip hop but it is nothing more then that.

Anonymous said...