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Friday, March 16th 2007 playlist

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Weird week. Got a call back on a job and got a call saying goodbye - for now. Shit's good, but it ain't all good. This list reflects that. Let's go...

01/The Roots "No Alibi" [this one goes out to DJ Nappy. the first time I rode around Princeton with him and Cousin Nick Evelation, this came on the stereo. I had heard the cut before, but it was the first time I really listened to it. Still one of my favorite Roots tracks ever, puts me into a zone.]
02/Evelation "no!!!!!!!!" [Nick on that downtempo/dubstep vibe. Very moody track... you never got to play this one on Wednesday, but it's all good. I still know your intentions. It's all good, dogs. Get at me with that info.]
03/J Swinscoe "Goatee (Part 1)" [from the 1998 FunKungFusion compilation, this is the first Swinscoe/Cinematic Orchestra cut I heard in my life. Another one that puts me in an awkward mood. I love it though. Love that jazz hybrid style. New CO LP coming in May I think... Ma Fleur.]
04/David Banner "K.O." [fight music, dirty south style. Just plain ignant. I love it, in all it's minimal glory.]
05/Vex'd "Angels" [from his 2005 Planet Mu CD, Degenerate, I just love the sub-loving bass in this one. And that "the angels fell" sample. Gotta love how samples work, fitting so perfectly with diff. styles of music.]
06/Goldfinger "Chainsaw" [from this .rar the Dutty Dubz crew threw up on the dubstepforum. I had heard the other 3 cuts, and they are dope, but this one takes the cake. Too nasty.]
07/Cham "Rudeboy Pledge (Nappy's Liquid Sword Mix)" [you guys think all the nigga does is THUGSTEP? Nappy's style is pure mashup bidness, not just the dubstep/rap steeze either. I keep saying it, but it's interesting how Nappy doesn't like reggae/dance hall, but married this Cham acapella over a RZA beat that was originally sampled from a ska record, which does not apologize for their love of the Reggae flavors. Funny how life works, right?]
08/Prodigy "Stop Frontin'" [more from the P/ALC marriage that is Return of the Mac, which should be dropping later this month. Lovin' the sample love in this one.]
09/Saburuko "North Face" [audio for this is up on their MySpace page. It's a mispress to Horizons Music 19, and only so many copies came of it, so if you didn't get one of the 40 available, go to the MySpace and enjoy the vibes. They are the ones to watch.]
10/UGK ft. Three 6 Mafia "Player's Anthem" [some cats callin' this the summer anthem of 07, but if you DJs are smart, you are rinsing this NOW!]
11/Joe Budden "My Life" [yes, Joe Budd is rhyming over a sample of The System's "Don't Disturb This Groove", and its dope. I love his steeze.]


Bonus Cuts:
  • Redman "Gimmie One" [NJ's #1 MC right now is killin' it over a Pete Rock banger.]
  • Ghostface Killah "Chunky" [Pete Rock givin' Ghost some love as well. Classic sounds.]
  • Clipse ft. Pharrell "Mr. Me Too (Nappy vs. Deadly Habit Blend)" [Even D. Hab was surprised that his crazy beat could fit over someone other than Kool Keith.]

In The Mix:
  • The rolldabeats crew's "Decade In The Mix" series has finally seen #2 *of 4* come out via DOA. If you are into that classic jungle/DNB sound, grab this mix, PRONTO! This one is mixed by DJ Haste, so expect some ill techniques and mixes on here.
  • The good folks over at have gotten their mits on the Valve Soundsystem's mixes from the recent Xtra Bass Awards. Check this thread for tracklistings and links to one of the many mirrors. Holla.
  • Keeping it DNB, if you want a taste of the new nasty, grab EBK's March 2007 Mix. Peep this stormer's tracklisting HERE.
  • Rock and Roll is DEAD posted this Biggie Blendz 2007 mixtape from a DJ named Snicka earlier this week. Peep their post for full tracklisting and more details.

Final Thought:

DJ Nappy, in his own words, and at the night THUGSTEP came alive:

LOST, Season 3: "Par Avion" [precap]

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Word. Never done a precap before. Not even sure what a precap is.

Wanna know a lil bit about what's going on tonight? Read the ABC press release for "Par Avion", tonight's brand new ep.

Wanna see the preview of this week's ep? Go register to Watch LOST, which posts up the episodes after they air in Windows Media format, and holler at this thread.

Also, give a listen to this week's Official LOST podcast, featuring Michael Emerson (aka "Ben"), one of the producers griping about filming in Hawaii, and the prehash of "Par Avion".

I'm gonna be out tonight, but will catch this episode and give a recap ASAP.


