Lucy Diamonds: Video Casting Call!

Lucy Diamonds has just put word out via her MySpace page that there is a video of her's that is in the pre-production stages. Shooting will be in Los Angeles, CA, in Feb. or March, and she is looking for people exclusively from MySpace to come out and appear in it! Now, you might be asking, "well, why would I want to be in some bootleg video?" Well, let it be known that the director behind this project is none other than Lee Davis, a protege of the one like Spike Lee, who directed stars like Michelle Rodriguez, Danny Glover, Pam Grier and others in 3 AM. Spike's production company is handling this as well, so it is not going to be a game. Check out the treatment behind this:

This video will be filmed in Los Angeles, CA in February/March. The video is for
the upcoming first "official" singles titled, "Soul Searching" & "Blood Diamonds (Invulnerable Heart)." Davis & Diamonds' camp have been working on deciding on the unique concept and are merging both videos into one extended story line.
The video is set in a dark, not too distant future; the animated video is inspired by films like Blade Runner and AKIRA. Davis adds, "We are not too far away from the world depicted in this video...ideals like democracy, and freedom are constantly being challenged, and re-defined. People are lost, searching for answers. One person's actions, one person's voice can mean so much.

Sounds ill, no? So, if you are interested, hit up Lucy at her MySpace page, or e-mail Jonathan Hay to be put on.


Anonymous said...

wow, this is going to be phenomenally WACK. bitch, eat a dick biscuit...

Anonymous said...

this is greeaat. thanks for doing this. diamonds are for lucy!