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MoodSwingaz Circa 2000

So after finding the 12" of "The Blessin'" online a few weeks back, I was on a hunt for the MoodSwingaz Circa 2000 EP/CD. While I saw a host of sites that had it for sale (although no "real" outlets; I got this off alibris.com from someone who was selling it), it looks like no one had ripped it and thrown it online. I have a feeling this thing is rare for no good reason. In doing Google searches for the independent that put this out (KARMIS), I came up empty on a lot of shit; I also noticed on their MySpace page, they mentioned working on an album (Full Mood), which was set to drop in 2003 on Karmis, but I don't even think this came out!

Anyways, while you guys are stuck on the Freshman 10 and these other new niggas, I've been on some older shit. I go through these phases, and with Tony D's passing, its been hard to not go hunting for more NJ Hip-Hop. I'm just sad that it looks like these cats are on some kind of extended hiatus - their left of center samples (producer All Those Mutha Fuckin' REASONZ is fire on the beats), blunted flows and just overall HYPE music will have me in a zone all weekend.

See, my appreciation for the MoodSwingaz came from my college radio days, back when WPRB was THE SOURCE of new music of all genres for me. The Thursday night show "Vibes & Vapors" would play all of the fresh new ish, and I'd record it before I went to bed (well, I'd record the first part before bed, the 2nd side would get the 45 minute Maxell while I slept), and one Friday morning, on my way to school, the "Moodswingaz Anthem" smacked me right in my face. Boom bap on the beat, but what the hell was going on with that alternating humming shit in the beat?!?! And these cats are from Jersey City? I'm all about homegrown fire, but at that time, I wasn't really copping vinyl, and the CDs weren't available around me, so I lived that one tape for a while. It's gone, but now I'm in a position where I can find that rare shit (thanks, Internets), and this arriving in the post yesterday was a blessin'.

I could go into some "this track is dope, #3 is the shit" malarky, but really, the EP is like 40 minutes, and its all fire. If you dig what we now call "backpacker" shit from the late 90's, this will be right up your alley. Jersey, what?!?!?!

DOWNLOAD MoodSwingaz Circa: 2000

PS I also copped the "Primetime" CD Maxi single; that's the joint with the Cosby Show sample in it. It's a 4 track thing - once I get that, it will be uploaded as well!

EDIT MoodSwingaz "Primetime" (ft. Ace Lover): The "Primetime" CDM came in the mail, and I'm in heaven! The packaging says "Primetime" was set to drop on Full Mood, which bothers me. Where did it go!?!?


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I got them joints on wax, been throwing them in the mix since '04!

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