DJ Nappy - THUGSTEP Mix (Part 1 of 2)

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listen/download HERE. tracklisting:

01. young jeezy - take it to the floor f. bonecrusher (nappy vs tes la rok dubstep mix) 02. big kuntry king - throwback f. ti (nappy vs. reform dubstep mix)
03. slim thug - like a boss (nappy vs vex'd dubstep mix)
04. slim thug - diamonds (remix) f. young jeezy, sick pulla, killa (nappy vs emelkay dubstep mix)
05. jase - go hard
06. boss-n-over - self made f. bun b (nappy vs skream dubstep mix)
07. lil wayne - go dj (nappy vs benga dubstep mix)
08. big cas - check my feet (nappy vs. hijak extended dubstep mix)
09. allstar cashville prince f. yo gotti - tear it up (nappy vs el rakkas dubstep mix)
10. brisco - opa-locka (feat. rick ross)
11. 8ball - anotha level
12. riskay - dope girl (nappy vs. reform dubstep mix)
13. the game - dreams (nappy vs paradigmx dubstep mix)
14. 2vm - placita
15. the twilight singers - love

90.4 MB

The culmination of a lot of fucking hate, a load of sick dubstep tracks and some crunk ass acapellas is sitting in that link (with some straight electro/rap tracks thrown in for good measure).

If you are confused as to what THUGSTEP sounds like, peep that link.

If you already know and want to hear the tracks in the mix by a dope DJ, click that link.

If you hate, keep doing your job.

I do want to say, the way cats act on the DubstepForum and in other capacities regarding shit they don't understand/are threatened by, you guys make me not even want to listen to the shit. I already knew that your shit was essentially Dub with new-school production techniques (just ask Juju, he knows you guys are just recreating Dub), but at the end of the day, your scene will stay tiny due to your lack of forward thinking, your ridiculous need to guard your scene from shit that you think is "taking the piss" or negating your sales, and your just overall silly attitude(s).

In any case, here is a video giving you a glimpse at who DJ Nappy is and what he stands for. In it are clips from the night THUGSTEP came alive at the Killing Center, some interview spots, and other bits, some funny, some interesting, all dope. Just take a look for yourself:

THUGSTEP or die.

Still hatin' on THUGSTEP

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Check out the dubstepforum's convoluted feelings towards DJ Nappy and THUGSTEP.

Why they still think THUGSTEP is a genre we are trying to create is ludicrous. Why they continue to hate on it is even more ridiculous.

"Fuck them other niggas, 'cause I'm down for my niggas."

EDIT: At the end of the day, though, Katt Williams said it best: you need haters. They are doing their job, so Nappy, let them hate.

"Talkin' Headz": Metalheadz Documentary

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Classic documentary breaking down the history of one of the most important labels in DnB. It's in two parts, so carve out 20 minutes of your Sunday and get edumacated:




the shuffle. [3/10/07]


Kind of a hectic week. Aside from getting my eBay store in gear (I'm getting that oven up this week, mama), getting my resume out to companies all over (as well as getting a random, out-of-state opportunity to blog/do admin work for some adult entertaiment company?), and trying to get some things in order, THUGSTEP-wise, I've just been in a funk. I think it's the no-job thing, especially in the climate that the job market is in now, I feel like my time is running out, esp. with my bills never seeming to be low at all. I usually think that music will ease the pain, and maybe, when my mp3 player finally comes in, I'll be able to ease my mind a tad... but I doubt it. Once I have that "you're hired" and that "you did it" feeling surpass, I'll be good. So forgive me if I seem a bit on edge or flustered.

If any of you produce Hip-Hop, Drum & Bass, Dub, Dubstep or any other genre I get with, and want to send me track either for feedback or to plug here on rock the dub (or other places), get at me. Seriously. I am trying to get a few things going, and that is one of them. More on that in the near future, though.

In any case, let's just get to the whole reason we're here... to dice up this week's nonsense and bullshit!

01/James Brown is going to be looking like the Cryptkeeper if they keep his body in the South Carolina crypt that it was just laid in this week. Why they would choose this is anyone's guess. While I am happy that his kids fronted the money to put him in this, instead of going through lawyers to try and settle things, I can't help but think that this is going to delay many fans and well-wishers from coming to pay their respect to the Godfather of Soul. And, in the end, they are missing out on their "Graceland" payday! Get a town, dress it up in James' honor, and get paid... no time to waste.

02/Speaking of dead artists, the 10 year anniversary of Biggie's passing was this past Friday. I covered all of my thoughts, and the posts of others, in those two posts from Friday, but there were a few interviews that I missed, from XXL: BIG's daughter, T’Yanna Wallace, spoke to them in a short piece, just breaking down her thoughts on her pops, including the fact that "Warning" is her fav. cut from her father. On the flipside, Mister Cee, BIG's DJ, lets it all out about his homeboy, then and now. Also, be on the look out for The Last King of New York, a mixtape of BIG material coming from Doo Wop and Mike Nice (more info HERE). It's due to have a lot of shit you might not have heard, and is set to be an add-on to the Biggie canon. RIP to the true don.

03/Did you guys hear the story about Newt Gingrich and his affairs? Now, this is the man who lead the Republicans during Monica-gate, and this muthafucka is out there screwing around as well! What kind of ridiculousness is that? And he has the nerve to say that his situation is different because he didn't lie about it on the stand!? I mean, if you guys didn't take Clinton to take in the first place, he wouldn't have NEEDED to lie, you ignorant prick. And the fact that you are only copping to it now that you are a 2008 presidential candidate shows just how ridiculous you are. And what's the worst news they could pull out on Barack Obama? He paid his parking tickets late...

