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D/Will & Dominique Larue Carpe

This is one of those projects that, when I got asked to present it, it was a no-brainer. I randomly got a blast featuring Dominique Larue's music a while ago, and was glad to hear a female who had flow. With ladies like Nicki Minaj only showcasing one side of the coin to the mainstream, I love when ladies like Jean Grae, Eternity, Zane One and Dom Larue let it be known that it's not just dudes going ham on the mic. I'm proud to present this EP of nothing but Dom over beats produced by D/Will. They have a pretty organic feel, as if Dom was the only MC that needed to be on these. The project also flows well - while each track has it's own ebbs and flows, they all maintain the same vibe. Someone gave Dom the green light, and "it's on, nigga, it's on...".

DOWNLOAD D\Will & Dominique Larue Carpe [mirror]

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