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60 Channels "Counter Evolution (The Angel Remix)"

60 Channels "Counter Evolution (The Angel Remix)": Here's a cut that surfaced a month or so ago, but its (sadly) new to me. Taken from the Covert Movements (Instrumentals) release, The Angel flips a seductive cut from her 60 Channels guise inna heavy dubstep meltdown. Almost makes me want to pull out some of my old dub compilations! You'd think, with a blog titled "rock the dub", I'd be rockin' dubwise tunes on the regular... tracks like this might reignite my dub love.

Watch out for some forthcoming material from the Supa Crucial movement, including a new 60 Channels EP featuring Jhelisa, and a new instrumental LP from The Angel!

Shouts to Kevin, again, for this one!

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