Hip-Hop Galactus

It’s been damn near a year since I dug back into the Marvel Universe (while flirting with Image a bit) full force. I used to go pretty hard in my comic book reading, with my obsession for all things X-Men/Punisher/Ghost Rider, and its been good to see how far my favorite comic book characters have evolved (or devolved) since I put the books down over a decade ago. I noticed this week that two books (Chaos War #2 and Hulk #26) both had quick cameos/references to the eater of earths, Galactus, and both references shook whomever he encountered. Dude is a hungry demigod, one who’s story has been told in plenty of books, and is pretty much unmatched in the Marvel Universe. It got me thinking earlier on twitter: does Hip-Hop have a Galactus? And if so, who is his equal in our scheme of things?

A few heads brought up the mighty Hex Murda, who definitely works in that scheme of things, based on his persona and lore. I’m wondering, though, if Hex is Galactus, who is his Silver Surfer? Who else do you think fits the Galactus mold inna Hip-Hop zone? Reply to this post or tweet me (and use the #hiphopgalactus hashtag), so we can see if there is an eater of earths within the worldwide Hip-Hop scene.

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