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Scripts Director's Cut


After much anticipation, Scripts plays yang to Loose Screwz' yin with Director's Cut, another trip into the psychedelic side of STL Hip-Hop. Scripts touches a number of sounds, to pure buddha-blessed boom bap to synth-infused future funk, and all points in between. He beasts Wale's "Girls", but also provides some sounds you've probably never experienced. I wouldn't present it if I didn't funk with it, and this is one to grow on.

DOWNLOAD Scripts Director's Cut
<a href="">Intro by Scripts 'N Screwz (SNS)</a>

The Mad Bloggers Weekly Podcast, EP13

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This special edition of The Mad Bloggers Weekly Podcast is full of cuts from The Roots, who just released How I Got Over today. Some of my personal favorites are in here - are yours?

D.Julien "Nineteenth Lap"

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D.Julien "Nineteenth Lap": D.Ju recently celebrated his 19th birthday (happy belated), and he's on the grind, daily. His next project, Ready For Tomorrow, is coming soon... and this track isn't on it. You know that the shit's gonna be fire hot, though, if the preview tracks are this ill.

Super Chron Flight Bros "Strangers With Candy (Marmaduke Jelineck Remix)"

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Here's a cut from Cape Verde, which is available on iTunes today. Shit's dope, and details a day spent in front of the TV. Fuck with it. The Village Voice fucks with it.

Prince Paul Presents Horror City

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Damn - one of my favorite Hip-Hop producers and all around personalities, Prince Paul, gave away this previously unreleased album, Prince Paul Presents Horror City. I'd go into the backstory, but Paul included some liner notes, so why not just post his note?

This was a project that I wanted to put together with Amityville MC legend Superstar . as I thought about it more I wanted to recruit more Mcs we knew to make it diverse . Superstar already had the name "Horror City" so wen recorded under that name . This project was recorded right after the first Gravedigga album " 6ft deep"in 1995 . I shopped the demo but unfortunately it got looked over and never got signed . I sat on this project for a while but it always had a dear place in my heart because I thought it was really good and the talent was there . I stripped some of the music from the demo and put it on " a prince among thieves" and actually had a few of the guys perform on the " Thieves " album as well but to be honest I always liked these originals better . So now I have decided share these songs with all of you because holding on to them made no sense .. why not share great music . Hopefully you the listener will enjoy this project as much as I do . please share it , thats why I made this for free download . For more group info please log on to for a proper bio of "Horror City"

Looks like this will be the first of Paul's campaign of free downloads?

DOWNLOAD Prince Paul Presents Horror City

Pugs Atomz On The Halftime Show

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i-EL "Illuminatus"

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i-EL "Illuminatus": Shit, it's been like a year and a half since The Prelude dropped, but don't be skurred - Ilyas has been working on material, and Meka dropped this first peak from The Initiate EP. Ilyas goes deep on this one - I used to think about shit like this a lot, so its good to hear that cats are bringing forth these messages that most people touch on without knowing what the shit is going on. I also like that with MCs like Ilyas and Elucid, you see how diverse the Lessondary truly is.

Mayor Doug Palmer's Last Trentonian Interview

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Via Trentonian.

The Juan Epstein Boat Party with Questlove: Luxury

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This goes down tomorrow, June 23rd; tickets via now!

[video] Everliven Sound "Get Up Stand Up"

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Freedom 2 is out today. V3

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Just so you guys know, V3 of is on the way, and they detail everything going on with their collective here. New releases, freebies, show dates and more are up now, with the promise for more exciting mayhem in the near future. BOOM!

Tempz & DJ Cable At Just Jam 007

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This went down a week or so ago; I actually got an IM from Cable after the show with some of the raw footage - this crisply edited video gives you a peak at it, but it was a hype show. Tempz is a proper showman.

Via DJ Cable.

[video] Singapore Kane "Get Fresh Specialist" LIVE

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Dope cut from Crawl B4 U Walk, which drops on June 24th.

The ARE & B.E Teaser #2

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previous The ARE & Brokn.Englsh "Can't Fuck With Detroit"

ArtLyfEnt Presents Playlist the DMV The Mixtape Vol. 3

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Vol. 2 dropped back in April, and now ArtLyfEnt's third Playlist The DMV mixtape is out, featuring cuts from tabi Bonney, DeepSpace, Chris Barz, K-Beta and more DMV artists. Hit the jump.

