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Thelonious Martin x Tastemakers NJ

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If you're not up on it, Thelonius Martin's 1-Up is available now via iTunes. He collaborated with Tastemakers NJ to make this dope tee, which you can cop right now for $20. Thelonius rides that Dilla wave. Yeah, I said it.

previous [video] Thelonius Martin "Love Lost"

Manik & Kontrol "Fuck You Buddy"

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Manik & Kontrol "Fuck You Buddy": I'm a sucker for Philly/Bmore Club music, and with recently being introduced to @DJManik, I got sent over a little treat from Manik + Kontrol's The Snowed In EP, which was made while Kontrol visited Philly for a month during the Northeast's numerous snowstorms earlier this year. This is just amazing - the track is a straight middle finger with a wind to ya waist, but the video is just the icing on the cake. Next time a motherfucker gets on your nerves, blast this, and when 'NAH MUTHA FUCK YOOOU' comes on, point right at them.

The Snowed In EP will be available on iTunes, Amazon and whatever other shops have the balls to carry ill Club music.

TheSeKondElement "Girls Clockin"

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TheSeKondElement "Girls Clockin": Not very often when a track about people jockin' someone's style drops some vocabulary words pon that ass. This track is an introduction to TheSeKondElement - well, it starts with people buggin' over her "tomboy fresh", but it dives into the whole industry flippin' for her style. She recently dropped The Kommencement LP, which you can grab via Bandcamp right now. You know I love hearing diverse sounds, and homegirl definitely has skills and charm in one tomboy fresh-ly wrapped package.

<a href="">My Hip Hop Poem by TheSeKondElement</a>

Drake "Find Your Love (DJ Ted Smooth Remix)"

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Drake ft. 3D "Find Your Love (DJ Ted Smooth Remix)": Most people wanted to choke Drizzy out when they heard "Find Your Love", but with Ted Smooth throwing the classic "Shook Ones Pt. 2" instrumental under Drake's crooning, this works much better. Not sure who 3D is, but I'm not mad. Reminds me of the late '90s.

Bonus Beats Drake "Find Your Love (DJ Ted Smooth Remix)"

[video] Trenton Hip Hop Karaoke (5/14/2010)

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Here's some footage of the People's Choice Winner during Friday night's Hip Hop Karaoke event; if you read my recap, this is the little girl who rapped about having appreciation:

Shouts to @trentondowntown.

Dizzee Rascal with Chase & Status "Heavy"

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Dizzee Rascal with Chase & Status "Heavy": I previewed this a few weeks back, and the CDQ dropped the other day (big up @MakeRappersRap). This track is seen as a return to form for Dizzee, and is taken from the "Dirtee Deluxe" edition of Tongue N' Cheek. If you DJ grime or just sick bass-heavy beats, you need this one pon ya arsenal. And I need an instrumental of this!

EDIT Here's the dirty CDQ, via Team Supreme.

[video] Little Brother "Tigallo For Dolo" LIVE

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Shouts to Ka5p, who has even more footage from this Hiro Ballroom performance on YouTube.

CDR Interviews STS

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previous STS Freestyle On Crack Distributors Radio

RTD Presents L.E.G.A.C.Y.: Old Smacks For New Jacks

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As The Month Of Mayhem has been going on, I've been revisiting a lot of L.E.G.A.C.Y.'s work pre-Project Mayhem, and I realized - this shit held up VERY well. He's a lyrical dude who isn't afraid to speak his mind and his heart, and wins you over with that quality time and again. Reminds me of the nigga New Jack, one of the most hardcore professional wrestlers ever. Do the knowledge on his track record. I got the idea to combine Leg's tracks up to into an unauthorized mix, and the inclusion of some of my favorite New Jack interviews, promos and such just made this flow nicely. This mix, which drops on the five-year anniversary of the release of Project Mayhem, ended up being two parts, so if you still record onto cassettes, this is PERFECT for you. I got my mittens on some cuts that haven't been distributed to the masses, thrown in with Project Mayhem album-cuts, previous leaks and Legsclusives. There are features from Big Pooh, Phonte, Comanche, Sean Boog and wrestlers like The Iron Sheik and The Honky Tonk Man. Sometimes the shit is funny, sometimes the reality can be too hard to face... but its all raw and real. Hit the jump for the goods.

