On That Leak: T.H.U.G. Anglez

Shabazz The Disciple + Hell Razah = T.H.U.G. Angelz, who are putting out their Welcome To Red Hook Houses on Babygrande sometime this year. To celebrate, Killer Beez' Alex hit cats with multiple files. Check 'em out:

  • Shabazz The Disciple ft. dead prez "Scattered People": Shabazz, representing Brooklyn and one of the original members of Sunz Of Man, has two CDs out now (available here): The Becoming of The Disciple and The Vault (Hidden Safiyahz).
  • Shabazz The Disciple ft. RZA & Beretta 9 "Wrath of the Lamb"
  • Shabazz The Disciple "Thy Enemies" (over GZA's "Destruction of a Guard" beat)
  • Hell Razah "Iron Gorillaz": Razah was also a member of Sunz Of Man, and also has two CDs you can cop over at chambermusikstore.com: Hell Hop Vol. 1 and Hell Hop Vol. 2.
  • Hell Razah ft. Killa Priest "Under The Vatican"
  • Hell Razah ft. Beretta 9 & Lord Superb "Grey Goose"

Big up to Alex for the tracks; straight jacked that pic from E.

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Enigmatik said...

effin' jersey thieves!