04/Keeping it political for just a mite, I wam surprised more people didn't take the FBI to task for reportedly violationg the Patriot Act when obtaining phone records. About 20% of their requests were underreported, which seems to undermine the whole reason for having an act that let's you grab all kinds of records from the American public. It's just funny, this might be the firestorm needed to get more Americans to realize how corrupt some factions of the government can be. The only thing I wonder is, who were the ones who were not reported for whatever reason? And why? $20 says these rogue FBI agents were making cake on the side for divorce proceedings and shit.

05/There were a few FUCKED UP stories involving kids this week. The first, and possibly most widespread of the stories, was the report on two kids who were videotaped smoking blunts from their 18 year old uncle. The fucked up part? Authorities said that the fucking 2 year old looked like he had done this before! I can't imagine the things my kid is picking up from just observing myself and my family, but I can be thankful it doesn't have anything to do with knowing how to inhale drugs. On the flipside, the ignorant ass mother who used her child as a weapon during an altercation with her man plead guilty this past week. I like how for a crime like that, the minimum is only 5 years. I wonder what is going to happen to the child, who ended up being seriously injured. Finally, here's a story that is so fucked up, but the dude's initial reaction makes me chuckle: last year, on the Staten Island Railway, this pervert was jerking off in front of a 14 yeard old. Peep his ridiculous response though: as he was jerking, the girl was basically like "fuck this", and got up to leave. This asshole had the nerve to be like "Wait, don't go!" Huh?! He didn't get his joint in his pants and bolt, or try to silence her. Nah, he asked if she would stay put. What a kind sex offender. The good news is he got convicted of that crime, so hopefully he will get his shit pushed in by some big bastard on his cellblock.

06/The girl Britney Spears is going bonkers, plain and simple. Word this week was that homegirl was going psychotic, writing "666" on the back of her skull (how was she doing this?), and calling herself the antichrist. Rumors also came out that she tried to hang herself the night she went Mr. Clean. The stories about her therapy diary are borderline stalker-ish (do we really need to know how she gets down with girls?), and counter-productive, but it just adds to the debate: can she bounce back from all of this drama and pain? Well, Timbaland says he wants to "take her... overseas, and work (it) out". While that sounds like he wants to smash her out, he really says he wants to work on some music with Brit when she's well, even recruiting her one-time boyfriend Justin Timberlake, who says, with Timbaland, he'd work with Britney. Awwwww...

07/This Frenchie Davis/Antonella Barba shit has got to stop. When people like Rosie O'Donnell can claim that this situation is an example of Fox being racist, and people actually take her dumb ass seriously, I fear for the future of this country. Fox was right in saying that, based on Idol's past winners, there is no racial or "weightist" (new term, Rosie?) undertones to the comp. My question is this: Frenchie has gone on record as not only questioning why Antonella was kept, but Frenchie was booted, but also that Fox might want to think of how they are going to "make up" things to her. HUH!?!! What exactly is Frenchie owed? From what I understand, things go like this: when Frenchie was 19, she did some porn shit, girl on girl whatever, she did it to support herself. Can't knock her hustle @ all, you dig? Five years later, Fox, UNDERSTANDEDLY, pulls her from the semifinals, as the knowledge of a chick who was once in porn now possibly being in a position to tarnish their competition. I think that makes sense, and whether they knew it or not, is very reasonable. And it's not like Frenchie didn't get hired to a Broadway show almost instantly. She has been doing very well for herself, mainly due to the fact that she went through that. Flash to Antonella's situation: she took a load of pics, some racier than others, and they were let go ONCE SHE GOT ONTO Idol. People question the validity of the blowjob pics (something about her ear being different in the shots), but the others aren't necessarily porn. Hell, a lot of the tamer shots were on the cover of The Trentonian over the last few weeks. Plus, Antonella had no chance (even if she thinks she could have gone farther). Frenchie could have won it. She was a bigger risk. Plain and simple. Antonella might be getting big offers to get naked, but who says she will take them? Frenchie has gone legit, been made mainstream, over this. Who is really getting over?

