Saturday, June 02, 2012

[video] Flatbush Zombies "S.C.O.S.A."

[video] Legit "Bonjour!"

DOWNLOAD Legit "Bonjour!" (prod. by Jesse Futerman)

Joe Grizzly - The Ric Flair LP

Milly Esquire - Eating Crayons EP

Gee Wiz Presents: The EP [Extra Personal] Instrumentals

The Expert - Neckbreakers

M-Dot - Layer Cake

Radius – Sleeping Wide Awake

MCMF - I Can Rap

Kay & Donwill Are Fly Guys

I think I opened a can of worms when I asked where this project was. Features from Che Grand, Von Pea, D. Randle and more. Randle even did a "story of the Fly Guys" drop over on RIK. Fire.

The Atelethon (6/09/2012)

I feel weird breaking this down as all of the information is there, but this is dope. The heads who made the Trenton Atelier what it is need a new home. This Atelethon, which I believe the Trentonian is helping throw, will feature everything that made this spot dope, from live music/poetry/dance to art workshops. 10AM to 10AM, starting June 9th. I'll make it through there at some point. Help raise some funds!

Why Internet Trolling is a Good Thing

RTD Playlist (Week of 6/01/2012)


Friday, June 01, 2012

[video] Biz Mighty x Boogieman Dela "Everything I Love"

Tef Poe "Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome"

After yesterday's leak, Poebama felt it was right to drop this new leak, featuring some pretty heavy words from The Honorable Minister Lewis Farrakhan. I like cuts like this - been thinking about bringing back my July 4th mix this year, and this will fit perfectly on it, trust. Tef doesn't play. War Machine 2 dropping Tuesday.

DOWNLOAD Tef Poe "Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome"

Juan Epstein (6/01/2012)

Great episode right here. It features the comedian Capone, who's true to life and kicks some real knowledge. The real meat of this episode is Ciph and Rosenberg talking about what's going on with the Morning Show and their Hot 97 status, for good or ill. Damn. I'd love to say "as long as we get Juan Epstein", but I've ridden with these cats for years now. Virtually. So I want to see them succeed. Great episode nonetheless.

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (6/01/2012)

Flatbush Zombies "Face Off (L.S.Darko)"

Yup, I'm fucking with this. After a long-ass week that included two niggas turning zombie, the obvious end to the week should be a crew called the Flatbush Zombies sampling news reports from that Miami situation. My Lord. Bath salts? My Lord. I don't know much about these cats, but shouts to eskay by way of illRoots for this one.

DOWNLOAD Flatbush Zombies "Face Off (L.S.Darko)"

blackrasslin podcast, episode 34

I was really surprised I even got this one sorted out. This past weekend was stacked, and I was/have been tired as hell, but I powered through this one. As per usual, we break down Raw from this past Monday, and you know I had to go in on the Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar news bits from this past week. Drop some dope jams as well. You already.

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast, episode 34

Jersey Fresh Jam 2012: Official Music Line-Up

I ended up not making it to the Jersey Fresh Jam last year, and hear it was hectic. With word of this year's line-up touching down already? I can't wait to check it out! Hosted by this cat Outburst, who I met last weekend at the Garden Variety and is a good dude (and featuring DJ Ahmad on the decks), this year's line-up is insane. Biz Mighty, Black Collar Biz, Venomous2000, Mortal Shellz, Yasin, King Don, Surg & Hellfire, Rich Quick, Mr. Fickle, FEED, Skrewtape, Physical Graffiti, Tone Liv, Emcee Jermaine, KV AND Rhymageddon?! Feels like a "Best of Garden Variety" thing for REAL! If you want to see what that real Jersey Hip-Hop is like, come out to the Jam this year (August 11th) and be amazed.

DOA Feature: Nymfo

Figured I'd share this with you guys, as it just went up on DOA and all. Nymfo's out of the Netherlands and has a dope album, Characters, coming out on Monday that I literally just got this morning. Dude's BEEN a talent, and Commercial Suicide has taken a liking to him over the last few years. I think the interview came out nice, and I threw in some clips from the album... as well as an exclusive mix he did for DOA. Let me know!

[video] Sikai "The Goodness"

[video] DJ J-Ronin ft. Lil' Fame "Misery"

[video] The KickDrums ft. Casey Veggies "Thieves In The Choir"

[video] ANTHM "God of Joy"

[video] Illus ft. Blueprint "Extraordinary"

[video] Jon Connor "True Colors"

[video] Ras Kass & Doc Hollywood "Arrested Developments"

Thursday, May 31, 2012

[video] Meyhem Lauren ft. Heems & Action Bronson "Special Effects"

Tef Poe "Exodus 23:1 Freestyle"

My niggas don't waste NO TIME, do they?! Tef Poe had some shit on his brain, apparently, and felt that recent Pusha T "Exodus 23:1" jawn was the perfect sound to express himself with. He drops some jewels, gems and gold bars all over that beat, too. War Machine 2 drops June 5th, and has features from Royce da 5'9, Killer Mike, I-20, Rockwell Knuckles and plenty more. Poebama says he got backing now, so you best be scurred.

