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Son Raw vs. 5 O'Clock Shadowboxers - The Twilight Spoiler Mix

Words of @ZillaRocca: "Compiled by Montreal's illest manipulator of beats, breaks, and cheap wine SON RAW, I present to you The Twilight Spoiler Mix, a 45 minute continuous one track blend of Shadowboxers music new and old, remixed and unreleased, free and free-er. I'm sending it to you first because you've made us step our game up this year. We really had no idea folks would take so kindly to our blend of self-named "noir-hop" since the release of last summer's The Slow Twilight LP. It encouraged us to bang out the upcoming Broken Clocks EP (dropping next Tues March 30th!) and to come up with something out of the norm in the meantime to show our appreciation to everyone who had checked the record. Hence, The Twilight Spoiler Mix, and it's been sent to you first! You got some points on there we haven't even heard yet--it's that exclusive. So go get it! And THANK YOU, for real, for spreading the word!". More info via Clap Cowards and 33jones. Hit the jump for download links and tracklist.

DOWNLOAD [mediafire | divshare | usershare]


01. Zilla Rocca - The Contender (Menahan Street Band Edit)
02. 5'O Clock Shadowboxers - Botomfeeders (Small Professor remix)
03. Blurry Drones - Saturday Night (EXCLUSIVE)
04. Zilla Rocca - Machine Gun (Portishead Edit)
05. Zilla Rocca - Beatle Bitch (Mono/Poly Edit)
06. Zilla Rocca - Faster Blade Freestyle (EXCLUSIVE)
07. Zilla Rocca - First Order of Business (Blurry Drones remix)
08. Zilla Rocca - Lose My Wig (prod by Zilla Rocca) (EXCLUSIVE)
09. 5'O Clock Shadowboxers - No Fury (Original Mix)
10. 5'O Clock Shadowboxers f/ Has-Lo, Elucid, Nico the Beast - No Resolution 2
11. 5'O Clock Shadowboxers - Nullafied
12. Alex Ludivico - A Round of Anger (Prod Blurry Drones)
13. Blurry Drones - Fruit Tramp (EXCLUSIVE)
14. 5'O Clock Shadowboxers - King Shit (Dilla Tribute)
15. 5'O Clock Shadowboxers f/ Nico the Beast - Dead Queens (Son Raw vs Mala blend)
16. 5'O Clock Shadowboxers - Lost! (Douglas Martin vs. Chris Martin Outro)
BONUS Zilla Rocca - Flawless Crowns Freestyle (EXCLUSIVE)

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