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60 Channels "Ride With The Flow (Reflow Remix Redub)"

60 Channels "Ride With The Flow (Reflow Remix Redub)": Not that I consider RTD a job, but I love the position I get put into with this thing. I've been a fan of The Angel for the longest; I remember when I first copped Deep Concentration back in '98 and digging the moody vibes of "Strange Times". As I got more into Drum & Bass, I rediscovered her via her work with Jaz Klash, as well as various other output. Imagine my suprise when I'm not only hit up by her on twitter, but I also get passed her latest release, Supa Crucial Downtempo Remixes & Rarities (which you can pick up via iTunes or the Supa Crucial store), in my inbox! The cut I've posted captures the dub-wise side of the Trip-Hop I fucked with back in the day. I miss this sound - a lot; that pure genre-blending style is the perfect sound for a chilled afternoon. This project features remixes from the likes of Ming & FS, Divine Styler and DJ Drez, as well as a host of rare cuts and remixes from The Angel herself. HIGHLY recommended!

Shouts to Kevin and The Angel for hitting me up!

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