08/I've got a decent amount of Black Entertainment news, as Black entertainers never cease to leave the limelight... heads chuckled at Kanye West ordering his curry to be flown from the UK to the US special. While I hate this man, I cannot imagine that this is the only time a request like that is made (speaking of Kanye, check out Von Pea's FREE mixtape, jacking mad Kanye beats for a special treat.)... get ready for Mr. and Mrs. Jones, a new reality show on MTV featuring Nas(ir Jones) and his wife, Kelis. While it will def. be a treat to watch, the married MTV reality TV shows never work - Nick & Jessica, Travis Barker and his blonde ex, Carmen and Dave Navarro. Good luck, Nas!... Speaking of reality shows, Shaq has a new one on deck for ABC, dealing with the topic of weight loss. Looks like he is helping out kids deal with and get their weight off. Good for him... In the funniest shit I've heard all week, LL Cool J is looking for an endorsement from Chapstick. Do I really need to add a joke to this one?... Without Shyne by his side to bust shots into the ceiling, Diddy has to do his own dirtywork, which includes telling someone at a pre-Oscar party that he is going to "smack fire" out they ass (speaking of Diddy, Rafi @ OhWord has a detailed piece on the whole Rawkus/El-P fiasco that started with a pic of Diddy and El-P in the same shot!)... Jay-Z is having a good week, with his sale of Rocawear for a cool $204 million... You have to love it when guys like Gene Simmons comment on Hip-Hop being stale, when his group sang about rock-n-rolling all night, and then partying every day, like this is not the basis for THOUSANDS OF ROCK SONGS FROM HIS ERA!... On more interview fronts, Rizoh got a chance to speak with Phonte of Little Brother on a number of LB-related topics... I about shit my pants when rumors flew about OJ possibly being Anna Nicole Smith's baby daddy... Jim Jones' Bloods affiliation was so heavy, niggas couldn't even go to no after parties after the concert out in Rhode Island!... Michael Jackson is out there trying to keep his name in the news, this time saying that he's take all of the attacks on him in stride. What attacks? You set up the pitch, we knock it out the park...

09/And now, for the rest of the news from the week that was: ABC is going to be filming a pilot for a series featuring the cavemen seen in the Geico series of commercials. There are so many possibilities, I just hope they don't screw it up... The payola crisis took a blow this week, when the 4 major radio broadcasters were ordered to let the locals and smaller labels get some shine on the radio airwaves... Captain America got murked this week... This 24 year old had the internet going nuts when they found out that he was the man behind this Wikipedia professor who spent more time editing wikipedia entries than teaching... Rumor has it that there's a plan in the works for a Forrest Gump sequel, minus Tom Hanks. Go figure... Blues Traveller's John Popper got popped (!!!) with an aresenal of weapons and some weed. Question: WHY!!?!?... The people behind the PS3 unveiled info about their new internet community, Home, which sounds like the Second Life kind of thing, but to each their own... Hot on the trails of Apple and their iPhone, Palm is in the works on their own iPod killer. And this is like a month after I got wifey the Palm Z22!!!... the "Beltway Madam" plead not guilty to racketerring and other charges, but said she is set to reveal the 10,000+ names in her little black book to the Internet, to raise defense funds. What an ace to have up your sleeve... Poor Ohio Univ. students! 500 of them had to pony up $3K as to become a lesson for would-be P2Pers. Now, after paying the $3 grand, how does the RIAA expect these cash-strapped students to buy the albums legitimately???... Salma Hayek is not only pregnant, but engaged. Congrats to her, and good luck!... And finally, the popular 70s porno Debbie Does Dallas is being remade, and Showtime has a reality series following the production of this new film. Check your local listings...


Final thought. I am tired.. Here's a video to tide you over, until next time...

The Herbaliser "The Missing Suitcase"

LOST, Season 3: "Enter 77" [recap]

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What an odd episode. Here we have cute cats, random chess matches (Locke is such a bumbling kid, isn't he?), the death of Bea Klugh, and insight on this event that we are not sure happened: the purge. Let's get to that first...

I am of the mind that the purge went down. I know Sayid has his own ideas, and it is easy enough to dismiss that it never occurred on the basis that Mikhail lied about being in the DHARMA Initiative, but let's not forget, Inman referenced to both the purge AND "The Hostiles" back in the season 2 finale, when we got the (short) history on Desmond's time in the Swan before Flight 815 crashed... my thing is, who or what is a Hostile? I think, back in season 2, when Inman mentioned the Hostiles, our immediate assumption is that the Hostiles = the Others. I am not so sure this is the case, just based on the things we know about DHARMA and the Hanso Foundation. They both like to create experiments, and put people through different situations (see the whole setup in The Swan and The Pearl, how they were lead to believe one thing was going on, but it turned out to be something else entirely, for example), and in the Sri Lanka Video from the LOST Experience ARG from this past summer, Hanso is not shy or too proud to inject humans with a virus, trying to see if they can provide a vaccine to save them, and ultimately, humanity. Could this island have been a grand scheme experiment, where they used some combo of injections and such that went awry, turning ordinary people into "Hostiles"? Not that hard to believe, no? Plus, the fact that Mikhail keeps referring to the Hostiles, and he is down with Bea Klugh (and, by association, the Others), how could he be talking about himself? Or is it a possibility that Bea was a defactor? Endless...

We also got to see a new station, The Flame, which ended up going up in flames (cute, right?). How in the FUCK did they have the ability to keep cows and horses and shit there? Also, was the Black Horse that Kate saw some time ago from this station? The bigger question is, now that Locke blew the spot by entering "77" after Marvin Candle advised him to, can the Others even access the outside world? I don't think Locke has realized what he has done, and I think Sayid should have pimp smacked him for his idiocy.

The one bit that interested me was the fact that Mikhail was so quick to murk Ms. Klugh, seemingly at her request (see the translation of their Russian conversation HERE). If dude said there was another way to go about this than popping Bea, why was she so persistent? Why was he so willing to pop her, than get popped himself? Hopefully, Sayid will not screw up things with Mikhail, and will find his way to the Others' spot, now known as "the barracks", based on the map Sayid swiped.

