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The Two. Fifteens - RTD Halloween Mix 2010

Last October, I had the pleasure of introducing The Two. Fifteens to the masses with their October 2009 mix, which was chock full of Hip-Hop appeal and sub-bass riddims. Since then, the brothers have charted their own path, which led up to the recently-released ..., which is both acclaimed by those who opened their minds and slept-on by the usual gang of idiots. Not to
leave you lot in the cold, The 215's have concocted a fright-filled mix for this Halloween season, which blends found sounds with their speakerbox-freakin' big beats. If you've got some of that sticky, or something potent to sip on, I recommend you do so, then take a half hour out and try not to scare yourself shitless. Don't say Candyman in the mirror, don't mention Beetlejuice's name, and don't even think about Bloody Mary, mufucka.

DOWNLOAD The Two. Fifteens - RTD Halloween Mix 2010


1. The Avalanches-Electricity
2. Billy Boyo- One Spliff Dub
3. Gucci Mane- Vampires (TTF_Scru'd)
4. Andre 3000- What?(TheTwo.FifteensRMX)
5. Frayser Boy- I'll Bring Da Weed
6. El B- Buck N' Bury feat. Juiceman
7. Kalyanji Anandji-Wada Karle Sajna
8. The Two. Fifteens- Katana Or Tanto
9. Scientist-Blood One His Lips

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