The Opus Blending Density

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I flipped "Eons" on you guys last week, and can't stop playing it. Last night I got sent Blending Density, a 25-track journey of tracks from The Opus, both released and unreleased. If anything is as moving as "Eons", this might be the soundtrack to my summer. Grab it quick, its up for a limited time!

DOWNLOAD The Opus Blending Density
<a href="">Underearth by the OPUS</a>

Intalek "Everyday Money"

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Intalek "Everyday Money" (prod. by Ritchcraft): Here's the 2nd leak from Lives & Vibes, which is dropping on July 5th. I like money - hell, we all NEED money, and this track gives you the pros and cons of getting that guapalade. Although right now, with how my pockets are empty, I'm all pro-getting money right now.

previous Intalek "Far Away"

Elemental Zazen ft. Canibus "Hollow Heart"

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Elemental Zazen ft. Canibus "Hollow Heart" (prod. by J. Ferra): For whatever reason, I don't really cover Canibus - might be because I've not felt a lot of his latest stuff. It's also been a MINUTE since my interview with Zazen, so its only right that these two got on a track and BLACKED OUT! This is off of Zazen's next album (which includes production from Jake One and Illmind, as well as rhymes from Jean Grae), and hopefully the rest of the LP hits as hard as this one. You suffering from hollow heart? This track will put you on the right path...

Via Gnawledge.

[video] Spragga Benz "Shotta Culture"

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Nico The Beast "You Mean Everything"

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Nico The Beast "You Mean Everything": I tried to prepare you guys when we premiered "Wake the Beast", but now it's too late - @NicoTheBeast's The Beast Within is available today via Bandcamp, Amazon and iTunes. This track, along with "Grown Man Music", were met with some sample-clearance issues, and are available for free - so make sure you grab them when you cop the album, as they complete the puzzle. This track deals with the tragic loss of Nico's son - anyone who has had a baby taken too soon, or can relate to having a sick child in the hospital know how deep that pain is. Respect to Nico for opening his heart and telling his story. The album is honest, as brutal as it can be, and it knocks. Lyrical wizard with exquisite flows. Definitely worth the money, trust. You did it, Nico!

<a href="">You Mean Everything by Nico The Beast</a>

[video] J. Cole "Who Dat"

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[video] Loose Screwz "Dreams"


Taken from Satellites. Director's Cut will be available tomorrow!

[video] David Banner & 9th Wonder "Slow Down"

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[video] The Roots "Dear God 2.0"

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previous The Roots "Dear God 2.0"

[video] Apollo The Great "Call It Quits"

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previous Apollo The Great "Call It Quits"

The Mecca Of Rhymes Revenge of the Words (Hosted By DJ Ern)

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Hot off the release of the FSM mixtape, Mecca of Rhymes hit me with this new mixtape, hosted by DJ Ern, living up to his name. No additives, no preservatives - just raw Rap.

Grey Granite "Not A Robot"

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Looks like Grey Granite & El Carnicero are cooking some crillz right now. Watch out for Pixelated Lazer Face Bass Monster, their EP that's set to drop 'round the end of summer.

Via Heavy Gun.

Recess ft. Donwill "Dance Pants"

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Recess ft. Donwill "Dance Pants": That title might sound silly, but if you peeped the EPK from Recess (aka Sene & theClubhouse), you should be familiar with this. This is definitely a departure, sound-wise - more uptempo, and definite live band feel, but open your mind. Shit's dope, and I bet it would go OFF live. Shouts to J57, as per usual.

Melanie Fiona "It Kills Me (Breakage Remix)"

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Melanie Fiona "It Kills Me (Breakage Remix)": The original grew on me - I've not listened to much of homegirl's music, but this blew up on the radio a few months ago, and Breakage's remix (which you might remember from his Essential Mix) is the perfect pace to bring this one back. Definitely feels like a throwback - love the way Breakage plays to the vocals. Well done!

Via Music2liveby.

