Starklove ft. Big Pep & DJ D-Styles "Insufficient Funds"

Starklove ft. Big Pep & DJ D-Styles "Insufficient Funds": Good thing this track is available for free – I don’t have the funds to post the shit if niggas tryna sue! This is taken from Starklove’s Desiderata album, which features a lot of D-Styles and a good grip of sub-lovin’ basslines. This track encompasses the depressing mindstate of some of us who are trapped in a rut, financially, who aren’t that far from seriously jacking anyone who looks like they have more than $50 in their pocket. Starklove’s Desiderata, saw its digital pre-release on the 10th of October, with full release on October 20th.

Bonus Beats Starklove ft. Dirty Elegance & DJ D-Styles "Melophobia Redux"

For a little bit more on Starklove, hit the jump for the press release. Shit’s intriguing…

starklove is a New York City producer, poet and part-time prophet. starklove is releasing his debut album "desiderata" on Bartleby Records on October 20, 2010 (digital pre-release on October 10, 2010).

The album features several collaborations. Scratches were contributed by DJ DStyles,
arguably one of the greatest turntablists of all time. Additional music production came from New York producer Dirty Elegance and Los Angeles producer Mr.a Merlin. Vocalists include Newark emcee hAbiB, East Orange emcee Big Pep, Brooklyn soul / lounge singer Sarah Tracey and poetry by Mr. Merlin. Also featured is Brooklyn's Dan Venne, lead guitarist of the seminal postrock band Cougar.

While making the album, starklove was struggling with a double-life. He was
holding down a full-time job at a television music studio while simultaneously acting as a middle man for one of the biggest high-grade marijuana operations in North America. The slippery slope of the drug trade proved to be too much and starklove spiraled into a drug-fueled lifestyle that was unsustainable. He spent many years battling a severe cocaine and freebase addiction and it was during this time that he produced "desiderata".

The album's main theme is "that which we desire most is what ultimately
destroys us". More than the chronicle of a struggle to overcome addiction, it is an exploration of desire and its effects. Furthermore, the album is selfreferential; in fact, it almost never saw the light of day because it was weighed down by desires that may never be realized.

In addition to making records, starklove composes music and sound design for
television shows, including collaborations with hip hop luminaries Ice T and Buckshot for the History series "Gangland". This is his first release under the alias starklove.

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