Saturday, May 12, 2012

[video] BLAX "Internet Sex (Director's Cut)"

[video] Tone Trump "Wild Boy Freestyle"

Street Bass Anthems, Vol. 5

Dev79 and the good folks at Seclusiasis have pre-orders for Street Bass Anthems Vol. 5 going right now, and they have a dope product on hand. Not only is this the release that houses Elucid & Nappy's "You Ain't Even Know", there's also dope material from Dev, Starkey, El Carnicero, DNAEBEATS, Bass Science, Rx & Shiftee, Knight Riderz, MANIKAN and more! Thing is, this one isn't dropping on CD. Limited to 75, they've got some fly 2GB USB wristband drives with this project (17 WAV tracks in total), Street Bass Bootlegs, Vol. 2 (15 WAV tracks), Street Bass wallpaper and a fucking dope-ass, yellow wristband USB with the words STREET BASS on it.

This is going for $10 (plus $5 postage anywhere within the US) - if you want to pre-order, hit them up via PayPal! If you're copping this internationally, hit them via e-mail so they can figure out shipping costs. Pre-orders are a must, with an ideal date of May 28th as the shipping date. Hit the jump for the full tracklist (with some previews). And if you're in the Philly area on June 1st, you should hit the release party, which will feature live performances from the compilation and plenty more! Nice one, Seclusiasis!

Trackstar the DJ - Out of the Darkness: The Best of Organized Noize

DJ A Sharp - A List, Vol. 11

Honors English - State Of The Art

Shouts to Rob Jay for putting me onto Honors English. Had no idea he was from Trenton, too! Word is Needlz executive produced this project, which DJ Booth premiered back in April. I fucks with this, and I'm kicking myself for not being up on this earlier. My mistake, fam.

DOWNLOAD Honors English - State Of The Art

Gangrene - Odditorium EP

P.SO & Fresh Daily - Network State of Mind Remixtape

Metrik - Flightwave EP

Dom McLennon - LIVN

DJ Cable x TwoBop - Mixtape My Bru

Cool Nutz - The Cook Up

A Story To Tell: Kendrick Lamar and put together a great compilation mix of Kendrick Lamar and features an exclusive mix of exclusives and one of a kind records.

DJ M-Rock - The Best of The Beastie Boys

Nemo Achida: The Almighty Groove

RTD Playlist (Week of 5/11/2012)


Joey Breakdown - Midnight Lights Vol. 3

Friday, May 11, 2012

[video] TeV95 "Color Coded Pistols"

Not sure what's going on here but I love it. If this video hits 2000 views, TeV95 will drop Crime Loops 3.

[stream] Delicious Vinyl TV: Jay Curry

Live stream by Ustream

Shouts to Marc at Mostly Junk Food for the heads up.

Black Deniro ft. Jay Griffy "Mind Right Grind Right"

Here's some big face bill music right here. I fuck with these guys - definitely seen them at the Garden Variety shows at some point. Not my normal flavor, but that bass is undeniable. No real word came regarding what these niggas have going on in the near future, but it's Friday night. They double fisting bottles and probably trying to mack on your chick. Make sure your game is as tight as theirs!

DOWNLOAD Black Deniro ft. Jay Griffy "Mind Right Grind Right" [clean | dirty]

Freedom Green Interviews Big Ooh (5/11/2012)

Tanya Morgan Update (May 2012)

My Friday nights are spent going over my RSS feeds for the week, and I see that Von Pea had some bits to update the masses on, including a CD version of You & What Army, which is set to drop in July. Word is it'll include the 9 original cuts and three additional remixes. Pea also said that the Tanya Morgan x 6th Sense project is still on, and dropping in August sometime. Still plans for the PeaSwain album and the jawn Pea is working on with Elucid. For the time being, though, try to catch TM on tour this month.

Loiter Squad, EP7

[preview] Calyx & Teebee [RAMM116]

You already heard one forthcoming Ram Records release, and here's something that very special. It was announced back in April that Calyx & Teebee had linked with Ram for the release of their sophomore album, All Or Nothing, and it looks like this is the first installment. Off the first listen, "Scavenger" is a track that I need in my life right the fuck NOW! "Stepping Stones" is a piece of cybersoul that was super unexpected as well. Look for this one on the 11th of June.

SWANKFAST: Unreleased Footage

Kind of pissed I missed this!

