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DeeDotMillz Treat Me Well

No one truly knows who you are. Sometimes we stand alone with facades that we've created for our selves. Hopefully we can accept the fact that we are all different, reveal our faces amongst friends, and stand completely comfortable in our own skin. When I do reveal my face, I just hope that you'll Treat Me Well.

The third mixtape from DeeDotMillz heavily inspired by Sleigh Bells! Include are 5 tracks fueled by DeeDotMillz' favorite tracks from Sleigh Bells debut album Treats! It's nothing but LOUD coupled with explosive, passionate delivery, and witty lyricism. Treat Me Well.

DOWNLOAD DeeDotMillz Treat Me Well [via Signed To You]


1.You Love Me Right?
2.March! (Let Me Grind)
3.Infinity Guitars
4.Run! (Leave Your Heart At Home)
5.Have A Heart

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