DOWNLOAD Tef Poe "Exodus 23:1 Freestyle"

The Accomplices ft. Guilty Simpson, MaG, D.Randle, D.Rose & TWICE "The Burner"

Cats don't want to listen to me when I speak, so I hope my boys The Accomplices (aka producers BroadNMarket & The Jake) dropping The 10-90 EP through The Wanderer and DJ Booth on June 6th will make you guys listen up. Need proof? Peep how effortlessly guys like Guilty Simpson, MaG, D.Randle, D.Rose & TWICE murder this one. My Lord. Been trying to tell you dudes, these two are problems on the beat. This premiered on DJ Booth the other day, but if you slept then - DON'T SLEEP NOW! It's as good as it gets! Hit the jump for the full tracklist for this EP - looks like Mikkey Halsted, theBREAX and Co$$ (among others) are on the regular version, with J.Gunn and my niggas Deal - The Villain and Tom Chase on the premium version. Go in!

Big Narstie "Tangerine Freestyle"

As a bit of promo before the release of SRC's Tangerine EP on June 29th, Cable got the one like Big Narstie to kick some bars over the title track. Nothing but pure unadaulterated Grime vibes. Nothing to be afraid of at all. Now if I can only get some of you American spitters on board, it'd be a WRAP! Cop the EP when they drop it.

DOWNLOAD Big Narstie "Tangerine Freestyle"

[preview] New Loadstar Tunes

I guess those free tunes were just a teaser for what Loadstar had on deck. Release info on these is scarce, but Ram's good with giving the goods up in timely fashion. Heads like me are messing with that tune "Bomber", but I have a feeling the summertime crew will be into "Passenger", with its epic piano intro and glitched-out drop. More of that drumstep flavor. Where's their album doe?!

Cyrano Sinatra ft. Various Artists "The Beast! (NC Roll Call)"

Check this one out: Cyrano Sinatra sorted out a proper North Carolina-specific posse cut version of "Beast", which was found on The KhemLab project (and is produced by the homey Centric). This new version is found on Ladies Choice Entertainment's the manifestation of h​.​e​.​r. mixtape, and features Flauce, Seven da Pantha, AP the Apostle, Poe Mack, Lyrick & Sharp. I'm glad they did the original justice and kept the original beat in tact. Shit's still disgusting.

DOWNLOAD Cyrano Sinatra ft. Flauce, Seven da Pantha, AP the Apostle, Poe Mack, Lyrick & Sharp "The Beast! (NC Roll Call)" (prod. by Centric)

D-Man ft. Skibby Contae "We On It"

Been a minute since I got some new music from the homey D-Man, and this one is hectic. Love the low-end on this one, and the bars add a different element to it. This won't be found on D-Man's The Parcae project, but shit this crazy? You can't keep it locked. Be on the lookout for an untitled EP from D-Man and producer G-Way; that's on the way very soon. Might need to fill your cup and scream on them ho's to this!

DOWNLOAD D-Man ft. Skibby Contae "We On It" (prod. b y G-Way)

Kanye West "Way Too Cold (Krusha Remix)"

Per eskay, it looks like "Way Too Cold" isn't even the final name on this one, but doesn't matter to Krusha - he went in with the drumstep remix on this one.He pitches up Kanye's track and gives it a fly vibe for the dancefloor. The Planet Human SoundCloud page says UNLOCK YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD, but doesn't indicate HOW this can be done and links are up now, for Facebook and Twitter unlocking. Wild westside vibe in this one, though - not to mention some DJ Kool samples thrown in for good measure. Need more like this. EDIT Looks like this one got taken off their SoundCloud - here's a backup link.

Ulterior Motive - FABRICLIVE x Ram x Subtitles Mix

Here's another one of those DnB promo mixes for a DnB night; on June 8th, RAM is taking over FABRICLIVE, with Rooms 1 and 2 rammed (pun intended) with the likes of Andy C, Loadstar, DJ Die B2B Bryan Gee (!!), Mensah, Brookes Brothers, DC Breaks, Hamilton, Mind Vortex, MJ Cole and plenty more. Room 3 is being hosted by Subtitles (although oddly enough, TeeBee is signed with Calyx to Ram, and Subtitles is his imprint, but he's nowhere on this bill), which has Ulterior Motive alongside Chris SU, Fracture, Dose and Xtrah. Serious sounds here, hit the event page if you're, you know, in London.

