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NoCanDo The Patient EP

My boy Perpetuum let me know that the homey NoCanDo has a free EP out there. If you're not up on NoCanDo, do yourself a favor and grab The Patient EP right now. Listen to it. Then smack the shit out of yourself for not knowing who he is. These beats knock, HARD! With lines like "Black music is whiter, men's pants are tighter", you KNOW dude is out there spitting that real talk. The beats are a definitely leftfield, but the whole project works if you're tired of the bullshit most of these radio stations/websites/advertisers are feeding you as the next big thing. Captivating lyrics, choice beat selection... how the FUCK is this free!!!??! Matter of fact, after you finish smacking the shit out of yourself, go thank No for this excellent treat.

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Fossil Fuel Music said...

some of the funniest lyrics i have ever heard, rewindables