To just finish up my ideas on this episode, I'll resort to what I have been using lately: bullets!

  • Sawyer losing that ping-pong match and having to not use nicknames was the funniest thing I had seen, especially in an episode where he calls Sun & Jin "Crouching Tiger" and "Hidden Dragon", calls Paolo "Zorro", and Hurley gets names like "Grimace" and "Avalanche".
  • The cat survived the explosion. I hear we are going to be seeing more of that cat...
  • I also hear that this episode is to have occurred on the 77th day on the island since the crash.
  • I hate Rousseau. I dislike the fact that they seem to bring her in during the beginning of an episode and she bounces soon after (just like when we first meet Ben - then known as fake Henry Gale).
  • Next week looks like it will be interesting. I don't know what the hell happened in that trailer, but it looked explosive. Can't wait!
Until next time... namaste.

related links:
make sure you are also checking out Sledgeweb's LOST... STUFF website, with loads of interesting clues/screencaps and other bits of info on this show.

One More Chance

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I've been getting hit with a few more Biggie-related joints, so here is a list of what's been going on since I posted about BIG this morning:

We'll always love you, BIG.

We'll Always Love BIG Poppa

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I can't believe it's been 10 years ago today that Christopher Wallace, the man known as the Notorious B.I.G. (AKA Biggie Smalls AKA BIG Poppa aka The Black Frank White and affectionately (and accurately) known as the Greatest of All Time) was gunned down in a still-unsolved murder in Los Angeles. I don't have enough webspace to break down how often I listen to his music, how much he is missed worldwide, and how fucked up his catalogue hasn't been as big as Pac's or others who are deemed the greatest. Canibus said it best when he said "the greatest rapper of all time died on March 9th", and here we are, 10 years later, still reminiscing. Add this post to the canon, as I plan on linking to a bunch of things going on in memory of BIG on this day:

That's all I'm seeing right now that's truly of interest, aside from telling you to go grab that Greatest Hits package, just to have all of them joints on one proper CD. Or not, most of you know all of them shits by heart anyways lol.

Just one more thing to link... The Lox's "We'll Alway Love Big Poppa", which is randomly not on Youtube properly for some odd reason. Check it out:

The L.O.X. - We'll always love big poppa

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We'll always love you, BIG.

Friday, March 9th, 2007 playlist


I had to add the massive box today b/c there's a massive amout of links coming this week... no time for small talk, let's just get it:

Drum & Bass/Jungle
01/Alix Perez ft. MC Fats "Fingerlick" [I can't get into the A-side of this new Shogun Audio 12", but this one provides the right amount of funk.]
02/Gremlinz & Illfingas "Goliath" [Canadian titans drop a heavy conga tune on Xtinction Agenda, which just doesn't quit with the ill releases.]
03/Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch "Forgotten" [the first EP from their long awaited Lost All Faith album. It was worth the wait.]
04/Chris SU & Concord Dawn "Sacrifice" [forthcoming on Critical. Big fucking bass on this one.]
05/Alpha Omega "Marksman" [new one on Soothsayer. Lovin' the aggro feel.]
06/Atlantic Connection ft. MC Deviant "Watchu Know" [Surprising B-side from AC's new 12 on his brand new label, Westbay. Don't sleep.]
07/Cartridge "Dark Shadows VIP" [good to get new Cartridge DNB. Sick and twisted, with a touch of the quirk.]
08/Chase & Status "Dumpling Riddim" [the vocal jacks Shabba Ranks' "Ting-A-Ling", but I don't mind. That bassline is so fucking cherry. I love it. New C&S on Ram.]
09/Mutt & Perpetuum "Soulick" [out on promo on Spearhead. Lush and beautiful. Two of my fav DNB producers at the moment. Big up Aaron.]

The Kitchen Sink
01/Rich Boy "Get To Poppin'" [I think I'm the only one who likes this track, but that Spanish vocal in the beat kills me. Stays on repeat.]
02/Wes Fif "Haterz Everywhere (Nappy Vs. Skream Extended Thugstep Mix)" [he had to do it, and he picked the right beat. THUGSTEP IN THE BUILDING! Check midway for a real subwoofer banger.]
03/Redman "Live Freestyle on DJ Green Lantern" [this is from Green's SIRIUS radio show, I think. Red is the nicest. Paul Wall dropping the ball cracks me up, but what do you really expect?]
04/Skream "Chest Boxing" [from the Skreamizm vol. 3 EP. Lovin' his sound right now.]
05/The Cure "Plastic Passion" [I've been playing too much Project 8. This is on the soundtrack, and has me open. I don't even listen to The Cure like that.]
06/Peedie Peedi ft. Bezel "Go Go" [don't ask where this came from. Just enjoy that trunk-rattling thump. Peedi Peedi!]
07/Lil' Jon ft. Ying Yang Twins "Get Low (Nappy Vs. J Dilla Mix)" [fucking party starting blend right here. Sleep on this if you will, this is pure mashup nastiness.]
08/Snoop Dogg ft. Akon "Boss' Life" [Busta used that sample first, but it sounds just as dope with Snoop doing his thing over it, although I do prefer the Nate Dogg version much more.]
09/Pack FM ft. Poison Pen, Copywrite, Sean Price & Bad Seed "Stomp (Remix)" [forgive the quality, this is off a Myspace download. Sick posse cut though.]


