Saturday, February 21, 2009

[video] Snoop Dogg & Ciara Do The Stanky Leg

This ish just don't stop:

Friday, February 20, 2009

[video] K-Os "4 3 2 1"

Trina "Blame It Freestyle"

Trina "Blame It Freestyle": Splash has uploaded two freestyles from Weezy's ex. The only person who might seriously be wanting to check her rhymes is Danyel Smith; I imagine the rest of you are just trying to see how the booty work.

That Auto Tune on her vocal in this freestyle doesn't really appeal to me; that "Blame It" beat is my SHIT, though.

Bonus Beats Trina "Stanky Leg Freestyle"

PreZZure The Twitter Project

I told you guys that PreZZure was going to drop The Twitter Project on Feb. 22nd, right? Looks like he was so anxious, he threw it online today. It's all instrumental, and fire-hot - I imagine some of you MCs will start devouring these beats on first listen. Keep us in the loop.

MF Doom "That's That"

MF Doom "That's That":Here's a track from DOOM's forthcoming Born Like This album. I highly recommend it, especially for you Friday night smokers who just got off work, and are two seconds from hitting that Michael Phelps.

I dunno how they do it, but props go to OnSMASH. HipHopDX has more news, and a tracklist, for you freaks.

[video] Tubesteak Gets Chris Brown'd

Friday, February 20th 2009 playlist

Being home is the shit. Watch out for a special release dropping on rock the dub very soon. Boy I miss The Boondocks...




When is NWA getting back together?

Ice Cube ft. Dr. Dre & MC Ren "Hello"

Have a good weekend. Mr. Bitches coming soon!

Robin S "Show Me Love (Blame Remix)"

Robin S "Show Me Love (Blame Remix)": Wow. Here's a fresh DnB take on a classic club banger. This is currently on promo, I believe, and is set to drop on Data Recordings... all of you cats who used to freak to classic club tracks and that ill DnB, this one's yours.

Shouts to the selector who sent me this track. Nice one.

EDIT Here's a 320.

50 Cent ft. R. Kelly "Do What It Do"

50 Cent ft. R. Kelly "Do What It Do": Here's the No DJ version of a track I posted a few days ago. I've seriously tried to not post music from that molester, but in the effort to bring you, the reader, that new music, I figured this was the least I could do... and I couldn't pass up posting the above pic, based on that molester's past.

MP3 via 2DBz.

[video] Quest McCody Reacts To Rihanna Picture

Quest kicks some real talk about that recently-released Rihanna picture:


Here's a ghetto-ass scan of a postcard I just got in the mail. for more.

Spring 2009, y'all...

Dr. Dre ft. T.I. "Shit Popped Off"

Dr. Dre ft. T.I. "Shit Popped Off": So Tip is Dre's new Snoop? As long their new partnership produces ill music (that gets released), I'm all for it.

Not sure if this is a reference cut or not; shouts to TSS.

[video] Pimpin' Curly EP3 "The Fast Lane"

D. Julien The Experiment

D. Julien has been putting in work, and this mixtape is the proof. I love hearing new(er) artists come out the box, seemingly out of thin air, and merkin' shit. Keep both eyes open, and both ears listening (don't just HEAR it)...

DOWNLOAD The Experiment

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Suave The Ape The Ape Still Remains

I leaked "The Therapy" yesterday, and dropped "Microsoft Therapy" earlier this month. I really hope you guys took heed, devoured those leaks, and got properly prepared for The Ape Still Remains, aka Suave The Ape's new mixtape. Dude is 18 years old, and lives in New Brunswick, NJ; I don't say this about everyone, but I really think Suave is part of that next wave of ill MCs out there. He has his own vibe - dude definitely marches to the beat of his own drum machine. Use this as a taster, a teaser, and introduction into the first episode. And please believe you'll be seeing and hearing more of dude on rock the dub. Interview coming in the near future, trust.


related Suave The Ape Thougts Of An Ape

Monkeys and Trolls

[video] Mista Raja "We Don't Play That"

Featuring Sheek Louch & Bully:

related Mista Raja ft. Sheek Louch & Bully "We Don't Play That"

[video] Kid Cudi "Day 'N' Nite"

Mr. Don't Tase Me Bro Kid Cudi finally drops the video to his smash:

Bonus Beats Kanye West & Don't Tase Me freestyle on 106 & Park:

Terrance definitely said this show was "bigger than Rick Ross' belly", but I'm not feeling that Don't Tase Me free.