Juan Epstein (5/11/2012)

This is one of those long-awaited Juan Eps for true fans. Jadakiss' pedigree is official, and having him on one of the realest shows out there? Very necessary. And not only is there a grip of Hip-Hop (which you might have already heard), but Mrs. Phillips, Jadakiss' mom, is even interviewed. Word is that a Juan Epstein iPhone app is on the way, too!??! It's not a game! Shouts to @AreaFY as per usual.

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (5/11/2012)

Dub Phizix ft. Fox "Never Been"

If you're not up on Dub Phizix, welcome aboard. Hopefully we'll be sorting out a feature with him for DOA, I'll keep you posted. This cut "Never Been" is some of the shit I like to get down and dirty to. The addition of Fox with those ragga-ready vocals? Just a perfect accent to stripped back, stepped up bizness. You can cop this today via Critical Music; I believe the full release date is the 14th though. Be sure to check out "Codec" as well!

[video] Delta Heavy "Get By"

Forthcoming on their Ram Records EP, Down The Rabbit Hole, which is available for pre-order. Hit the jump to preview more of this release. These guys are becoming some of my favorite EDM producers.

blackrasslin podcast, episode 031

Rest in peace MCA. Dropped some of my favorite Beastie Boys tracks alongside dropping science on this week's Raw, the forthcoming Over The Limit PPV and a grip of news on Paul Heyman, Ezekiel Jackson and plenty more. Never stop.

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast, episode 031

[preview] The Combat Jack Show (5/16/2012) premiered the artwork for next week's show, which will feature Billy Corbin and Alfred Spellman of rakontur (the guys behind Cocaine Cowboys and Limelight). Should be a dope one. Art by the homey Theotis Jones. #GetReadyForCombat

Goldie "We Are The Core"

Talk about shit flying out of leftfield. Kind of caught me off guard here. Maybe I'm sleeping or this hasn't kicked up nearly as much dust as I'd imagine, but Goldie gave Mixmag an exclusive free tune in a 140 BPM hardcore/rave-y vein. If you know his original Metalheads/Rufige Kru output, you're in store for a treat. This one is full-on sampling "I'll Be Good" by René & Angela, bringing a dope throwback quality to the classic beats. Catch Mixmag's interview with Goldie, where they discuss Metalheadz hitting 100 releases and the future of the scene.

DOWNLOAD Goldie "We Are The Core"

[preview] XLII "Thro-Yo! (Starkey Remix)"

Straight up and down, Starkey always brings it. Dude always brings the undeniable fly shit on anything he touches, but there's something about his knack for remixes that always gets me. This is taken from XLII's Neon High EP, which Civil Music is dropping on the 21st of May, and while the whole EP has enough quality EDM, this one right here is hands down the winner. Instant rewind once this one gets moving, trust.

[preview] Fierce w/ S.P.Y & Vicious Circle [PLATE002]

Not sure what caused Fierce to restart/rename the catalog numbers for his Quarantine imprint, but here's PLATE002 (PLATE001 dropped in January). Same quality as he always has - Quarantine stays with quality releases, and I imagine it gets 'nuff acclaim, but I don't see heads bigging these releases up enough. First tune is "Borderline" by Fierce & S.P.Y, while the flipside is "Spectre" by Fierce ^& Vicious Circle. I don't have a firm release (coming soon!), nor am I sure if the cat. #s are QRNPLATE002 or just PLATE002, so I'm going with the art in the pic.

[video] Cypress Hill x Rusko ft. Travis Barker "Lez Go"

Word is Cypress x Rusko drops on Cooperative Music in June. More info after the jump.

[video] J-Love ft. Trife Diesel, Sun God & Du-Lilz "Supreme Force"

Metalheadz Podcast #35: Draft

I'm definitely unaware of Draft, but it looks like Metalheadz has high hopes with him: "having originally caught the eye of BBC Introducing, and more recently the legendary label Metalheadz, Draft is becoming an artist to keep a close eye on. His musical output sits somewhere between dancefloor and downtime, all whilst keeping in line with an output you haven't quite heard before. Experimental and deliberately difficult to categorise, Draft’s music draws on a selection of bass heavy sub-genres, referencing everything from drum and bass and dubstep to melodically glitch-driven chaos, all whilst keeping you wanting more. As he effortlessly flits from one bpm to another, Draft reveals a distinct sonic identity that is fresh, unique and downright impressive. Preferring to let his music speak for itself, there is plenty more to come from the 25 year old, including his Boiler Room debut in the Metalheadz takeover session, and a summer of festival shows. With an EP, album and various remixes lined up, 2012 is certainly going to be a year to sit up and take note."