DOWNLOAD Ulterior Motive - FABRICLIVE x Ram x Subtitles Mix

Rob Jay Weekly Vlog Vol. 2

[video] El-P "The Full Retard"

[video] Oh No ft. MF DOOM "3 Dollars"

[video] Khaleel ft. Durdy Dan "Sunshine"

[video] Gee Dubs "Miles White"

DOWNLOAD Gee Dubs "Miles White"

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[video] Rasco "Clear & Present Danger"

The Adventures of Rob Jay: 12 hour reality show

Emcee Jermaine Video Shoot (6/02/2012)

FINALLY! This Saturday (6/02/2012) at 1PM, Emcee Jermaine is having the video shoot for "The Crazy 88" (which is taken from Jermaine's EP), as well as an after-party, featuring performances from Narubi Selah, Daniel Joseph, Kid Lucky, D. Cross, Courtney Danger, Black Collar Biz, Jamica Hardwick, Omni Blaze and more, all hosted by Miss Missy. Family free event, going down at the Trenton Atelier (220 Allen Street in Trenton, NJ). Hit the Facebook event page to see who's going and all that. This has been canceled. Should be rescheduled. I'll keep you informed.

[video] Apollo The Great "Apollo 21"

Apollo 21: Deluxe Edition is on iTunes right now.

D&BTV Live #199: Virus Recordings

Apparently their 200th show will be a 24 hour thing? Sheesh. Shouts to BTK.

Calyx & Teebee - Summer Minimix

Mixmag posted this mix for this Friday's GetDarker vs. Drum&BassArena party, which goes down at the Cable club in London. They drop what you'd expect them to drop, including both sides of their forthcoming Ram single, a number of remixes and cuts from TeeBee's Subtitles imprint. All in a nice ~34 minute package.

[video] Wordsmith "Music for the Masses"

[video] Joe Grind ft. JME "Rap Meets Grime"

Rap's already met Grime, and they've had better meetings... but you know.

[video] Martin ft. Hitchcock "Lyrical X Murder"

[video] St. Millie "Something Good"

[video] Reef the Lost Cauze "FUCK RAPPERS"

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[video] The Throne "No Church In The Wild"

I say @Dallas_Penn did it better.

Cory Booker and the Young Money Clique

[video] Homeboy Sandman "I Do Whatever I Want"

[video] Dom O Briggs "180 (Pro)of"

My favorite track off of Always Inspire(d). Video directed by NOSLEEPPRO.

[video] iLLmont "Champagne Chevy"

[video] Reks "Autographs"

[video] Illogic & Blockhead "Caffeine Budget"

[video] Scram Jones ft. Swigga "Voices In The Attic"

[video] Swing Ting ft. Fox "Head Gone"

Monday, May 28, 2012

[video] Nas "Daughters"

junclassic and Wunderkind - Better Than Fiction

Juan Epstein (5/25/2012)

Ciph's away, so Dominican Drew & Juanyto will play. This episode is pretty fucking hilarious, though. The drops are so funny.

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (5/25/2012)

Nico The Beast & Vanderslice - True To Form

If you mess with Nico The Beast, you are already up on his cuts with Vanderslice. They cook a grip of fire material on this dope seven track EP, True to Form, with features from Reef the Lost Cauze, Rec Raw and Outerspace. Trust me when I tell you, if you don't have any charcoal or propane for your grilling today, just blast this at your grill and you'll have fire for days.

PURCHASE Nico The Beast & Vanderslice - True To Form

David Banner - Sex, Drugs & Video Games

50 Cent x DJ Drama - The Lost Tape

Disc Jockey Nappy XXX Danny Brown - The RefiXXX

After being on preview for two weeks, and being featured on Shade 45 (shouts to DJ Wonder), Nappy let this one go for free over night. Any DJs in need of some cross-genre tracks for Memorial Day weekend festivities? Grab these right here, especially that "Lie4" refix. Bong!

DOWNLOAD Disc Jockey Nappy XXX Danny Brown - The RefiXXX

Project Pat & Nasty Mane - Belly On Full [NoDJ]

Lil Scrappy - Full Metal Jacket 2

TRU Radio 81


DJ 2RIP and Theory - Dubstep Dreams

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Madden Miles Presents The Candace Bailey Beat Tape

DOA: 05.2012 (mixed by Disc Jockey Nappy)

Nappy asked for this one to drop around the holiday. While I don't believe the UK celebrates Memorial Day, Drum & Bass is a worldwide ting, so it just made sense. He drops some serious bits in this on-going DOA monthly saga. The May Mix features tracks I've been telling you guys about, like Dub Phizix's "Never Been", Calyx & TeeBee's "Scavenger" and "The Limit VIP" by Fracture - as well as a shitload more. Full tracklist and download over on Dogs On Acid; if you missed the previous four mixes, you check them in that feature as well. Bong.

SL Jones x DJ Burn One - Paraphernalia

R∆§H∆Ð - Museum

Adam Reverie - Muses In A Reverie

OTiS CLaPP - Pick Ya Pants Up EP

Illustrate’s One For You x One For Me

Ryan Smith - Waiting

TWiLiGHT CiST - Anti-Social

[video] Rob Jay "Road Trip Freestyle"

[video] Twin Gunz "Mary Jane"

FuseBox Radio Podcast (Week of May , 2012)