Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wally Pish Posh - Fun For The Whole Family

Rather unexpected gift from the homey DJ WAlly Pish Posh. He's always making beats, and is truly one of my favorite producers - from like the mid '90s on up. I kind of wish he was seeing the same acclaim he was getting back when Genetic Flaw dropped. Might need to dig that one back out. In any case, here's a dope batch of tracks from one of the dons of the underground. Cuts like "Home Drone", "1992" and "NY Horns" stand out to me dumb early. Fucks with this.

DOWNLOAD Wally Pish Posh - Fun For The Whole Family

[video] Big Quarters "New Plateau"

[video] NoEmotion "Naked Nimbus"

[video] A-Class "Sniper"

dRamatic & dbAudio Present The Mars Recordings Podcast 001

[preview] Atlantic Connection - Love Architect

[preview] Foreign Beggars "Flying to Mars"

I had no idea Foreign Beggars signed to Deadmau5's mau5trap imprint. This is the first single from their forthcoming album, The Uprising, and it not only features Donae'o on the vocals, but it's produced by Alix Perez. Oh my.

Phat Deuce [JEFF018]

Don't Freak Out About the White Babies

[video] Tony Alexander "Can't Breathe"

[video] JF Coop "Nightlife"

RTD Playlist (Week of 5/25/2012)


Friday, May 25, 2012

[stream] The Black Collar Biz Show (5/25/2012)

Streaming Live by Ustream

Rickie Jacobs - Live Epic

This week's too long and I haven't had a beer yet, so I'll let Buck walk you through Rickie Jacobs' latest: "When it comes to life, are you actually living? Or are you allowing death to approach you slowly but surely? You do, in fact, only live once and within the hour of your birth and the hour of your death, it is up to you, and only you, to live it up before your time is up! With the aim to make history while his heart continues beating and his thoughts remain racing, Rickie Jacobs presents the next chapter of his story, which takes you on a ride through his soul and in turn, you can attempt to see life as he sees it through his own eyes! After all, before you can Die Brilliant, you must first Live Epic! What's your life like?"

DOWNLOAD Rickie Jacobs - Live Epic [mirror]

[preview] Sinistarr - Cetra EP

So glad to see URB pick up on Sinistarr's Cetra EP, which is forthcoming on Hit & Hope in June, I believe. Early support has already come from Sinden, Om Unit, Crissy Murderbot and Goldie, and for good measure, especially considering this is the first batch of non-DnB cuts the public has heard from this Detroit beatsmith. He digs into his roots, as well as delving into the Footwork side of things with "Bear The Mark" (which I've had for a minute and am glad it's seeing the light of day). The title cut has a chilled, Garage-y vibe, but "Runna" is the one IMO. Dope Hip-Hop vibe to it. You're not ready. Included in this preview is a Tailor Hawkins remix of "Cetra", but I don't believe that's on the final EP. Anyone looking to interview or feature Sinistarr more in depth, shoot me an e-mail. For the time being, check out Sinistarr's mix for the Sub.Mission Podcast, and be on the lookout for his mixtape alongside Disc Jockey Nappy.

blackrasslin podcast, episode 33

We keep it informative over here. Full recap of the Over The Limit PPV, 'longside a recap of this Monday's Raw Supershow, 'longside an early preview of No Way Out in June, 'longside a GRIP of news, from TNA and WWE programming changes to Ernest Miller's views on Brodus Clay to the latest on John Cena's marriage... and more. And some sick Hip-Hop. Already.

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcst, episode 33

Dub Phizix: Free Shit

To say thanks for reaching 10K fans on Facebook, Dub Phizix has sorted out this dope 15-minute mix of tunes that he'll be giving away (with wild titles voiced by his boy Chimpo). The catch is, you have to vote HERE; input your name and email address and he'll send bits out to those who voted. Fucking tough tunes, too!

[video] Quakers ft. Guilty Simpson & MED "Fitta Happier"

BSE Podcast #19: Optiv & BTK

Yo shouts out to BTK. Quiet as kept, I was trying to put out a little bootleg BTK did that ended up getting released for free. In any case, he's been making a LOT of noise with Optiv (who you trainspotters might know as one of them Cause 4 Concern boys), and they have an album, Dirty Tricks, set to drop on Virus in the near future. They stepped up for the Black Sun Empire podcast and drop a serious a mount of tracks, mostly their bits. You aren't ready. And if you're in Belgium on July 23rd, hit up BSE's Blackout night, which will find these two going B2B.