[video] Jon Connor "Someone Like Me"

Thursday, May 10, 2012

illDoctrine: Marriage Equality and Symbiotic Evolution

[video] Kosha Dillz "Moses Wasteland"

Kosha's going to be at Webster Hall on the 24th of May - headlining. Props to him. To get prepared for that, grab his recently-released Jet Lag EP.

Botchamania 206

[video] Grant Parks feat. El Da Sensei, Internal Quest, Phil G. & DJ Hush "Mic Pro's"

[preview] Icicle - BNC EP

New four-tracker from Icicle drops on the 21st of May; pre-orders for MP3 and vinyl are going in. I thought he was using a different AKA for his dubstep output, but it looks like Shogun Audio just said "fuck it, put it out with us under your own name". Great idea - this one is a banger. Tracklist and press info after the jump.

The Combat Jack Show (5/09/22012)

It felt like #whiteboyday on The Combat Jack Show last night, with special tributes to MCA in the form of a dope mix from BenHaMeen (alongside a dope convo about discovering the Beastie Boys) and the special guests, Danny Boy & Ill Bill from La Coka Nostra, in the hot seat.  You get ill Hip-Hop conversations, including Danny and Ill breaking down their own discovering of Hip-Hop, Non Phixion, House of Pain and plenty more. Shit's fire, as per usual. Oh and #FREEDALLASPENN.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (5/09/22012)

[video] YFame "Somebody"

[video] STS "All The Lights"

[video] Nas "The Don" (Director's Cut)

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

[video] ANTHM "Fortuna"

Dan Miracle "Dominoes"

The homey Dan Miracle has been letting loose a number of SICK tunes for free via his SoundCloud and this one might be my favorite. He has a dope mixture of Dillinja in the meatiness of the bassline, but that hypnotic funk? Straight up Krust. Two of my favorite producers wrapped up in one. This one is circa 2007, by the way. Rock to this!

DOWNLOAD Dan Miracle "Dominoes"

[video] Danny Brown "Jay Dee's Revenge"

Dope new Danny Brown over an unreleased Dilla beat, taken from the forthcoming Rebirth Of Detroit album which is set to drop on June 12th. This shit is crazy.

Caspa Narkz ft. Marvelous "Benjy"

Hah I remember when a lot of sites weren't even reppin' for Caspa Narkz until he started making these moves. Good to see brothas like him and Marv getting those looks. This shit right here is kind of mean. Loving the beat, some ill shit to step out of a dope whip and stunt on niggas to. I don't dress, look or act like I'm about money. I still need to get paid. Let me do some shit for you. Yeah, you. In the mean time, grab Narkz' Everything Or Nothing mixtape HERE.

DOWNLOAD Caspa Narkz ft. Marvelous "Benjy"

[video] J57 ft. Koncept "Pulp Fiction"

Check McDuck out! He has two EPs (2057 & The Ports) dropping on on the 22nd of May, and he thinks he's gonna be super cool, dropping videos and such. This one was directed by Fresh Pres, and is probably the first of many. Lord help us.

[video] The Call "Brew"

Produced by The Jake.

[preview] SRC - The Tangerine EP [TR004]

One of my passions is writing, another is music. When you get me writing about music I feel passionate about? It's a wrap. I can't help it. DJ Cable's struck a winner with the next EP on Triangulum from some cat named SRC. I didn't have any expectations, as I know Cable has signed the deeper stuff but has a flair for the dancefloor bounce. This EP sides more for the floor, but it has this fly quirkiness about it that still knocks. Like SRC knows how to cut the hecticness perfectly on tunes like "June" to where they have that raw snap, but that quality that really gets you moving. Just some dynamic music. Expect this sometime in June, with a feature on DOA at some point.

Chazz Rockwell's Beastie Boys Edits

This is one for you DJs in particular. The homey Chazz Rockwell says "it’s hard for me to imagine myself doing what I now do without ever being exposed to the Beastie Boys. This band has had such a huge impact on me. The following pack of edits are some of the songs I played throughout what were very bittersweet tribute sets this past weekend. Some are essentials and some are personal favorites, but all should be in every DJ’s crate. 22 songs, Serato ready, all contained in one neat zip. Download it here. Rest in peace, Adam Yauch." Hopefully this spawns some more dope tributes. #RIPMCA

[preview] Command Strange "Double One"

Forgive Bailey and Artificial Intelligence talking the Mayan calendar in the beginning; this was recorded off his show from last year. Major tune on their Integral imprint. This one's out right now, so get on it. If you're looking for a tune to seriously HURT the dancefloor this Spring, I recommend this one. Trust we. Command Strange is one of my picks within the DnB scene - dude's just got that sound. Basslines killin'. Too heavy.