Theo & Ced Hughes "Class of 2009"

Theo & Ced Hughes "Class of 2009": Wow. I was NOT expecting that beat to drop like it did. This track sounds like that shit kids will need to be blasting during graduation, trust. Ced merks the first verse, Theo smashes the 2nd. Perfect Saturday morning wake-up music.

S.O.U.L. Purpose & Fresh Daily "Keep Movin'"

S.O.U.L. Purpose & Fresh Daily "Keep Movin'": Big up to BoBO for passing this track along; this is from City Permits, some street album that I have zero info out, but is set to drop soon. I'm suprised they went in over Mr. Scruff's "Get A Move On", which you've probably heard in a shitload of car commercials. I thought I was the only one who fucked with Scruffington.

J. Holiday Round 2 Cover+Tracklist

J. Holiday's latest is set to drop March 10th (that's going to be a busy day) on Music Line Group/Capital. Here's the latest tracklist I've seen for this one:

01. "Intro
02. "Make That Sound"
03. "It's Yours"
04. "Fall"
05. "Wrong Lover" (ft. Rick Ross)
06. "Run into My Arms"
07. "Sing 2 U"
08. "Lights Go Out"
09. "Don't Go"
10. "Forever Ain't Enough"
11. "Fly"
12. "Homeless"
13. "I Tried"

Tracklist via Wikipedia; cover via ThinkTank.

KUZ "High Life"

KUZ "High Life" (prod. by Scoob): Here's a slick cut from UK's own KUZ, taken from his Renaissance London album (which he's made available for download HERE). You've heard that sample before, but it still sounds fresh everytime you check it...

[video] Ron Browz - Homegrown

The 'Ether Boy', Ron Browz, talks about growing up in Harlem and working with Big L

OBEY x J Dilla

Shephard Fairey and B+ linked up for this special, limited-edition print. There will be a run of 400 of these 18x24 inch prints going on sale on February 20th at $55 a pop. Ma Dukes needs all of the help she can get, so look out for these when they drop.

Via Hypebeast.

[video] Lunch With Joe Budden Part 2

Tahiry speaks her reaction to being dragged into the Saigon's diss track - and rappers getting their 5 minutes of fame off HER! Joe speaks on Slaughterhouse, his NEW album (no, not Padded Room, but his NEW new album), Royce's ImNaShitFoolTV only getting 5 views, and nobody being able to pronounce Amalgam til he got there.

Props to Culture VI.

[video] Mistabishi "Printer Jam"

previous Mistabishi "Printer Jam"

Chubb Rock & Wordsmith ft. Kimia Collins "Back In"

Chubb Rock & Wordsmith ft. Kimia Collins "Back In" (prod. by Strada): This is the first leak of unreleased material from Chubb and Wordsmith, ish you won't be able to find on their forthcoming Bridging The Gap album (which is superb, holler at your boy); the above cover is their soon to be released mixtape with th e mighty HipHopDX, A Crack In The Bridge, which will be mixed & blended by DJ King Assassin, and drops in June.

Here's some video of K'naan and Chubb Rock on Jimmy Kimmel:

Shouts to Mr. World Premiere.

RAtheMC "Prom Queen"

RAtheMC "Prom Queen": RA comes with an interesting flip of Weezy's "Prom Queen"; this is taken from her forthcoming Are You Not Entertained? mixtape, which is dropping on Feb. 24th. That tape is presented by Judah and Weekend Warriors Clothing, and will feature cats like Skyzoo, Wordsmith, Donny Goines, Fresh Daily, Fred Knuxx & many more!

Shouts to Mr InHighDemand for this, and the other cuts he's leaked.

[video] Young Jerz "Mafia Music Freestyle"

Grab homeboy's Hearts & Souls Mixtape NOW!

Suave The Ape Thougts Of An Ape

In about four hours, I'm dropping the new mixtape from Suave The Ape (The Ape Still Remains); for those who might not be up on dude, here's his first mixtape, Thoughts Of An Ape, which dropped about a month ago on DatPiff. This cat is a young talent - don't let him pass you by!

Dr. Dre ft. T.I. & Nas "Topless"

Dr. Dre ft. T.I. & Nas "Topless": When I dropped the radio rip of this yesterday, I was not expecting a tagless, dirty version of this to drop. Question: is Tip ghosting for Dre now? Sounds like it. Also makes me think that this isn't the final version, ya dig?

Props to Nah Right for this one.

[video] Namon Responds To... Namon?