Wordsmith "Mr. Incredible Freestyle"

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Wordsmith "Mr. Incredible Freestyle": With June 29th approaching, Word leaked another freestyle from his Jackin' For Beats (Wordplay Edition) mixtape that Wordsmith is dropping with 2dopeboyz & DJ Delz. 22 tracks deep with Roc Marciano, Black Knight, Balance, Sha Stimuli, K. Sparks, Ruste Juxx, V-Stylez, Whitefolkz, Kontact & DJ Ykcor? Insanity!

Von Pea ft. Che Grand "Show 'Em Up"

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Von Pea ft. Che Grand "Show 'Em Up" (prod. by Algorhythm): He dropped the Intro yesterday, and now Von drops track two. I think I'm sensing a pattern - mixtape is dope!

RTD Presents Niggas Is A Beautiful Thang

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Here's one of the more fun mixes I've made in a while. One of the things I do on my tumblr blog is post YouTube videos that crack me up or are shit I don't want to post here for whatever reason. One day, I got bit by the "ignant Rap classic" bug, and was posting a number of videos that made it to this mix. With track suggestions (and over all guidance) from @EnigmatikBGDB, this mix of nigga guilty pleasures came to fruition. As you may notice on RTD, I post a lot of underground/slept-on artists, but I have an affinity for a dope track, regardless of how ignorant/demeaning/counter-productive it can be. If the beat's hot, I fuck with it. This mix is a number of tracks that I can't escape, mainly for their overt use of every day nigga bullshit, but also for their beats. Once I figured that Honeycutt's "niggas is a beautiful thang" song from Bamboozled would be the hook, it was a wrap. Enjoy the first day of summer - get some sun on your face, chew on some watermelon Now or Laters and ride out on these ho's.

[video] Dirty Money "Hello, Good Morning (Remix)"

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Featuring Rick Ross & Nicki Minaj:

The Boondocks S03E08: "Pause"

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previous The Boondocks S03E07: "The Fun-Raiser"

Skream Presents Freeizm Vol. 1

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DOWNLOAD [via @I_Skream] | [MIRRORS via Rub-A-Dub-Dub]

Mad Decent World Wide Radio #60: Major Lazer Summer Mix 2010

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[video] N*E*R*D* "Hot 'N Fun"

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[video] Busy Signal "Peace Reign"

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The ARE & Brokn.Englsh "Can't Fuck With Detroit"

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The ARE & Brokn.Englsh "Can't Fuck With Detroit": Following up "This Way", The ARE & B.E. bring the second leak from TheARE & BE with this Dilla-fied BANGER. Just has that slick bop to it. Something big and mean to stop to, you feel me? Blast this LOUD in your whip and let niggas know you're coming.

Via The ARE.

[video] Rollin' Rockers "Molly Ringwald"

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previous Rollin' Rockers Bang!Bang! Sampler

Nickelus F "Daddy Nigga (Father's Day)"

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Nickelus F "Daddy Nigga (Father's Day)" (prod. by Brad Ohblivion): Here's a new cut from Nick F's Season Premiere (Deluxe Edition), which drops in July. Hah, he could've called this "khal", shit sounds like how my life is. Sacrifice is love, love is dedication...

Von Pea "Scorpio (Intro)"

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Von Pea "Scorpio (Intro)": I'm not sure when the full tape drops, but this is the intro to Von's So Motivational: The Most Skullduggery Of Mixtapes. I've been rocking to this lately, and it has some gems that a lot of you cats have slept on. Enjoy.


Armond "Heaven On Earth"

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Armond "Heaven On Earth" (prod. by Sandman): I know a lot of people are giving the proper father's their due today, but every story isn't as simple as a man taking care of his - sometimes , for whatever situation, a man who wants to be there for his, can't: "All week I've been showcasing different types of dads for Fathers Day & it culminates with this. If you don't have my album "Dreaming Out Loud", this is one of the more heartfelt & endearing tracks from that project. With "Heaven On Earth", I talk to my daughter who lives in another state & my son that I'm fighting in court to see as we speak. If you're a dad, hug your kids. If your dad is around, hug him & tell him thank you. If your dad isn't around, or wasn't around the way you needed him to be, forgive him.