Tef Poe "Work (Back Against The Wall)"

Oh shit. Tef going in with the trunk rattler right here! Word is the boy is merking St. Louis and Kansas City with this one, which makes sense. That sinister piano and that thumping bass? This shit kind of epic right here! If I had dreads, they'd be shaking. Word is the boy is dropping War Machine 2 June 5th. Not sure how or by whom, but it's a problem right now.

DOWNLOAD Tef Poe "Work" (prod. by Wolfgang Kid)

Busta Rhymes To Headline Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival 2012

I need to make it to New York more often. Word from the Brooklyn Bodega family is that Busta Rhymes will be headlining the 8th Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, which starts on the 9th of July and runs through July 14th, 2012. 20K ended up hitting it last year (which featured Q-Tip & Friends, which ended up with a Kanye West appearance and Busta doing his own cameo takeover), and I can only imagine what Busta will be bringing when he touches down. Eventbrite has details on each night, which includes the Show & Prove Super Bowl, spotlight events on education, DJs, film and plenty more. Shit's gonna be dope, fam.

[video] Tab-One ft. Napoleon Wright II "Sunshinin'"

[video] theWHOevers "Fantastic(RENO)"

Digging that Tribe homage.

[preview] Break "Condensor"

Hands down, Break's one of the more consistent DnB producers out there. And he's damn versatile. This is more of the style you expect from him - hard-hitting, vibrant tech-y flavor. This is forthcoming on his Symmetry imprint (#11 for those playing along); no word on release date as of yet. Hit the jump for the flipside, which is produced by Emperor (whomever that is). EDIT Looks like this one is on pre-order, but I believe there are some vinyls out there so this should be out soon!

[video] Jon Hope "Sara's Song (The Proclamation)"

[video] Killsonik "Bloodlust"

I fuck with "Girly" a lot more, but this tune is fucking NASTY! Killsonik has their Bloodlust EP dropping on MTA soon.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

[video] Ghosty & Shad Ali "Pots"

[video] Audio Rebel ft. Kym Still "I Exist"

Grab Audio Rebel's The Altered Game EP HERE. Shouts to B_Silent.

Free Loadstar Tunes

Xample & Lomax, aka Loadstar, have been signed to Ram Records for a minute. I'm not sure why their album hasn't dropped yet, but I'm assuming it'll be out this year. Also not sure why they randomly dropped a few free bits on the public, but I'm glad they did. "Second Skin" is a heavyweight slice of dancefloor drumstep, while "Terror Drone" has more of that DnB swing that you expect from the Ram fam. Peep the previews below, and if you fox with them, grab these for free via Loadstar's Facebook.

Hawdwerk "Let's Roll"

Been a minute since I've heard Hawdwerk (I'd say since BlackBalls), so word that he has an EP (Call In Sick) on the way is good goddamn news. This one has that laidback, just rolled a joint and finished my glass of 'gac with my lady vibe. Some get comfortable and get loose music. Grab your main squeeze and hold on tight. Word is this is the first project under Hawdwerk's "Blue Collar" campaign, where he works solo, not with the boy Jansport J. Can't wait to see how this one develops.

DOWNLOAD Hawdwerk "Let's Roll" (prod. by Kaleem "Sincere" Wasif)

Fracture "The Limit VIP"

Seeing as DPD is dead, let's get right on with it. This is some pure nastiness that Fracture cooked up as the start of a new three-part series from his Astrophonica imprint. He's seemingly taken the flag from the Philip D Kick experiments and started working in his own juke/footwork style (which isn't that far off from the classic Jungle styles Fracture already encompasses), and the first piece of that puzzle is this bass-heavy VIP of his own tune "The Limit":

You can cop this one right now on special 10" vinyl and MP3 - I believe if you cop the limited [to 300] 10", you get the MP3 for free. Word is the liked of dBridge, Daedelus and Mark Pritchard are already rinsing this one. Expect Om Unit (aka Philip D Kick) and Machinedrum in this series as well.

Sidenote: if you're more into this sound, grab Nappy & Juke Ellington's The Fate of Footwork mixtape, and be on the lookout for Nappy's NEXT forray into that juke/footwork zone.