Namon Julio clarifies his statement from Tyra Banks:

[video] Bone Thugs-N-Harmony x K-Fed

Why Kevin Federline or Bone Thugs-N-Harmony are still making music is beyond me, but here's the video explaining their forthcoming collabo:

Did I just get Punk'd?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

[video] Marv Won "Stomp"

[video] Rick Ross "Kiss My Pinky Ring, Curly"

"Lookin' like a mun-kee!"

Dancing With The Stars SE8 Promo Pictures

This shit looks so repulsive. More pics via MISTOOS.

[video] Lily Allen On Ellen

Marina Chello "What's Done Is Done"

Marina Chello "What's Done Is Done": Here's an interesting one. Homegirl has a nice voice, and the vibe of the track is like a Pop record with a sexy bounce to it. Almost like what Cassie could've been if she had talent.

DivaSpeakTV: Episode 43


...suckas never play me"; they do, however, play some of that new shit. Perusing Nah Right, I saw two cuts that DJ Envy dropped at 2PM on Hot 97:

No, I don't know if "Topless" is forthcoming on Detox, no do I know when that molester-featured fuckery is dropping.

[video] Joell Ortiz "Block Royal"

The New Classics Mixtape Stream

This mixtape drops on the 25th, but you can stream it all you want right now!

Shouts to A Green for this one!

related Sean Price, CyMarshall Law & Sha Stimuli "Street Life"

Suave The Ape ft. J. Rocwell "The Therapy"

Suave The Ape ft. J. Rocwell "The Therapy": Here's an exclusive leak from Suave's The Ape Still Remains mixtape. Here's he links up with another New Jeru MC, J. Rocwell, to open their minds on a smooth instrumental. I gotta say I'm loving how my NJ niggas are doing it, and hope they keep lacing you niggas with this freshness. The Ape Still Remains is coming soon - keep it locked!
Bonus Beats Suave The Ape "Stop & Think"

related Suave The Ape "Microsoft Therapy"

Usher "Mayday"

Usher "Mayday" (prod. by Timbaland): I'm not sure how long this cut has been bubbling around, but it looks like this is some unreleased club bangery from Ursh and Timbo. Why he feels the need to do what pseudo-rapping on this is beyond me. Sounds like a dope interlude, but nothing more.

[video] Young Jeezy "Welcome Back"

[video] Namond Bryce Can't Get A Job

The nigga who played Namond Bryce on The Wire goes onto Tyra Banks, complaining about how he has an education but can't get a job. Well join the club, Julio. Mad people in the US are in the same boat - we all just can't go on TV and complain about it:

[video] Kanye West On The Wake Up Show

[video] David Byrne "The People Tree"

Featuring Chali 2na, Gift Of Gab & Z-Trip:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Villainous Volume Radio, Episode 4

Deal and the crew drop some science in this post Valentine's Day/Grey Goose-enabled episode. You can hear my ghetto drop in here, as well as the mighty "Flawed". Great work.

DOWNLOAD Villainous Volume Radio 4 [via PIMB]

[video] Kanye West "Welcome To Heartbreak"

Featuring Mr. Don't Tase Me Bro Kid Cudi:

Family Guy vs. Christian Bale

The-Dream Love vs. Money Cover+Tracklist

March 10th is the date for The-Dream's sophmore album; here's the tracklist (as well as a gang of the previously-leaked tracks), so you ladies can start salivating early:

1. Money Intro
2. Rockin’ That Sh**
3. Walkin’ On The Moon featuring Kanye West
4. My Love featuring Mariah Carey
5. Put It Down
6. Sweat It Out
7. Take U Home 2 My Mama
8. Love vs. Money
9. Love vs. Money: Part 2
10. Fancy
11. Right Side Of My Brain
12. Mr. Yeah
13. Kelly’s 12 Play
14. Let Me See The Booty featuring Lil Jon

Radio Killa/Def Jam... you should already know that.

EDIT Updated tracklist via Splash.

Dawn Robinson "Man Enough"

Dawn Robinson "Man Enough": Arguably the flyest chick out of En Vogue, Dawn is set to drop a solo album on that ass really soon. Looks like she is set to drop this album on The Movemakers Group, aka a label that she's co-CEO of with Dre Allen. Also getting wind that an En Vogue reunion is poppin' off?

Bonus Beats Dre Allen "Girlfriend Material"

[video] B.o.B. "Generation Lost"

Joe Budden "Blood On The Wall"

Joe Budden "Blood On The Wall" (prod by MoSS): Here's the full version of Jump Off's diss on Cell Block P, forthcoming on Padded Room. Did this leak? If so, who got me?

