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Just in time for Halloween, Left Brain & Hodgy Beats present their latest album under their MellowHype guise, entitled BLACKENEDWHITE. I think Left looped Tyler, The Creator saying "what the hell" on "Hell", which is one of my favorites on this. I fuck with this more than YellowWhite, but that might be because I understand OF more now. Might have to revisit the first album, though. ANYWAYS, Tyler is also featured on this LP, alongside Earl Sweatshirt, Domo Genesis, Mike G & Frank Ocean. As the OF Tumblr said, "Fully Produced By Left Brain, Hodgy Beats Takes On A Darker Note This Time Around... This Album Is Packed With Gun Sounds, Grams OF Coke And Dead Cops. The Perfect Soundtrack For Mobbing On A Dark Halloween Night." Trick or treat, bitch nigga.



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