Blog Science Part 1 with Audible Hype

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I don't do a lot of interviews - I think I've been interviewed like 3 times since I started this blog - but totally forgot that the homey @Worldaround got at me with some questions about my thoughts and blogging ways, and the piece is finally up. He also got at @RafiKam of Oh Word and @DavidReyneke from Potholes In My Blog about different aspects, who are two of my peoples. It's an interesting read, I highly recommend you check it out.

Everliven Sound "Get Up Stand Up"

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Everliven Sound "Get Up Stand Up" (prod. by The Beatnikz): Here's an interesting cut, and the first single, from the Everliven Sound LP Freedom 2. Really upbeat, and those jazzy horns creeping in are a DOPE touch. Like flavors for 3 or 5 different crowds. Freedom 2 drops June 22nd.

DJ A-Trak Dirty South Dance 2

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A-Trak flips that remedial Rap into Club (Fools) gold. Shouts to Get Right Music.

DOWNLOAD DJ A-Trak Dirty South Dance 2
<a href="">Intro by A-Trak</a>


1.Intro 01:08
2.Trizzy Turnt Up 03:26
3.How Low Can U Bake 03:12
4.We Don’t Want No Goblins 03:15
5.She Got a Dum Donk 03:00
6.Whatever You Shoot 03:31
7.Ice Cream On Blast 03:32
8.Carte Blanche ft. Kid Sister: Do! Do! Do! 03:20
9.Twerk That Driver 02:36
10.Vampires Going Ham 02:41
11.Loonies To Blow 03:27
12.Make The Trap Wile Out 02:16
13.O Let’s Overdo It 03:39
14.Donnis: Gone (DJ Craze remix) 03:58
15.Ain’t I A Joker 04:01

Donwill & Von Pea The Sandwich Shop Cover+Tracklist

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After two leaks ("Syrup Sandwich" and "Cheesesteak"), we're starving for The Sandwich Shop, Donwill and Von Pea's free release over a grip of Sandwiches from The Roots. Looks like, alongside Jermiside, Che Grand and Ilyas are featured. Hit the jump for the tracklist, and check back tomorrow for the full meal. Via Von Pea.

DJ Craze x Traktor Scratch Pro & Kontrol X1

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[video] Emily Rugburn "Ode To Zooey Deschanel"

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[video] Wes Fif "Beep"

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previous Wes Fif "Beep"

Spec Boogie: From Bed StuyTo London

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Code Emphasis interviews the one and only Spec Boogie:

Via specboogie by way of Code Emphasis.

Deadpool #1000!?!?

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Well damn; I thought Deadpool #900 was crazy, but this one should be ill! Looks like Blind Al might be in this? CBR has the info (shouts to TDB).

[video] Chiddy Bang "Translation Freestyle"

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Redman On Vlad TV: The New School

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Daniel Joseph "Game"

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Daniel Joseph "Game": Been a couple of months since Espee and I dropped Gone Fishin', so its good to hear new material from the god while he's working on label projects. This freestyle is taken from The Paramount, which is named after a landmark in Brick City that's kind of like D Joseph's hub. Expect features on this mix from St. Joe Louis, BullyMouth and more, as well as some remixes from selected Pretty/Ugly tracks. Jersey!

<a href="">GAME by Daniel Joseph</a>

[trailer] Bavu Blakes "Me On The Mic"

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Video is said to drop on May 24th. Shouts to MOS of Crew54.

The Boondocks S03E03: "The Red Ball"

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previous The Boondocks S03E02: "Bitches To Rags"

[video] Lloyd ft. Mystikal "Set Me Free"

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[video] M-Dot & EMS "Unwind (LIVE)"

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Why yes, they definitely have 3K people going nuts.

FACT Mix 147: Redlight (May 2010)

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New mix from Redlight, aka the man formerly known as Clipz, with 'nuff dubstep and selections. Shouts to FACT.

DOWNLOAD [mirror]


1. Redlight – Wat
2. Breakage ft. Newham Generals – Hard (Redlight Special)
3. Doc Daneeka – Deadly Rhythm
4. Redlight – Stupid
5. Redlight ft. Roses Gabor – Stupid Vox Special
6. Rude Kid – Jack Daniels
7. Zinc ft. Ms Dynamite – Wile Out (Redlight Special)
8. Benga – 1 & Only 1
9. D1 – Pitcher
10. Tempa T – Boy Off The Ting (Redlight Peace & Love Mix)
11. Redlight – MDMA
12. Rusko ft. Redlight – Scarewear
13. J2K ft Roses Gabor – Don’t Let Go
14. Redlight ft. Dynamite MC
15. Redlight ft. Dread MC, Omi & Serocee – Stay With U (Redlight V.I.P)
16. Roska – Squark
17. Redlight – Dubplate Slosher
18. Ramadanman – Glut
19. Redlight – Roller Xpress
20. Roses Gabor – Love Sick
21. Champion – Lighter
22. Redlight – Vibe Ride
23. MJ Cole – Thekla Riddim
24. Musha Man – Keep Up

The WERCS Scratch'n The Surface Mixtape

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New mixtape from San Diego's own.


