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Joulz Il The Il Identity

Today marks a new chapter in the career of the MC known as Joulz Il. Last year, heads were asked to take part in an Il Experiment, which garnered interest and brought people some ill music. The New Jou Year has given us the fruit of that labor in The Il Identity, which can be download for free via Joulz Il's Bandcamp page. You should be familiar with some of these cuts, while others might be knew, but know that they are all dope, and all are produced by Entity Starr. Thing is, this is just the tip of the iceberg... the next couple of months are about to get very hot and hectic for Hip-Hop. All of that will be revealed on Monday, when I bring you a special Q&A with Joulz about 2009, his forthcoming projects, and beyond. For now, preview the cuts below and do yourself a favor - download them!

<a href="http://joulzil.bandcamp.com/album/the-il-identity">It's Over by Joulz Il</a>

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