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Evol Intent Unconditional Evol

Evol Intent brings you a blistering laptop-live mix, based on performances from their fall 2009 tour. Defying genres, this mix has moments of drum and bass, dubstep, hiphop and everything in-between.

Accompanying this live mix is an EP of remixes and edits exported and extended for DJ sets. Included in this EP are some of the top requests the guys got along the tour.
These tunes include:
- 'The Rewards is More Cheese (Evol Intent Live Edit)' : This is a remix of Deadmau5's smash hit ready for drum and bass sets.
- 'Binary Calling' : a mashup of Evol Intent's remix of Tech Itch/Kemal's 'the
Calling' with Binary Finary's seminal trance classic '1998.'
- 'Champion Sound' (Evol Intent dubstep edit) : a classic amongst most drum and bass heads, Q-Project's 'Champion Sound' is updated for the dubstep crowd.
- Raven (Evol Intent Ravenstep Remix) : this is Evol Intent's dubstep take on Proxy's big tune 'Raven.'
- Calle Ocho (Evol Intent Dubstep Remix) - This is Pitbull's massive hit (otherwise known as "I Know You Want Me") re-imagined as dubstep.

DOWNLOAD Evol Intent Unconditional Evol [or grab everything separated HERE]

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