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Once again, if you're feelin' that, download this.

previous SaV UAINTKNW? Vol. 1

Myk Dyaleks "Long Kiss"

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Myk Dyaleks "Long Kiss": I've been wondering where Jersey's been. I have plans for a project, and I love how hours after I tweeted something, this cut ends up in my inbox. EA/B.E. fam Myk Dyaleks has a follow-up to Chord On BLEU entitled Make 'Em Yell(ow) set to drop on August 5th, with a number of Elite Assembly features on it. This is the first leak, over some pristine Best Kept Secret production. Enjoy.

Manuel Ambriz ft. DJ Desie "Mr. Personality"

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Manuel Ambriz ft. DJ Desie "Mr. Personality" (prod. by DJ Deprave): This went from being less of a boast track for Manuel and turned into a true anthem for the assholes of our world. Oddly enough, most of the people who have the biggest personalities also end up being some "international assholes". Not sure what Ambriz has dropping next, but I can only imagine what he's trying to do next... shouts to @soundcali for this one.

Kardi "Go Home Roger"

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Kardi "Go Home Roger": Kardi is back with a new freestyle, this time snappin' Marques Houston's back over Young Money's "Roger That". Even throws in that classic Sister, Sister line, which is a nice touch. Nigga is having fun, and I appreciate that. Kardi will be touched the stage on May 29th in New Hampshire with XV and Chiddy Bang, and of course his The Valedictorian mixtape is due to drop in July. Boom.

King Mez ft. Sean Boog "Everything"

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King Mez ft. Sean Boog "Everything" (prod. by Sinopsis): Ill track from an EP @KingMez + Kooley High's Sinopsis have dropping this Fall 2010. It's not enough that Sin came with the TOUGH beat... love how he worked those vocals into it, but Boog and Mez don't hesitate. Flow effortless.


Xzibit's Soapbox

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I own all of the Boondocks books, as well as season's 1 and 2 of the show. When do I get a soapbox?!?! So jealous...

4-IZE ft. De La Soul & Señor Kaos "Concrete Jungle"

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4-IZE ft. De La Soul & Señor Kaos "Concrete Jungle" (prod. by Morgan The Mexican): Where'd you grow up? If you grew up in a town that didn't have niggas hanging on the corners til 2, 3AM, you might not understand. If you weren't hearing sirens on the regular once the temperatures went up, you might not get it. This is taken from 4-IZE's Off The Top Rope, which is hosted by the one and only Don Cannon. This drops on 5/27/2010 on

Pos is one of those MCs I miss hearing...

<a href="">Concrete Jungle Feat. 4-Ize & De La Soul by Señor Kaos</a>

Notoriety "The Reasons Why"

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Notoriety "The Reasons Why": Gotta love classic samples, right? This is a perfect track for this sunny breezy Saturday afternoon, and my personal favorite from Notoriety's Toast EP, which I got passed the other day. This is another Boston-area crew that went from remixing radio tracks to perfecting their own brand of fun Hip-Hop. If you dig this, be on the lookout for J.A.M. (Just A Mixtape), which is on the way. Shouts to Matt Whitlock for this one.

Azage The Bars Outbreak 1.5

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I told you guys @Azage's Bars Outbreak 1.5 was on the way - homey beasts over some Roc-A-Fella instrumentals, including a personal fav: Beanie Sigel's "The Truth". He varies from telling stories to straight murdering tracks with wit and fire. Hit the jump for a stream, a tracklist and to download.

A.R.M. "As We Enter (Remix)"

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A.R.M. "As We Enter (Remix)": I didn't fuck with "As We Enter" from Nas & Damian Marley when I first heard it, but after giving Distant Relatives a number of spins, I get it. One of my favorite albums of the year so far. Has some stumbles, but its good. Anyways, A.R.M. have flipped this track, dipped their own spin on it, and it came out hot. If you're still sleepin', grab Two Africans And A Jew EP Vol. 1.