I have a gang of various cuts that didn't make my top plays this week, so here they are:
  • Mr. X (aka Ben Sage?) "Black Spot" [couldn't get samples cleared?]
  • Dasit "Hater 2" [dissing Serch and company b/c you got booted for not writing a 16? How lame is THAT?!?!?]
  • Devin the Dude ft. Snoop Dogg & Andre 3000 "What A Job" [lovely.]
  • Lupe Fiasco "Coulda Been" [I don't like this dude, but I know some of my readers do.]
  • Joe Budden "Last Real Nigga Left" [NJ stand up. Joe is the truth.]
  • Prodigy "Bang On 'Em" [cats ain't feeling this one neither, but I dig it just nicely. The rest of Return of the Mac is a bit hotter than this, but this is chill too.]
  • Also, a DNB producer/DJ by the name of Typecell has been making noise for years now, and has a load of unreleased dubplates that he is unleashing... for free. Respect.


Speaking of DNB, I have two DNB mixes to share:

the first comes from Hungary's Munk, who has been making moves with a lot of producers, including the Tactile crew, Loxy (and other Horsemen members), Spineline and many more. Peep this March 2007 Mix chock full of plates:

01: Spinline & Munk - Anaconda - Dub
02: Misanthrop - Evacuate - Renegade Hardware
03: Noisia - Bad Dreams - Vision
04: Loxy & Munk - Devil's Advocate - Renegade Hardware
05: Mindscape, Jade & Hydro - Black Lotus - Citrus
06: Noisia - Brainstitch (Break remix) - Shogun Audio
07: Loxy, Keaton & Munk - Aura - X-Tinction Agenda
08: Tactile, Hydro & Munk - Existenz - Tactile Vinyl
09: Commix - Electric - Metalheadz
10: Skc & Safair - Free My Soul VIP - Dub
11: Concord Dawn & - Sacrifice - Critical
12: Munk - Solemnity - Dub

You see how track 8 is due out on Tactile Vinyl? Any word on this?

Anyway, download links: HERE, and HERE (sendspace mirror).


The 2nd is from the Renegade Hardware show on Pyro Radio, featuring Vicious Circle. If you don't like your DNB dark and hard, fall back:

2. Vicious Circle & Universal Project - Workout [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
3. Sabre - Elite Assassin [N/A]
4. Break & Survival - Dawn [DNAUDIO]
5. Vicious Circle & EBK - Cruise Control [DSCI4]
6. Break - Come & Get It [SOUL:R]
7. Ed Rush & Optical - Medicine (Matrix Remix) [VIRUS]
8. Gridlok - Downer [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
9. Vicious Circle & Nocturnal - Welcome To Shanktown [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
10. Break - Run Off [QUARANTINE]
11. Noisia - Facade (VIP) [RAM]
12. Ancronix - Lightly Salted (EBK Remix) [SUDDEN DEF]
13. Usual Suspects - Shrapnel (Stakka & Skynet Remix) [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
14. Vicious Circle - Bleak [DNAUDIO]
15. Silent Witness & Break - Visions Of The Future [DNAUDIO]
>>> "AD BREAK"
16. Calyx & TeeBee - Make Your Choice [MOMENTUM]
17. Nocturnal - Paralyzed [RENEGADE HARDWARE ???]
18. Universal Project - Haunted Dreams [UPR]
19. EBK - 1000 Years [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
20. Break - Let It Happen [SHOGUN AUDIO]
21. Vicious Circle - No Rest For The Wicked [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
22. Vicious Circle - Amityville [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
23. Dom - Can't Punish Me (2007) [D&R PRODUCTIONS]
24. Aspect - Its Yourz (Gremlinz VIP) [N/A]
25. Calyx & TeeBee - Telepathy [MOMENTUM]
26. Vicious Circle - Cerberus [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
27. Matrix & Fierce - Climate [METRO]
28. Nocturnal - Insurgent [N/A]
29. Absolute Zero & Subphonics - The Code (Gremlinz & Castor Remix) [RENEGADE HARDWARE]

I had no idea there was a Gremlinz VIP of Aspect's "It's Yours", and I DEFINITELY didn't know about the new RMX of "The Code". Crazy. Download HERE.


I have a Biggie post coming right after this one, with links to the Mick Boogie mixtape (big up Rizoh), so I will not be adding Biggie ANYTHING into this, but I do have two final thoughts:

One is this crazy ass skiing game, Aggressive Alpine Skiing. The game is hot, the sounds are even hotter! Hell, you can even dload the game's music in this megamix. It's kind of difficult to master, so don't click on it unless you have time to devote...

Finally, I think I'm going to have to do the same thing this dad does when trying to play uncensored Hip-Hop to his kid:

LOL too funny. "Help the police"?!!? Classic.