Botchamania 207

[video] Willie The Kid "How Lovely" / "Al B. Sure Dart"

[video] Freeway "Let You Know"

Produced by Thelonious Martin.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

[video] Action Bronson, RiFF RaFF & Dana Coppafeel "Hot Shots Part Deux"

Juan Epstein (5/24/2012)

Juan Epstein keeps it moving, you feel me? This week, they have Damon Wayans... Junior. Dude's funny, funnier than I actually remember seeing him and this episode is no different. Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (5/24/2012)

2012 Roots Picnic Mixtape (mixed by DJ Low Budget)

Wild to see Okayplayer/The Roots link up with DJ Low Budget for this mixtape, which celebrates the 5th Annual Roots Picnic. Shouts to the heads who know what Low B is all about. Loads of blends on this one, mixing up artists on the bill. This shit is a real treat, trust. More details on the mix, and the night, via OKP (a download link on this one would've been nice). EDIT Get Right Music has the download - props to them!

[video] Clear Soul Forces "Stick 'Em"

Jill Scott "He Loves Me (soulTec & B-Pro Bootleg)"

This is the kind of Drum & Bass my mom would fucks with. Not sure what made soulTec & B-Pro pick up on this Who Is Jill Scott number, but this shit works. I believe there was a Drum & Bass bootleg of "Love Rain" from a decade ago, and I'm surprised more producers don't remix her shit. In the liquid era, where you want your somber bangers to feature some sultry vocals, Jill Scott should be the go-to, right? Anyways, fucks with this.

[video] Stik Figa "Flaudgin"

Dom O Briggs "21 Years"

For his 21st birthdya, @DomOBriggs gives us a lil' something over some Hippie Sabotage heavenly heaven shit.I tried telling dude, it's all back pain and Tums after this, so I ask him to live his life to the fullest right now. And if you fucked with Always Inspire(d), you know he's got a bright future ahead of him. Drinks up, dog.

DOWNLOAD Dom O Briggs "21 Years" (prod. by Hippie Sabotage)

Small Professor - Elderly Jawns II

Fly shit right here. You should've already heard the first Elderly Jawns compilation,and if not - you're bugging. Small Pro doesn't play when it comes to the beats, and for him to be giving away a lush pack of jawns like this for free? You might as well go buy his album to say "thanks". No word on what he's got in store next, but do yourself a favor and keep an ear out for the bol.

PURCHASE Small Professor - Elderly Jawns II

The Combat Jack Show (5/23/2012)

Another one in the chamber. Minus Just Blaze, Premium Pete and Dallas Penn, you'd think this episode wouldn't bring the normal funnery, but that first half hour is pure hilarity. AZ stopped by, and to quote Combat Jack, "The Visualizer AZ talks about his start in the game, battling Jay-Z in high school, NaS and Illmatic, Doe Or Die, the Firm, Sprite commercials and his interesting relationship with elevators. Industry legend DEO speaks on his cousin, the late, great Heavy D and his thoughts on today’s music industry. Plus, a call from Trill O.G. Bun B on the Gumball 3000. It don’t ever stop. #AZWon".

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (5/23/2012) [via PDS]

J. Gainey Presents House Music - A Natural Work Of Art

Here's another dope project from the boy J. Gainey. He's a really talented producer, the more I dig into these projects of his, the more I really hear it. He goes in on here - really digs into a number of genres that he holds dear, and puts his own spin on them. Hell, the first track bears my name! I fucks with this heavy, some real nightlife shit. Turn this one up while you're cruising that highway, trust.

