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Maria Isa "Esto Suena"

Maria Isa "Esto Suena" (prod. by MRompe Boca): Loving Maria’s shit, and this one is another banger. Love how it marries some Spanglish in her lyrics, as well as the ill mixture of Hip-Hop with the Latin-flavored percussive flavor in there. Isa’s a dope MC, and knows how to use her voice (and bi-lingualism) to her advantage, although not sounding gimmicky or anything. Even throws in some political darts at Bachmann. Winning. It’s funny, because she actually graduated with Bachmann’s son, and had dealings with him, showing him how she lived and whatnot. Word is Maria and Muja Messiah have their La Villa Rosa project due out at the end of the summer, and she’s also working on the indie film Strike One, based in East LA, which stars the homey Danny Trejo. Esto suena bien, mami.


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Sound Verite said...

Maria Isa is a beast.