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[preview] Break & Die "Slow Down"

Break & Die "Slow Down [radio rip]": I actually heard Die drop this on Kiss FM last week, but when Bailey threw this on during this week's show, I had to rip it. When people ask me why I listen to Jungle/Drum & Bass, it's for shit like this. It's the idea that cats can take memorable music (in this case, some choice snippets from Stephanie Mills' "You're Puttin' A Rush On Me") and present it in a context I fuck with, i.e. sub-heavy DnB beats. It fits so perfectly, bridging the younger me who used to ride with my mom, who would rinse WDAS FM in Philly, with all of that Soul & R&B, and juxtaposes the younger me who used to blow trees and soak in a shitload of DnB, trying to find myself. It's the '95 sample style of Jungle that I would play to death every Saturday night, with the sonic expertise of the now. It's a number of influences in my life, thrown together in one supremely-awesome cookie. Let me indulge.

Taken from Break's forthcoming Resistance LP, which is due out sometime soon (hopefully!) on Symmetry. I ripped this because, while a lot of DJs got this track, it's not up for stream via Symmetry's SoundCloud. Sorry!

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