DOWNLOAD J. Gainey Presents House Music - A Natural Work Of Art

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

[video] MarQ Spekt & Kno "Wikileaks"

Nicki Minaj "Beez In The Trap (Knuckle Children Bootleg)"

Talk about random. If I'm not mistaken, Knuckle Children is an AKA from the GEIN boys. They normally rock some pretty intense Drum & Bass, so to hear them crunch out some heavyweight THUGSTEP vibes? All about it. I wasn't into much about this Nicki Minaj original, aside from her gyrating in the video, but I fucks with this version. Right up my alley. You'll see once this series drops... on Memorial Day, God willing. #warned

DOWNLOAD Nicki Minaj "Beez In The Trap (Knuckle Children Bootleg)"

Ant TC1 - Fabric Promo Mix (May 2012)

Looks like Ant TC1 is touching down at Fabric this Friday in Room 2 (alongside Bukem, Fabio and Furney) and cooked up this mix, which he describes as "a bit deeper than usual, 50% vinyl 50% CDJ's recorded on Technics's 1210's, CD1000 & Pioner DJM 800 mixer". He drops some Dispatch bits (obviously), including cuts from the Method In The Madness album, which looks like it might be serious.

[preview] The Combat Jack Show (5/23/2012)

Flyer via @theotisjones, who cooked something up for me., 10PM tonight.

The Diggers Union Local 1200 - The Writers Bench

Shouts to Hevehitta for sending this one over. Taking inspiration from Style Wars, he flipped this 15-track mix, with a focus on the art of Graffiti: "If you are not familiar with The Writers Bench, it was a meeting place located at 149th Street Grand Concourse where graffiti writers would talk graffiti, make plans, sign black books and settle disputes. The main activity was watching art on the passing trains (known as benching). The writers would admire and criticize the latest paintings". I'm just loving that he included Pack FM's "Click, Clack & Spray". Makes me want to re-buy Getting Up.

DOWNLOAD The Diggers Union Local 1200 - The Writers Bench

The Real Conspiracy Against Hip-Hop

I'm guessing Ivan is loving the hits he's getting off this! And word is Animal New York will be premiering his videos via Animal New York. Shouts to him!

[video] M-Dot & Mayhem "Taggant"

[video] J57 ft. Brown Bag Allstars & Andrew Thomas "Days Still Turn to Night"

Taken from The Ports EP. Grab that and the 2057 EP, slowpoke!

[video] A-Trak & Dillon Francis "Money Makin'"

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DJ Wonder Mix (5/22/2012)

Why of course DJ Wonder dropped one of Nappy's Danny Brown refiXXXes on Shade45 today. Glad you noticed. Get those previews over 1000 plays and they can be yours.

DOWNLOAD DJ Wonder Mix (5/22/2012)

[video] Curtiss King "Ratches Still Jockin"

DOWNLOAD Curtiss King "Ratches Still Jockin"

Curly Castro "Lard"

After a long delay, it looks like the Curly Castro vs. RTD project will be dropping. Cas is letting these jawns fly individually. Might have to zip them all for you lot when it's all done. This EP was me sending Castro a batch of beats and him doing the damn thing. He takes a cut from Skream's more experimental, non-abrasive side and lays it to waste. There's a few MCs I fucks with that really understand how to work the bass music beats, and this one is more IDM than anything else (reminds me of Aphex Twin for some reason). Adds a nice batch of sly funk with his rhymes, you smell me? Gastric bypass dreams.

DOWNLOAD Curly Castro "Lard"

[video] Benga ft. Bebe Black "Icon"

I've got a feeling Benga's album is going to convert some people.

[video] Tab-One & Sunshine J ft. DJ Gonzo "Caught Up"

Durag Dynasty "Glass of Astonishment"

Everything about this track is a win, from The Alchemist's magical instrumental to the Durag Dynasty (aka Killer Ben, Planet Asia & TriState) murdering the track. To the fucking cover art - Obama in a durag doe!?!? Brilliance. ALC is dropping Russian Roulette on the 17th of July, so be on the lookout for that one. And Durag Dynasty? Someone give them more heaters like this. This shit is a problem!

DOWNLOAD Durag Dynasty "Glass of Astonishment"

[video] Virus Syndicate "Money"

Yup, they definitely just flipped the Pink Floyd classic.

D/Will & Dominique Larue ft. M-Dot & Boycott Blues "Circulate (Remix)"

Sometimes, heads will pick the most random cats to fuck with a remix/re-imaging of their cuts, but this shit right here? Perfect additions. M-Dot and Boycott do damage to this D/Will instrumental, and Dom more than holds her own. Tracks like this are my daily anthems, you feel me? You'll also find this on M-Dot's Layer Cake mixtape, which drops next week. A video for the original is on the way, and .diem is also coming soon. Fire.