POI [3/07/2007]

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Just a few points of interest I want to hit you guys with whilst I wait for my son to get home, my daughter to have her root canal, LOST to come on tonight, and me to finally land a job:

  • There are some DJ NAPPY T-Shirts floating about. $25 will get you in the official wears (in men's and women's styles) of the THUGSTEP King. I'm copping a XXL in the next week or so. Don't sleep.
  • Speaking of DJ Nappy, DJ K. Ross of the Sound Advice click has done him the honors of linking to Nappy's ill THUGSTEP refix of Wes Fif's "Haterz Everywhere" and Skream's "Stagger" (grab it HERE). I've personally bore witness to this track crushing the dance hall.
  • Speaking of Nappy's refixes, there's an ill one involving Lil Jon and J Dilla that I cannot share right now, but trust when I say, it gets shit done. Fucking beautiful.
  • DNB artist Submerged's new LP is going to be dropping on April 27th, 2007, and he posted up clips of every track on DOA. Serious sounds.
  • The latest LOST podcast is up and live. Grab it HERE. Ever since my Zen Xtra went shit on me, I haven't even wanted to listen to one. I have a new mp3 player coming in the mail though, so one shall see...
  • Dasit, AKA the first white rapper to quit from The (white) Rapper Show has a diss track out, talking shit on MC Serch, Persia, $hamrock, and other, all in his best Eminem voice. What a herb. ("Hater 2" dirty : clean - right click, 'Save As')
  • I was #8 in Tony Hawk's Project 8, but I just earned the #5 spot. To celebrate that, here's an ill snippet from Skatemore featuring Daewon Song.

That's all that's on my mind that's not my family. Keep it locked.

THUGSTEP came alive...


As I hinted at last night, I was out of town on Saturday. My boy DJ Nappy was throwing down the inaugural THUGSTEP set at The Killing Center (AKA some random, small basement in Rutgers town). All I knew for a week or two was that this was going to be a house party and that loads of people were going to be there. I figured OK, let's get it, especially since I had sadly never seen my boy throw down.

I didn't know what I was in for.

You have to understand that, while this wasn't even set to go off until 10PM, Nappy and crew (which included Cousin Nick Evelation, Definate, and this dude from Dan from 51:51) scooped me up around 7PM to be on our way up, b/c from what I understood, we had to run to grab Nick's whip, grab J Past and his mixer (which almost single-handedly fucked up the cut, more on that later) and grab some eats before all things thugsteppery, which included a special appearance from the one like Pandamonium Jones, of Caps & Jones fame. First, though, we had to traverse through NJ, blasting Hip-Hop I figured Nappy was up on, and grab some random McDonald's.

In any case, I hadn't been in a college town on a party night in a while, so I don't think I was ready for the just randomness that occurs at these shindigs. We arrived at the spot about 9PM or so to drop off Nappy's equipment and get the wonderful mixer set up. When we walk in, this lil ass dog is there barking. Dude who ran the event, who I found out goes by the moniker Machine!!!, told us to not pet the pooch b/c it bites. I see 4 cats huddled around a laptop, while watching something featuring David Bowie on the TV in what I guess was the living room. That room was about as big as my laundry room, but whatever. We go down the worst set of stairs in the world (complete with a shady first step and no lights) to enter the best place to hear grimey music in the east coast, aka their cramped basement. Two rooms, one complete with bad plumbing, a dishwasher, and 2 kegs that I hardly touched (gotta love 12 packs of Heineken). We set up, pass out some Wes Fif mixtape fliers, and then dip to get some eats from a number of the best places to eat in New Brunswick, although no one in New Brunswick can agree on which place is the best, so in a given night, you might be told that each and every eatery in that area is, in fact, THE BEST spot for tacos or wraps or whatever.

So after about 20 minutes of driving in circles, trying to find parking spots, and losing Cousin Nick and Dan a few times, we finally get some eats, pick up the Serato records that got left in J Past's whip, and get back to the party for a rousing mix of gay ass house music and garage nonsense. If you know me, 4 to the floor and crappy vocals don't really sit well with me, so with people filing in and me hearing that James Definate was upstairs, I left the best basement in New Brunswick to go lounge in the "living room", which I later found out doubled as the waiting area for the bathroom. We shot the shit for a bit, discussed Wes Fif's budding career, and I got happy b/c Nick came in with a few Heinekens for me to partake in (I can't get with keg beer, I realized). After about, oh, 45 minutes of this, we get word that Nappy is manning the decks. WHOA!

The crowd was hyped and ready to get into some heavy beats, and Nappy started his set out with a nice mix of dubstep and ill beats. The speakers weren't the best, but being as the room was so small (Definate is a big dude, and was almost on the 'tilt neck' all night due to the low ceiling), it was not a bad look at all. Loads of bass. About 10 minutes into the set, Nappy went to switch and realized that everything was backwards. I am not 100% sure, but from what he told me Sunday afternoon, all kinds of faders and gains and knobs and shit were backwards. At one point I had to borrow a pen and paper so he could make arrows on the mixer, just so he knew where everything was going. I yelled at him to "spin it fucked up", but I don't think he heard me.