If you wanna read more of my story, I did a (very difficult) interview over at Complexity In The City, where I was asked about fatherhood".

&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;a href=""&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;Heaven On Earth (produced by Sandman for Sandman Productions) by Armond&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;

[video] Kurupt "Yessir"

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Shouts to Nah Right.

Luu Breeze & DJ Hektik Silence of the Lambs

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I haven't heard much new ish from Luu Breeze, so I'm happy this mixtape dropped in my inbox earlier today. Nice mix of covers and freestyles mixed in with original content. Dude's talented, and gets a lot of burn up Toronto way. Give this one a try.

TabLiv The Vermont Tapes

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Here's a semi-concept album from Tab (from the Dead Poets) and Tone Liv that's based on a road trip to Vermont. Just some dope Summer sounds with that dope '90s Underground feel to it. Smoke something, light something and kick back to this.

DOWNLOAD TabLiv The Vermont Tapes

[video] Sav Killz "We Don't Look To The Skies"

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Marsean & Pj "I Hate Your Beatz"


Marsean & Pj "I Hate Your Beatz": Here's a lil' message for those garbage-ass producers that we end up hearing all the motherfucking time, from two drunken non-rappers who probably live life just like you and I. Sheeny sent this over, primarily b/c Private Paul Germany Jr (aka Pj) is getting deployed to Iraq on the 21st - yes, we're still at war over there. Stay up, Pj, and come home safe - I know your fam is over the "I miss you" shit, but for real - we're very appreciative of the work you and the others on the frontline are putting in. Now bump this loud as FUCK and do that dance!

[preview] Hawdwerk Off The Clock

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Bonus Beats Hawdwerk "You Already Know" (prod. by Curtiss King)

&amp;amp;amp;lt;a href=""&amp;amp;amp;gt;You Already Know by HawdWerk&amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;gt;

Off The Clock is due out June 22nd.

Tunji ft. Deacon the Villain "Towards The Future"

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Tunji ft. Deacon the Villain "Towards The Future" (prod. by Cook Classics): Here is a cut that's a year in the making that Tunji was kind enough to gift to us on his birthday. You should know him from Inverse, but he's working on a solo EP, Still Rising, which is due out this Fall. This one is dedicated to LA, for its celebratory appeal. Rock to this.

Friday, June 18th 2010 playlist

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Why am I at work? It's too nice out!


RTD_PLAYLIST_(06112010-06172010).ZIP (~ 620MB)



And because Father's Day is this Sunday, I had to throw this on...

Enjoy your weekend. Shouts to Ron Artest for keeping it real. And get your pops something nice. One.

[trailer] Stomp The Yard 2: Homecoming

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The Force... Everybody Wins

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You should already be up on The Force, aka the STL conglomerate that encompasses artists like Tef Poe, Tech Supreme, Nato Caliph, Vandalyzm, Rockwell Knuckles, Gotta Be Karim and mad other artists that you should be up on (if not, this Riverfront Times article should be more than helpful). Next week, they are releasing a CD of their singles entitled Everybody Wins, which hits shops next week (well, it'll be in St. Louis' Vintage Vinyl). Proceeds of the sale of the album will go to helping misfortunate and homeless children with the help of Patches Clothing, Ben & Jerry's and Molina Healthcare. Gotta love Hip-Hop with a purpose. After the cut, you can find a download link and the tracklist, which is a who's who of St. Louis Hip-Hop - truly an awesome disc, and if you can cop it, please do. Shouts to Nato for passing this one to me - love seeing talented brothers on something positive.

Crawl B4 U Walk: Singapore Kane & Ghetto Lion Drop

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Bonus Beats Dominique Larue "I'm Gone" (prod. by Hank McCoy)

Crawl B4 U Walk is set to drop next week - don't sleep!

[video] Justin Bieber ft. Usher "Somebody To Love (Remix)"

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[video] Juicy J ft. Jelly Roll "Og Masta Kush"

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[video] Xzibit "Hurt Locker"

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The War Reporters: CNN

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Word to Dallas Penn.