I guess it was bound to happen. I'd been getting DMCA violations periodically for my Drum & Bass blog,, primarily due to posting BBC 1Xtra radio shows from guys like Bailey and Crissy Criss. They would come in every now and again - the last one before the most recent was from November of last year. I'm never sure WHY the takedowns occur - they reference a particular show, but I believe it's because of a particular song, not the actual show, because I post these up WEEKLY and never caught any flack (not that I can tell - any search I do on Chilling Effects pulls up nothing on the links I was given, a practice I've seen numerous times) (and any flack I would get - say a DJ asking for a post to come down - would be handled quickly). Thing is, due to these violations, Blogger ganked the entire blog. Even odder, the URL was due for renewal later this month, so I guess that's $50 I'm not spending!

[video] Action Bronson at Princeton University (5/06/2012)

Here's some more footage from Sunday's Action Bronson performance at The Terrace Club, this time from @dabooth. I wonder if he has footage from Raekwon's show tucked somewhere.

previous Action Bronson at Princeton University (5/06/2012)

St. Joe Louis "Forgot To Forget"

Released today is the second single from My Favorite Demons, an EP produced by JR & PH7, and featuring cuts from St. Joe Louis & Brokn.Englsh. If you've been in a situation where there's a lover/loved one that you're trying to get rid of, mentally, to move on, but you can't? This is your anthem. Additional vocals from L. Pierre. Cop this today - it includes a remix from Ezrakh.

[video] ILLUS ft. J-Live "Magical"

[video] Agallah ft. Sean Price & Ike Eyes "Max Julien"

[video] Large Professor ft. Cormega, Action Bronson, Roc Marciano & Saigon "M.A.R.S."

[video] Profecy "Doing What We Want"

[video] Details "Get Her Dusted"

DOWNLOAD Details Closet Cleaners

[video] Fraz "G"

[video] Tyrice C "Forces"

Naked Man Reviews The Avengers

Monday, May 07, 2012

Loiter Squad EP6

Stupid Americans "Thug Step"

This landed in the email today. Nice to know that the shit DJ Nappy pioneered and RTD championed is getting this kind of exposure. I mean, the shit is right fucking here. This is how a Thug Step. Stupid Americans is Ras Kass & Money B (of Digital Underground) going all cross-genre on a bitch, and Ras calls 12th Planet, who he's collaborated with a number of times, and they created a fucking masterpiece of Thugstep excellence. The one like Mad Lion linked up and adds his own flair to the track. We been on that shit for how long, doe?!?

DOWNLOAD Stupid Americans ft. Mad Lion & Germfree "Thug Step" (prod. by 12th Planet)

Side-B Radio (5/06/2012)

Another week, another action-packed edition of Side-B Radio. Even kicks off with a dope remix of the classic "Get It Together" by Beastie Boys & Q-Tip. DOPE edition of Side Beatz (producers hit up to get in line), with Silent Treatment and more in the building talking about their current projects, as well as some info from Phil on upcoming Side-B projects. My Lord. Grind never stops!

DOWNLOAD Side-B Radio (5/06/2012)

[video] Cymarshall Law "Hate Freestyle"

Taken from the forthcoming DJ Premier Tribute Mix CD.

DOWNLOAD Cymarshall Law "Hate Freestyle"

[video] Illmaculate ft. Ness Lee "Lost Our Soul"

[video] Gas House Gang "The Gas House Gang"

I apologize for any seizures induced by this video.

Hip-Hop Kings Interview Soul Khan & Koncept

[video] Jon Hope "Cashews"

DOWNLOAD Jon Hope "Cashews" (prod. by LJC)

[video] Venomous2000 "As The Beat & The Rhyme Goes On"

[video] I AM MANY & Logik Proof "MORE BLACK"

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Action Bronson at Princeton University (5/06/2012)

The boy DJ Nappy got invites to the Raekwon show at The Terrace Club in Princeton, NJ earlier today, and came back with some video of opening spitter Action Bronson live, performing in the crowd. You already know. Another clip after the jump.

Botchamania 205

[video] Fresh Daily "We On Again"

Taken from The Brooklyn Bad Guy.

[video] JustMe ft. Wonder Brown "Ceremonial Master"

TMB x 100 Akres Presents: The Soulstice ft. Signif "FYI"

[video] Scorzayzee, Juga-Naut & Vandal Savage "Backwoods"

J.Good - The Journal of Douglas Pinderhughes

Ac3 - Diary of a Schizophrenic

Tiara Wiles - RE:Dux EP

[video] Serum & Manifesto "Savior's Arrival"

[video] Jitta On The Track "Lumberjack"

FuseBox Radio (Week of May 2nd, 2012)

[video] Kaz Elite "Up All Night"

Boom Shottas 13

The boy @EnigmatikBGDB with a new Dancehall mix like he stole something. Congrats, bruh.

DOWNLOAD Boom Shottas 13