DOWNLOAD D/Will & Dominique Larue ft. M-Dot & Boycott Blues "Circulate (Remix)"

[video] DJ Premier On The Combat Jack Show

Video from DJ Premier's interview on The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn from April. Shouts to DP for sending this over.

[video] ANTHM "Manhattan"

[preview] The Insiders - The Rhythm EP

The Insiders are a duo that I wish got more love. This EP could be one to bring them that much needed acclaim, right? The title track? My kind of chilled DnB vibe, you feel me? Each of these tracks is great for your Soulful DnB playlist. Solid four-tracker right here. Due on Intrigue this coming July.

Monday, May 21, 2012

[video] Jon Connor "Just Paper"

Rob Jay Weekly Vlog Vol. 1

DOWNLOAD Rob Jay "Never Say No Homo"

[video] Dyme Def "Let It Be"

HawdWerk - Call In Sick

We premiered a cut off of this a few weeks back, and now that #BlueCollar campaign hits full stride with Call In Sick, an EP with a title that's near and dear to my heart. I've got a feeling Hawdwerk was calling in sick to complete some of this. For his first soloe EP, We get two tracks produced by J Bizness, three from Kaleem "Sincere" Wasif and a jawn from CBall. You already know. I won't even sit here trying to go ham with you niggas, trying to talk dude up. If you've slept already, stay out a little late for before coming back from lunch. Pop this one in and get your everyman on. Trust.

DOWNLOAD HawdWerk - Call In Sick

Jersey Fresh Jam 2012 Mixtape Submissions

In 2010 and 2011, I've helped put together the mixtape for the Jersey Fresh Jam - shouts to Leon Rainbow for allowing me to be a part of it. These tapes have helped highlight the Jersey Hip-Hop scene, bring funds back to the Jam for future projects and also help cultivate talent for other shows. Instead of dealing with cats submitting tracks via e-mail, they've got a submission form set up where you can enter your info AND submit a track. If you're from Jersey and make that Hip-Hop, you should be up on this. Trust me. Full details HERE - the Jam is on the 11th of August, so get your submissions in early!

Side-B Radio (5/20/2012)

Interesting show here. Shouts to Phil for keeping it fair but honest with his interview with Solar, yes 7 Grand "super producer" Solar. Solar speaks on his thoughts about Guru two years removed from his passing, the Gangstarr Foundation and more. Nothing too crazy, and as Phil says, it's a touchy situation, but I'm not mad at him bringing Solar in. It's still #FuckSolar in my book, and him calling Guru a "sweetheart" is mad suspect. Also kind of sideeying him about calling Guru underrated. But who am I? Of COURSE the best of independent and underground Hip-Hop is played, and another dope edition of Side Beatz. You already know.

DOWNLOAD Side-B Radio (5/20/2012)

Win A Copy of Fabriclive63

Today marks the UK release of Fabriclive.63, which was mixed by Shy FX, B.Traits and Breakage, aka the Digital Soundboy Soundsystem (US release is June 19th).You might have seen me going ham about this mix last week on twitter. Couldn't help it - it's such a diverse statement on the Bass Music scene, and I'm just a huge fan of DSB. I just threw up a competition to win a copy of this mix CD on DOA, check it out. Word is Shy, B.Traits AND Breakage have albums on the way. Keep it locked!

[video] B. Yale "Get Dis Money"

Taken from B. Yale's Long Live Jay Dee project.

June Miller "The Killing Tree"

The June Miller boys finally hit 4000 likes on Facebook, so they honored their promise and let this one go. Nice piece of sinister, dark Drum & Bass. Turn this one UP!

DOWNLOAD June Miller "The Killing Tree"

Sunday, May 20, 2012

[video] Nems "N.E.M.S. / F.Y.L."

[video] Lyriqs da Lyraciss "UnderdogCentral"

[video] PRO'Verb ft. KT & Don Juan "County"

[video] Klever "To The Top"

[video] Torae "That Raw"

[video] Wordburglar ft. More or Les "Rhyme O'Clock"

[video] SETI X "Bird Flu"

FuseBox Radio Podcast (Week of May 16th, 2012)

[video] Percee P "Mastered Craftsman"

[video] Swag Toof "Sheit"

Dude looks like a white 2 Chainz and one of the HUMAN cats from NYC. Wasn't expecting this to go into that dubstep shit randomly.

A Day In The Life: ?uestlove