[video] Breez Evahflowin "I Know"

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[video] Snoop Dogg "Oh Snookie"

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Lil' B "T-Shirts & Buddens"

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Lil' B "T-Shirts & Buddens": Jeez... all Lil B wanted was a twitter follow from Joe Budden, and I guess Mouse went in on dude (as he's known to do via tweet)... and The Based God actually threw a diss track at him? And it's possibly the best thing I've heard from him... which isn't really SAYING much, but I'm not mad at homey for dissing on Budden.

"Joe Budden TV, Joe Bitch TV?"

Wow. I just want to see Joey go at dude... EDIT Uh oh...

Deal - The Villain "Nolos"

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Deal - The Villain "Nolos": While we're still waiting for that Jackson Jones, @Deal_TheVillain passed off this quick tail of a female who rocked gats under tatas and knew how to use 'em. Sounds like a Rican Coffy. Dude has a knack for beasting over that Madlib, don't he?

previous Deal - The Villain "Pooches"

The Mad Bloggers' Weekly Podcast, EP12

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Another edition of the TMB Weekly Podcast, with fresh material from artists like The Roots, SoulStice, Haz Solo, Apollo Brown, Fashawn and many more.

DOWNLOAD [mirror]

Neako "CDR Freestyle (Ice Cream)"

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Neako "CDR Freestyle (Ice Cream)": Here's an exclusive freestyle Neako cooked up for Crack Distributors Radio. Why yes, he definitely laced Raekwon's classic. Kind of bodies it, too! The Rubix Cube: Yellow Edition is due out July 23rd.

Grip Plyaz ft. Tuki "WHATDAHELLRDOZE"

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Grip Plyaz ft. Tuki "WHATDAHELLRDOZE" (prod. by The Weathermen): When Gotty blasted out Grip's "Step Out" video, I asked him to keep me in the loop. What do we get today? An anthem for those who are trying to figure out what kicks you have on your feet. Nigga ask me, I'm rocking Payless cross trainers. Trust and believe. I never got too into exclusive kick hunting, but if I was, this'd be my shit. WHATDAHELLRDOZE?!? 6pack vol. 1: A Prelude to Purp, Wind & Fire is on the way...

Shouts to TSS.

[video] The Niceguys ft. Jack Freeman "Not At All"

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The irony is, the "how to make a rap video" thing has been done before.

Bonus Beats The Niceguys ft. Jack Freeman "Not At All"

[video] DJ Paul ft. Mac Butta "Ima Show My"

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Bonus Beats DJ Paul ft. Mac Butta "Ima Show My" [clean | dirty]

DJ Drama & Killa Kyleon Natural Born Killa

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I had posted the "Killa" video, and @EnigmatikBGDB posted "Hold Up" and "Tocarra", but for some reason I missed @KillaKyleon's Gangsta Grillz mixtape, Natural Born Killa. And I fucks with this - tracks like "Street Life" are right up there with the shit Jeezy is spittin', but its shit like "Swang Real Wide" with Z-RO are my shit. Love that laid back, Cadillac bounce. I'm always learning more about Houston, especially from talking to E on the regular, so I got appreciation for this. Might need to turn up my speakers on Saturday and mash this one out.

DOWNLOAD DJ Drama & Killa Kyleon Natural Born Killa [mirror]

<a href="">Hold Up by amgmusic</a>

And don't get it twisted - this is presented by Authintik Musik Group, Kyleon's label. He's no longer with Slim Thugg OR Boss Hogg Outlawz. Get that money, nigga!

FuseBox Radio (Week Of 6/16/2010)

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Fly On The Wall: The ARE & B.E Talk Perception of Music

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previous The ARE & B.E Teaser #1

Che Grand ft. Spec Boogie "Standin' Too Close"

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Che Grand ft. Spec Boogie "Standin' Too Close": Going through my RSS feeds this morning and saw that @CheGrand leaked a few jawns from the Fixtape 2 yesterday afternoon. And they are definitely dope. He said he's ready to lose a few fans... if that's the case, stop making such infectious material, Grizzly!

Bonus Beats Che Grand "The Mood (Jungle Music)"

previous Che Grand "Lawwd Listen"

DOA Mix: DJ Distance

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New Q&A and mix from one of my favorite dubstep producers, and a true pioneer in the sound, DJ Distance. I reckon it came out kind of nice - thoughts?