Jadakiss The Champ Is Here 3 [No DJ]

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Young Sav of BoBO sent out a batch of No DJ tracks from Jadakiss' The Champ Is Here 3 mixtape, featuring the dirty/Drama-less versions of "I'm Ill", "She Like Me" and like 10 others.

DOWNLOAD Jadakiss The Champ Is Here 3 [No DJ]

[recap] Hip Hop Karaoke (5/14/2010)

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Can't say enough good things about the Hip Hop Karaoke event that went down last night in my hometown. I'm Trenton through and through, and while there is a lot of negativity that goes down in the streets and in the media, there's a lack of accentuating the many positive attributes and activities within this city. Especially when it comes to Hip-Hop.

Aside from just the overall LOVE for classic Hip-Hop (shouts to DEEJAY007 for setting the tone EARLY and having many of us rap along to the tracks he was throwing down), we got to see a couple of young MCs from the area overcome their fears and touch the stage. @EastTrentonPoet was in the building and competed, as was local graf talent Leon Rainbow, and I was surprised when the man with the most votes in Trenton's recent mayoral election, Tony Mack, stepped into the arena. Wow - homey shook my hand and everything!

But yeah, @LiborJany's article about the show was posted on The Trentonian's website, and as per usual, cats had a grip of negative comments for it - everything from "there'll be squad cars outside the building" to "no cover = trouble" and all of that, and I'm gonna say they are either purposefully trying to get a rise out of people, or just plain ignorant about life. Whatever the case may be, neither of those things went down. Hell, a lovely little girl took the stage and kicked her own original rap about being appreciative to Snoop's "I Wanna Rock". Talk about positivity!

All in all, I wanna shout out cats like @EmceeJermaine, who is a new contact and has some things brewing (including plans for an EP and an LP to drop sometime this year); he was a great host and kicked some ILL tracks of his own over the course of the evening. Shouts to Eva and the Trenton Downtown Association - I actually first starting talking toEva after my post regarding the Rakim show last winter, and we've chatted on twitter and such since. She helped promote and put this together, and both of them were instrumental in my black ass being a judge, which was definitely fun. Shouts to Andreas T. Jackson and Ayo Goode, who were my fellow judges - Andreas is a true Hip-Hop head, and we looked like a karaoke duo out there LOL. Shouts to anyone I'm missing right now, the crowd was mega live.

I ran into an old friend from high school out there, and I remarked on how I was surprised to see her. She was kinda like "why you saying that", and I realized - I'm surprised I'm out! I'm usually at work then right to the crib. I may run into a store and after that, I'm home. I'm a homebody, but when it's my people or my city, and I can make it, I have to support. And with things like Heritage Days being canceled, we need more nights out like this.

I DO want to also shout out my wife, who has my back all day. She nudged me about getting out more, and having her support means a lot. That's love, y'all.

To wrap this up, keep supporting Hip-Hop. Keep supporting your city. Have fun with it, and don't let the classics die. Too much "swag" in today's Hip-Hop scene... part of the reason I do what I do here! Fun night, great city, great people. Hope to do it again sometime!

Kayo & CooLEra "We Are Here "

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Bonus Beats Kayo & CooLEra "We Are Here"

Diggy Simmons "What They Been Waiting For"

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Directed by Phil The God.

Bonus Beats Diggy Simmons "What They Been Waiting For" (prod. by Shane Eli)

Von Pea & Spec Boogie "Shimmy Shimmy Ya"

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Von Pea & Spec Boogie "Shimmy Shimmy Ya": This weekend, I'm going to be throwing some posts over on for the homey Ant, and this was the first track posted. THHE is based in the UK, and you already know that Von, Don and Spec are over in the UK right now, so that's a nice lil' connection, no? I does this! Anyways, this is a pretty fresh flip of a classic ODB track, including some random kids singing the first line, as well as some nicely-utilized backwards rapping. You can find this and more tracks on the URB x audible treats x Fat Beats remix compilation of ill MCs over El Michels Affair remixes of classic Wu-Tang tracks (Enter The 37th Chamber), Enter The 38th Chamber.

Reef the Lost Cauze vs Guns-N-Butter ft. Big Noyd "What We Rep"

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Reef the Lost Cauze vs Guns-N-Butter ft. Big Noyd "What We Rep": I've been waiting for Fight Music for a minute, and now its primed to drop on June 8th. Reef and G-N-B link up with Queensbridge's Big Noyd on this slick track. The production on this one is crazy - those horn samples sliding in and out like a motorcycle cruising in traffic. Real hard music, shit to knock in your whips. Hopefully I get some more of this before it drops. Shouts to Langston @ Inner Loop!

