Co$$ x Numonics Revelations

There’s been a number of leaks thrown out, and a number of sites that have caught on to Co$$ and Numonics’ union, but the time has come to read through their Revelations. I’d say “make sure you smoke something/drink something while rockin’ to this”, but not only does that go without saying, it’s really just not necessary. This combination is just perfect. Co$$ has a dope voice, something that feels different, and I appreciate how he doesn’t mince words or hold back – if it’s on his mind and makes it to his pen, it’s on the page and out of his mouth soon enough. With all of that soul-bearing, you need Soulful soundscapes, and the one like Numonics knocks it out the park each and every. I won’t go too deep into each track, but “Fake Kings” is an anthem over here right now, as there are a lot of you fake kings out there in many walks of life. I see you, we see you.

Anyways, download this and make it the soundtrack for your now.

DOWNLOAD Co$$ x Numonics Revelations [via 2DBz]


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