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"Did I Do That?"

I love how articles are done about the Snoop Doggs and Xzibits in the world, guys who are a part of some bigger mixtape (Mr Grustle and Tha Russian Present Dubstep LA) marrying dubstep and Hip-Hop, when DJ Nappy helped usher in and pioneer that shit, the sound of Hip-Hop vocals over Dubstep, what we jokingly call THUGSTEP. Do the fucking research. You can't rewrite the history, nor can you neglect the fans and appreciators of the sound WORLDWIDE! I've gotten notes from heads across the US, as well as out in New Zealand and the UK (shouts to DJ Cable and DJ Tipz) , among other spots, that have embraced Nappy's refixes for the immediate dancefloor-mayhem that's caused when these selections are dropped. I've seen first hand what proper THUGSTEP can do to unsuspecting crowds. I dare anyone working on this mixtape to hit me up about adding DJ Nappy refixes to it. Matter of fact, if they don't add any of his refixes to it, they're corny.

And you continue to shun his work. It's OK, I understand that the first heads to do things get no props or respect. We get that. But you motherfuckers can only disregard the shit we build for so long.

Shouts to the real heads who know what time it is, and big up to the homey Elucid for bringing this to my attention.

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DJ Cable said...

Biters get no props.

On a side note, you should try sending Nappy's shit over to heads like Mary Anne Hobbs, Mistajam & Annie Mac over at the BBC....