<a href="">What We Rep feat. Big Noyd by Inner Loop Records</a>

Bonus Beats "Beat Session with J-Scrilla of Guns-N-Butter"

Friday, May 14th 2010 playlist

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Some tunes fi de weekend! Come!


RTD_PLAYLIST_(05072010-05132010).ZIP (~688MB)



Here's a fresh video featuring the Homeboy Sandman:

Kalae All Day ft. Homeboy Sandman "O.G.LyrikalBookbagger"

Enjoy your weekend, people. And thanks for the support!

[video] Hawdwerk & Jansport J ft. The God Sincere "Ride"

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<a href="">Ride feat. The God Sincere by Hawdwerk &amp; Jansport J</a>

Featuring L.E.G.A.C.Y. P. 1

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Here's a blast from 2007 - HipHopDX dropped this special mix of tracks L.E.G.A.C.Y. was featured on from the likes of Litthe Brother, Buckshot, Sean Boog and many more! From what I know, bigger plans were to come from this, but due to a CD pressing plant problem, this was shortlived. Word from Leg is that Featuring L.E.G.A.C.Y. Vol. 2 will be on the way, presented by DJ Forge and Enjoy this while you wait for that...

Core DJs Retreat 2010 With SNS

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Satellites is still available. Grab it!

Ill Poetic "One More (Roger's Remix)"

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Ill Poetic ft. Zone & Piakhan "One More (Roger's Remix)": Ill Poetic has a bit of good ish coming in the near future. First up, there's the re-release of The World Is Ours, which touches down on the 25th of May. What's ill is, accompanied with the re-release is The World Is Illuminated, a remix project that's hosted by J. Rawls, FOR FREE. If you're one of the lucky first 100, you'll get an autographed copy. Hype, right? Enjoy this first single from The World Is Illuminated, on more of a night-time chill vibe.

&amp;amp;amp;lt;a href=""&amp;amp;amp;gt;One More (Roger's Remix) f. Zone and Piakhan by Ill Poetic&amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;gt;

Catch Wreck "Restless"

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Catch Wreck "Restless": Here's some lyrical fury from one of Boston's own, @CatchWreck. Dude's all about the struggle, and attacks Hip-Hop from that angle. He drops a lot of knowledge, but does it with style and flavor. I'm not sure what he has in the pipeline, release-wise, but hit up his MySpace and take a gander at the movements he's involved in. Stand up!

T.I. On Larry King

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HHC Interviews Tanya Morgan

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Via The Hip Hop Chronicle UK.

previous [stream] Tanya Morgan LIVE In The UK

The Trentonian Mentions RTD

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I don't normally get geeked about things, but I was genuinely hyped when I saw that my local paper, The Trentonian, mentioned my name (and Rock the Dub) in conjunction with tonight's Hip Hop Karaoke event in Trenton (at Cafe International, 241 E. Front Street). I was in the car with my mom, my wife and my son, just thumbing through the paper, and saw the article about the event... but was NOT expecting them to name check me AND the site! You can read the Trentonian article here. Little things like that, man... really gets me going. Shouts to @EmceeJermaine and Eva of Trenton Downtown - it'll be good to finally meet you two tonight! If you're in the area, hit us up. Here's the link to the Facebook event page - boom!

We Got Bars Vol. 1

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What happens when you put together some of the hottest young MCs around New York City together?

Off The Wall (Midnight) Session, EP13: The ILLZ

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[stream] Tanya Morgan LIVE In The UK

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Via Donwill.

[video] Beenie Man "Woman"

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Nucci Reyo "My Season"

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Nucci Reyo "My Season" (prod. by Roc On Command): If you've been hearing a lot of Nucci's newest/latest material, you hear him speaking on God, and it looks like he's found religion recently. This new track is part of his idea of getting those who might not fit the "church mold" into religion, which can be scary for some of those who might have been in the streets or whatever. I definitely see where he's coming from with that - follow him and see for yourself...

Really LOST...

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Definitely been wondering where these guys ran off to...

