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RTDLTD Podcast 001: DJ Cable

I been waiting to drop this one on you guys for a minute. With each release on RTDLTD, I plan on getting a DJ to throw down a tough selection of beats to help entice you guys to cop it. For the inaugural session, DJ Cable steps up and rinses out a 23-minute Mini chock full of Drum & Bass pressure, including both sides of RTDLTD001 (which is available in quality download sites, which you can find via Google) and some forthcoming RTDLTD pressure from Mr. Dymz and Delphi Productions! Watch out for that Sinistarr tune, too - rough!



01. Noah D - Mash Down [RTDLTD001]
02. ShockOne Feat. MC Spyda - Chronic [VIPER]
03. ShockOne, Phetsta & Metrik - True Believer [VIPER]
04. Lomax - Avon Calling [RAM]
05. Mr Dymz - Our Last Day [RTDLTD Dub]
06. Random Movement & Mixmaster Doc - Rattled System [INTEGRAL]
07. Delphi Productions - Somethin' Else [RTDLTD Dub]
08. Sinistarr - My Thoughts Exactly [INSIDE]
09. Noah D & Shylok - Lion Sound [RTDLTD001]

For those looking to send tunes my way for RTDLTD, email me (khaldub@gmail.com) or drop them off via SoundCloud.

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