Scripts Director's Cut Cover

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We brought you Loose Screwz' Satellites, and I premiered "I'm Ill" - now I bring to you the cover for Scripts' Director's Cut, which RTD will be presenting to you on June 22nd. SNS go ham for STL and Hip-Hop in general, and this opus will be no exception.

Pugs Atomz: Kinda Like 16 Bars At Fat Beats NYC

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Dr. Dre ft. Jay-Z "Under Pressure"

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Dr. Dre ft. Jay-Z "Under Pressure": Wow. And to think, about a half hour ago, I was giving a list of the fuckboy stories I was tired of, and the NMC premiere the Dre and Hov collabo from Detox, "Under Pressure". And I don't think I like it too much. Hey, I'm all about Club music and Hip-Hop clashing and opening new doors - but I've got a certain idea of how Dre and Jay should sound together, and this faux-bounce bullshit is not what I expected, nor something I particularly give a fuck about/am interested in. I had a feeling Detox would let me down...

(NMC tagged) MP3 via Splash. And as YN noted, it does sound pretty unfinished. I hope they finish it with a totally different, better beat.

[video] Kelis "4th Of July"

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[video] Birdman ft. Lil' Wayne & Tyga "Loyalty"

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[video] Nick Pratt "Black Adam"

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[preview] GreatWhite Brothers Sun Dresses and Sandals

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The ARE & B.E Teaser #1

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previous The ARE & Brokn.Englsh "This Way"

MiLKMEN Served With Milk & Honey

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Definitely been waiting for this, and with the amount of leaks and such I've been posting, I'm glad the final project is available. MiLKMEN go in over a number of found beats, and bring along cats like Dutch New York and A.Jay.D. They add their signature masterpiece flows and harmonies to these cuts, damn near taking each one for their own.

MCMF ft. Ruin "These Bars Can't Hold Me"

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MCMF ft. Ruin "These Bars Can't Hold Me" (prod. by Camron 'NASA' Reams): Here's the first single from NJ's own MCMF's debut album, Make U Believe, which is out August 2010. That beat is kind of crazy - fans of those hectic Dipset tracks should find this one knockin' in their whips effortlessly. Word is Kajmir Royale has produced 6 cuts from this album as well. Should be an interesting summer.

&amp;amp;amp;lt;a href=""&amp;amp;amp;gt;These Bars Can't Hold Me (Feat. Ruin) by MCMF&amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;gt;

Intalek "Far Away"

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Intalek "Far Away" (prod. by Ritchcraft): This is the first single from Intalek & Ritchcraft's Lives & Vibes EP, which is due out on July 5th. Great introduction for heads who aren't up on either - 'Lek's vocals fit in effortlessly with Ritch's key-heavy instrumental. Sounds like someone floating through space/the clouds. Great work.

The Opus "Eons"

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The Opus "Eons": Had no idea what to expect from this one when it hit the inbox, but I'm truly impressed. I'm not versed on who The Opus is at all, but from their note, this is a staple of their live show production, and if so, this might be a proper highlight of their show. Lovin' the flutework on this one - loads of rapid-fire playing over this hypnotic beat. Reminds me of something DJ Krush would've churned out years back. Smooth vibe, with a lot of space to let instrumentalists get theirs. This is taken from their Praying Mantis Plus project, so hit that up as well if you're loving this as much as I am

&amp;amp;amp;lt;a href=""&amp;amp;amp;gt;Eons by The OPUS&amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;gt;

[video] Gorilla Zoe "Boat"

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Return Of The Hater: Channel 54 Commercial

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Crew54's Channel 54: The Reality Show EP will be dropping on June 25th. Check out the single, "Moving Around":

Hip Hop Karaoke NJ (7/10/2010)

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@HHKNJ done done it again! Looks like the god @Rhymeageddon is celebrating his bornday and putting in a special performance on that night. $5 all night? Be there.

Keyel "Slowing Down"

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Keyel "Slowing Down": Here's an exclusive that Cleveland's own Keyel gave to Apple Juice Break for a mixtape, but ended up being posted on its own, and rightly so. Some lazy afternoon business here, trust and believe. Loving what Keyel have been doing, but you been knew that, right?