Shouts to @definitely_nah via NSF56k.

related The LOST Interrobang: BOOOOOYA! (S6E15) [via The Ashcan]

EDIT Darlton talk about "Across The Sea"

Pugs Atomz "Listen To My Album"

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Pugs Atomz "Listen To My Album" (prod. by Dirty Dunnz): Here's a new leak from the homey Pugs. This is the first bit from Pugs' Kinda Like A Mixtape, the precursor to Kinda Like A Rapper, which drops on May 24th and is presented by DJ Booth and Fake Shore Drive. Don't forget, Kinda Like A Rapper is out on June 1st.

FuseBox Radio (Week Of 5/12/2010)

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Super Chron Flight Bros "Reggie Miller"

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Super Chron Flight Bros "Reggie Miller" [clean | dirty]: This is something a bit different from SCFB's Cape Verde album. The e-mail I got sent said these cats are like the Hip-Hop TV On The Radio, but that doesn't mean much to me, as I've only heard like 2.5 TVOTR tracks. The organ in this is infectious, and I'm a sucker for anything The Wonder Years, including Winnie Cooper's Maxim spread. Apparently, this is a concept album about sitting around and watching TV all day, and features Vordul (of Cannibal Ox), Superb, Masai Bey, Bigg Jus and more sharing mic duty. Try it, you might like it!

Big up to Dunn Deal.

Omaha Freestyle Cypher

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This ill session features NoCanDo, MURS, Verbs, Kosha Dillz and MC Pigpen, with Pat Maineon the beats and Dusk One on the camera.

DJ Vinroc Presents TRUTHLiVE's Patience Preview Mixtape

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Here's a 20 minute mixtape featuring TRUTHLiVE's Patience album from the one and only DJ Vinroc. You can cop Patience via iTunes or iM Culture right now! TRUTH also touches down at the Last Day Saloon with KRS-One on May 21st in Santa Rosa, CA; tickets are available now. 21+.

DOWNLOAD DJ Vinroc Presents TRUTHLiVE's Patience Preview Mixtape

Kore Productions Presents Instrumentality Volume 1

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EMS' affiliate Kore has been on his production game kinda heavy, and literally decided to drop this Instrumentality compilation of some of his treats. True fans of EMS will be excited to get their mitts on these beats.

DOWNLOAD Kore Productions Presents Instrumentality Volume 1

Boondocks Season 3 Promo: "The Red Ball"

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Via Boondocks Bootleg.

[video] Diddy-Dirty Money "Hello, Good Morning"


Featuring Rick Ross & T.I.:

A Boston Tribute To Guru (5/27/2010)

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[video] Marky "Louis Squares"

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STS Freestyle On Crack Distributors Radio

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The Mad Blogger's Weekly Podcast, EP7

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I posted about The Mad Blogger's Weekly Podcast back in April, and now I'll be presenting these weekly. This week's 'cast features cuts from Eternia & MoSS, Blitz The Ambassador, Tef Poe, Epsilon Project and many more! Hit the jump.

[video] Jonny October "S.R.I."

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[trailer] Caspa "My Style"

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Dub Police takes over Fabric on the 21st of May. Here's the flier:

Radius "11Degreesisnojoke..." x "Moonsets"

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Here are a couple of videos featuring tracks from Radius by Jackson Arcade:

The Mike Classic EP

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The homey Mike Classic sent over this five-track EP, and the shit's ill. Dude's actually got that appeal... it's more than just "oh this nigga can spit", these are SONGS. Feel like I'm listening to the radio. Dude's on it - you labels sleeping?

Rickie Jacobs "Cuttin' Grass"

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Rickie Jacobs "Cuttin' Grass": Here's Air Jacobs flippin' Eminem's "Not Afraid" to discuss those snakes in the grass that need to be exposed via some proper pruning. He's right, too - there's a shitload of you shady fucks out there, and you need to be brought to the light.

Via BuckMarleyXXX.

Operation #FuckSolar

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I'm not sure if you're aware, but in the aftermath of Guru's death, a lot of hatred and talk about Solar has come to light. Not only is there, which plays as a hub for information, interviews and such that are giving us a bigger picture about what went on between them, but the twitter accounts for @Solar_7Grand, @7GrandRecords and @GuruGangStarr have all been hacked, with a shit load of disgusting information on Solar's shadiness. Here's a package of what's leaked so far (need the password?).


[video] Naughty By Nature "Craziest" Recording Session

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This is the kind of behind the scenes footage you need to see; Naughty By Nature in the studio, circa 1994, creating "Craziest", one of my favorite tracks from their heyday. Jersey!

Via @naughtybynature.