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Crissy Criss - 30 Minute Drumstep Mix (10/28/2010)

As he's known to do, the one like Crissy Criss took to the decks during this week's 1Xtra D&B M1X Show and dropped a nasty 30 minute drumstep mix. Drumstep is a hybrid sound, kind of like dubstep made at a DnB tempo. Lots of the wild, heavy bass but with a halftime drumbeat. It's easier to understand when you hear it rather than explaining it. Crissy featured some of my favorite drumstep tunes, but I think a three deck mix might've been a bit much in some spots. Glad someone finally did a proper full mix of this sound. Check it out.

DOWNLOAD Crissy Criss - 30 Minute Drumstep Mix (10/28/2010)


Rusko – Hold On (SubFocus Remix)
Taxman – Look What You’ve Done
Crissy Criss – Hard As Hell
The Prototypes – Cascade (Cutline Remix)
Wickerman & RV – The Source
Dillinja – Who You VIP (Crissy Criss Drumstep Edit)
Dminds – T10 (Gangstar Mix)
Subfocus – Rock It
Tinie Tempah – Pass Out
Eddie K – Serial Killer (Dminds Remix) (Crissy Criss Drumstep Edit)
Crissy Criss & Youngman – Kick Snare (Drumstep Mix)
DJ Hazard – Wicked So
Document – Forgive Me (Heist Remix)
Crissy Criss & Youngman – Give You The World (Drumstep Mix)
Pendulum – Witchcraft (Drumstep Mix)
Crissy Criss & Youngman – Superstarr
Heist – Survivor
Rollz – Voice of the Mysterons (VIP)
Ravager – Extraterrestrials (VIP)
Heist – I Need Killers
Sensai – Destruction
Original Sin & Taxman – Penamana

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Anonymous said...

Kickin! I agree with you, the use of three decks in some parts spoils it. I don't know, it just comes across as a bit muddied and overly-hectic and the drum/bass lines get a bit lost. But overall absolutely goddamn awesome. Heist drumstep is some of the best so far.