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[preview] Nappy vs. Definate This Is Anger

I love my team, even though they keep me in the dark with shit. We premiered "This Is Anger" on a whim back in December, and truthfully, I'm not sure where the idea for remixes happened. Let's just assume Nappy turned a thought into a movement - it's happened before. What possibly began as "something to do" has turned into an all-out remix project for "This Is Anger", utilizing artist's like Spooky and Teeza (who are smashin' things in the Grime scene) to guys like Linton Brown (who you might not have heard of, but need to get to know), to RTD bredren like DJ Hipnotikk and The Two. Fifteens. In this preview that definitely just randomly hit your Internets earlier today, you get to hear versions from all of the aforementioned artists. I think a few of these are final, but a lot of this - including the cover art - is still in the "rough" stages, and trust: when we hit you with that final release (which I plan on dropping via RTDLTD), you won't be upset. Massive things a gwarn! Run the riddim track!

Nappy - This Is Anger (Previews) by djnappy

And if you missed it, some behind the scenes footage of the making of "This Is Anger" hit the YouTube last night. Shouts to Definate for that.

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