Props to eskay.

Bonus Beats Joe Budden "Get It In Freestyle"

Solomon Childs "What You Used To Be"

Solomon Childs "What You Used To Be" (prod. by Chris Styles): You better nail down the furniture when this one drops. This is the street single from Childs' forthcoming album, which is currently untitled and set to drop on May 5th via Wu Music Group. Kay Slay is currently dropping this one on his radio show, and now RZA, Divine & Solomon Childs have allowed us all to partake. Blast this one, early!

Bonus Beats Beyonce ft. Solomon Childs "Halo (Remix)"

Shonie The A&R's Cheat Sheet: R&B Edition Vol. 1

Slip-N-Slide's new RnB songtress, Shonie, has finished a new mixtape for you guys. I hate saying it, but in this day of "perfect" vocals, homegirl can blow without the use of Auto-Tune and other effects, and with that Slip-N-Slide stamp, you should know what to expect. Download this, and then tell a friend. That record with Fabolous is kind of fire-y, so don't hesitate!

Shouts to Mary @ BlackRadioIsBlack for this one!

Dub MD & Spectacula Unexclusively Exclusive

Dub MD's latest project showcases Queens MC Spectacula, dropping some Unexclusively Exclusive cuts pon ya 'ead, helping promote Spectac's forthcoming Every Second Counts, his studio LP that's set to drop sometime in 2009. Word is you can expect a mixtape a month until summer hits, with this being tape one of his Quality In Quantity series.



01.) Intro (Produced By Kon and Amir)
02.) Shine (Produced By The Alchemist)
03.) Pressure (Produced By Pete Rock)
04.) Your Welcome (Produced By 9th Wonder)
05.) Let Go (Produced By Madlib)
06.) Full Time Job (Produced By Pete Rock)
07.) Just Venting (Produced By Khyrsis)
08.) For The Websites (Produced By Black Milk)
09.) What's Next? (Interlude)
10.) Going Out Of Style (Produced By Pete Rock)
11.) The Forefront (Produced By Bronze Nazareth)
12.) Wasted Potential (Produced By DJ Premier)
13.) Snakes In The Grass (Produced By Khyrsis)
14.) For The Hell Of It (Produced By Easy Mo Bee)
15.) Gravity (feat. Gorillaz) (Produced By Gorillaz)
16.) Unexclusively Exclusive (Outro)

Watch out for Dub & Nametag's Classic Cadence Vol. 2 compilation!

Mista Raja ft. Sheek Louch & Bully "We Don't Play That"

Mista Raja ft. Sheek Louch & Bully "We Don't Play That" [clean \ dirty]: I always check for new D-Block, word to my nigga Russell. Why the Silverback goes in first is beyond me, but this is a nice track to blast out of your whip on an early-night patrol for whatever it is you niggas patrol for (weed, females, etc.); if you guys aren't up on Raja, he's the one who produced "Hi Hater". This cut is taken from The Ghost In The Machine (I'm hoping Styles P is on this project).

Bonus Beats Mista Raja ft. Sheek Louch & Bully "We Don't Play That (instrumental)"

Excess Bangers 13: Gene Splice Season!!!

Highbrid Nation just don't stop! They have a knack for picking the week's best and giving it to you in a hot package...



01.Camron - I Hate My Job
02.Jadakiss Feat. Barrington Levy - Hard Times
03.Cory Gunz-Put Da Gun 2 Ya
04.Raekwon ft. Maino - Realer
05.Lil Scrappy & G'$ Up - Gettin' Money
06.Remi feat. OJ Da Juiceman - VVS
07.Wale feat. Young Chris & Tre (of UCB) - Night Life
08.615 feat. Young Buck - I'm On It
09.Xzibit - LAX (Original Version)
10.M.O.P. - Blow The Horns
11.Rhymefest - Exodus 5.1
12.Case Ft. Bun-B - I Cant (Remix)
13.J.Period ft. Consequence & KiD CuDi - Buggin Out 2009 (Tribute Remix)
14.Fabo(of D4L) - It Got Me
15.Tek of (Smif-N-Wessun) - This One For Bucktown
16.Collie Buddz - Herb Tree
17.Boaz ft. Sean Price - Comin For My Bank

Keep it up, fam!

