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The Jake ft. Sene "We"

The Jake ft. Sene "We" (prod. by The Jake): The Jake has some fire sitting around, for varying reaosns. Peep the story behind this heatrocket...

Things Fall Apart Edition

I've been sitting on quite a bit of unreleased tracks, that just haven't been put out cause they never got a proper mix down or I was waiting for a feature that didn't come thru. At this point, I don't see any reason to just hold on to these tracks because for the most part the rhymes are dope, and the beats are pretty cool, (if i dont say so myself) and I'd like to share them with people who might be interested in hearing how a track comes together, and how eventually, some of them end up not getting finished.

"We" is a track that was supposed to be on my 1st ep that I put that featured Median (Justice League/JamLa), D.Rose (Soul Spazm), Rapsody (JamLa) etc. Sene had contacted me thru myspace and we did a couple tracks together, this being one of them. He actually wrote and recorded this track over night, and sent it back to me without the hook...he had an idea for the hook but he wanted to know what the sample was saying and if maybe we could get Rapsody to do the hook and a verse. I hit Rapsody up about it, and initially she agreed to do it,,,we were pretty excited about it, and I guess Sene was planning on putting the track on one of his Japan-only releases.

However, I ended up not hearing back from Rapsody about her vocals, and after a few weeks of waiting, Sene decided that maybe we should just turn up the vocal sample. I figured why not and went to bring up the beat on my computer,,,,and couldn't find the session :(...needless to say i'm pretty sure he was pissed, i was dissappointed and this promising track bit the dust. There's no hook, you can hear him put down the mic at the end of his first verse, and there's still a loose snare in there that didn't get fixed.

Ah well, Sene came thru on his verses...this would've been a dope "concious rap" track.

Things definitely fall apart...

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Zilla Rocca said...

This shit is DOPE! Heard of Sene before but never listened till now. Quality.