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Spiderfang Hatchback Music

Hip-Hop is my main love when it comes to music, with the art of being eccentric and/or singular at a close second. This Spiderfang shit reminds me of both, and fits into the area of my playlist that also encompasses Sharkula, Odd Future, Das Racist (who are featured on “Pink Polo Shirts”) and others, cats who are smart enough to dumb out pon the dancefloor. I don’t know what the term “hipster” means anymore, but I’d assume a lot of heads would affix that tag to this quick shot, but really, it’s just fun. Remember fun? The shit you did when you stopped caring and listening to what you should be doing? Yup, that’s Spiderfang (aka Jonah Weiner). It’s the sound of not giving a fuck and smiling a lot. To a beat.

Big up to Hans Beck, who mixed four out of these 7 tracks, and produced track 7, "So NPR", which I featured on The Four Horsemen earlier this year.

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1. I am in the House
2. Jonathan Gold (with Prince Zimboo)
3. Put You on to That
4. SR-71
5. Spectacular, Yes
6. Pink Polo Shorts (with Das Racist)
7. So NPR (Hans Beck WNYC Edit)

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The download does not work. Any other downloads available?