[video] Aubrey O'Day On Chelsea Lately

related Aubrey O'Day In Playboy

[video] T.I. ft. Justin Timberlake "Dead & Gone"

[video] Plastician LIVE Invasion at Matter (Feb 6th 2009)

Featuring MCs Jammer, Dizzee Rascal, Skepta, D Double E & Footsie on the mic. Shouts to DJ Cable for the heads up.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Metermaids "Nightlife (ancient times remix)"

The Metermaids "Nightlife (ancient times remix)": Here's my boy badmammal remixing a cut from The Metermaids under his ancient times alias. Some jazzy vibes in this one, I love how the cymbals ride throughout the beat. Dude needs to stay on that Hip-Hop!

Hellz Yea! "Talk My Slang"

Hellz Yea! "Talk My Slang": Here's some fire from the BK borough. If you are up on the flame, you heard this one on Winter Storm Warning Vol. 2, if not - get your weight up. Homeboy does his thing on the mic as well as on the boards, and hopefully he keeps me posted on his future works!

Bonus Beats Hellz Yea! "That Music"

DJ Paul "Just Like That"

DJ Paul "Just Like That" [clean \ dirty]: Three 6 Mafia's DJ Paul (aka K.O.M. - the King of Memphis) is preppin' his solo album... were people really trying to get a solo LP from Paul? I won't front, I have been known to wild out to their tear da club up anthems, but really, what is dude saying on the mic? I guess it doesn't matter - follow homey via YouTube.

Sean Price, CyMarshall Law & Sha Stimuli "Street Life"

Sean Price, Cymarshall Law & Sha Stimuli "Street Life" (prod. by Cook Classics): I dropped some video on this track last month; looks like The New Classics drops on February 25th.

Via Nah Right.

Joell Ortiz "Bout My Money"

Joell Ortiz "Bout My Money" (prod. by Needlz): These Slaughterhouse niggas keep it gutter, always. This is from Free Agent, which is set to drop this summer.

Shouts to OnSMASH.

PreZZure ft. Miss Murder "The Matrix"

PreZZure ft. Miss Murder "The Matrix":First off, this is the first time Hellviz PreZZlee hit me up, and I'm glad this is the first track of his I've featured. The beat has some ill, leftfield ominous flavor to it, which is accented by that chorus. PreZZure keeps that up with his slick flows; peep how he kicks off the 2nd verse - betta rewind that! This cut is off his "next next" project, The R Train Project... I know I'm intrigued.

Watch out for The Twitter Project, which will be dropping on 2.22.2009 - keep it locked!

[video] Behind The Scenes: Joe Budden "In My Sleep"

Bonus Beats Joe Budden "In My Sleep" [via 2DBz]

[video] Blaq Poet "Ain't Nuttin' Changed"

[video] Lady Gaga "LoveGame"


Sean Wyze "Step Back"

Sean Wyze "Step Back" (prod. by Jansport J): Seeing as my real name is Khris, when Kriss Kross blew up back in the day with "Jump", all of the kids in school used to clown me. Imagine how I felt when I saw the following in my inbox:

"So during a recording session for the upcoming compilation album Curly Tops and Nautica Jackets, Poly, L4, DNez and myself were reminiscin on old 90's joints. Dnez brought up the old Kriss Kross joint "Jump", and how somebody should flip that. I was hyped to do it. Low and behold, Nipsey Hussle's record comes out (which is DOPE) with the same sample. However, I still went in and flipped it 'Sport style. This is a track off of the homie Sean Wyze's upcoming album Chix N Snares"

I gotta say, this came out ill. Shouts to J for sending this to me.

MC Hammer "I Go"

MC Hammer "I Go" (prod. by Lil' Jon): That's definitely not a typo. Hammer is back, and is going hyphy. Makes sense - that's his area, I just didn't know he liked to go dumb. Someone needs to let me know who the second cat on this record is... not that I think he's amazing, I just don't see his name anywhere.

Pendulum "Showdown (Clipz Remix)"

Pendulum "Showdown (Clipz Remix)": That pic makes more sense after seeing the video.

The Terrorist "The Chopper (Ray Keith Dirty Chopper Remix)"

The Terrorist "The Chopper (Ray Keith Dirty Chopper Remix)": Although I never liked to say I rock one form of music over another, I'd be lying if I neglected the fact that Hip-Hop plays a dominant role. About 9 years ago, I had essentially given up on a lot of Hip-Hop, and DnB took over for a while (as cats who followed me on AOL could attest). When I think of tracks that really moved me, this is one of them. Furious Amens atop a simple bass, the original was a staple in what I ended up rockin' Drum & Bass wise for a while. Keith didn't stray too far from the original with this one, but he added some tight elements and switch-ups, making this a special VIP-esque banger. True definition of a roller.