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Nappy "This Is Anger"

Nappy "This Is Anger" (prod. by Definate): THIS IS THUGSTEP. I don’t care what some of my comrades might say, or how they might describe the sound. Ignorant. Confident. Bass-heavy. There have been some fly original thugstep tracks done, but it makes sense that Nappy, the Thugstep Architect, laces some homegrown Jersey dubstep, produced by frequent collaborator Definate. The blueprint has been laid for a while, and discussed even more, but I have a feeling that people will finally begin to understand what the fuck niggas have been talkin’ about when this one smacks the shit out of them. From AOL chatrooms, bootlegging #sour to quick runs, puffin’ sour, this movement is moving with you or over you. You didn’t know my DJ could rap, did you? Keep it locked… the nigga is more talented than 85% of you fucks give him credit for. Blast this one LOUD.

Nappy - This Is Anger (Produced By Definate) by djnappy

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zone3 said...

big up - THUGSTEP movement.

nappy killing it !