Now, I like going to see cats spin in elements where the vibe is kind of raw. This was one of those nights. No real posturing or cats trying to put on airs. And they knew that Nappy was spinning these ill refixes, but I don't think they really knew the FYI on THUGSTEP like we know, so it also opened it up for the crowd to be truly amazed. And once Nappy's refix of Big Kuntry & T.I.'s "Throwback" dropped, and we heard that now-infamous "dee jay... nappy" in the intro, it was a WRAP! Bass shook the room, bodies started reacting to the beats, and one of the crunkest parties I've been to in a while commensed.

I can't even begin to break down how sick it was to not only hear these tracks I've been championing for the past few months on a good rig, with a good crowd, but the sheer volume of shit that got spun. Refixes included cats like Slim Thug, Omarion, Tes La Rok, Big Boi & the Purple Ribbon All-Stars, Wes Fif, and loads of others sat alongside tracks I had no idea people would get off on, like R.A. The Rugged Man's old school anthem, "On The Block", among others. I know most of the college kids were drunk/high and just shaking to the beat, but shit, for all of the THUGSTEP HATERS out there, I think they forget that in trying to "secure their scene", they are shutting people out who would be just as ready to bug out to GOOD MUSIC. Everyone likes to party, so why shit on some blended/mashed up refixed beats?

Oh, and J Past poked me in the eye. We were going back and forth during the "Kryptonite" mashup, and he pointed at me and poked me in the eye. I was OK, but damn. Some other highlights: homegirl rocking the fucking Nintendo Power Glove (wtf's with that?!); seeing the son of my old computer science teacher in high school, getting his on the dancefloor; me trying to pass out Wes Fif fliers to niggas on the floor, and them throwing them back on the dj booth; seeing 60 year old white dudes in Bentleys pumpin' 50 Cent down New Brunswick blocks; me rocking out and turning around to see Panda Jones standing right behind me; me actually being able to request a track and it get played like right then (gotta love being down with the selector); the fact that my "Make Dub, Not War" t-shirt arrived like 2 days after I ordered it; the random, cracked out dude who was saying he'd punch out any of these youngsters in front of one of those greatest eateries in New Brunswick; J Past telling Definate he couldn't throw away this tin plate in Qdoba, and James powering that thing in like it was nothing... I could go on.

At the end, when a DJ gets to spin an extra hour after the requested end time, you gotta realize that, no matter what the haters (who are everywhere) think, something must be right about this movement. And oh yes, it's a movement. Roll with it or get rolled over.

I want to shout out my boy, my mellow DJ Nappy; Nick Evelation for trying to get me on the stumble bumble (no I did NOT drink 10 Heinekens; maybe I had 7 or 8?); James Definate for the ride(s) - you still have that CD in your whip, dogs; J Past for the eye poke and the crunk vibes, and the almost-night destroying mixer; Machine!!! and the Visits (Tuesdays, Marita's Cantina in New Brunswick, 21+ 10pm-1am, NO COVER) crew for putting it on; the crowd for being receptive and CRUNK; and me, for single handedly getting the crowd hype. I take full credit for bringing the dub to the venue. Or maybe I am dreaming...

For more on THUGSTEP, check Nappy's MySpace page, or just keep it locked to this blog forever...

PS: I am being told that video will be crunk and runnin' tonight. Apparently they have shots of me wylin' out in the street. I don't believe it, but I will post everything I get when I get it.

the (late) shuffle [3/03/07]

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After seeing THUGSTEP come alive Saturday night/Sunday morning in New Brunswick, NJ, which included me wearing a new t-shirt from The Giant Peach, my ecko jacket getting filthy and some good times with great friends, I am not in the mood to do my normal shuffle. I have an assload of news links though, so here is the abbreviated version of my normal steeze...

I'm off to bed. A more detailed account of Saturday's debauchery to come in a fortnight...

one hundred.

LOST, Season 3: "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead" [recap]

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Not a whole lot to recap here, eh? I mean, this episode was more about character development than true LOST lore, which is not necessarily a bad thing... it just leaves me devoid of LOADS of points to discuss. I guess after episodes like last week's, we can afford to chill for a bit.

Some interesting observations, in reading over the LostPedia rehash though:
  • I wonder how much of the bribed psychic's babble was bull... I mean, did Hurley's pops make her come out with the "there is death surrounding you... and more to come" stuff? Why scare your kid like that if you are trying to help him; or was that just to help draw him in to the "cure"?
  • What the hell is a VW Bus doing on the island? And is it a coincidence that it played the same song (on 8 track, no less) that Hurley played as a young boy?
  • I noticed Hurley's pop's motorcycle was a YAMAHA, but it was missing letters, reading only as "AMAH". In doing my usual 2 second Google research, I find that there is a Hong Kong legend having to do with a wife waiting for her husband at an Amah Rock. Nice touch...
  • What exactly was going on with the map that was in the VW Bus?
  • What exactly did Desmond mean when he told Charlie that "it didn't work like that" in reference to telling him when he was going to die? Desmond can see the future, right? Does he think that Charlie would try and stop his own death, even though Desmond told him that Charlie would end up getting got some other way at some other time?
  • What the hell has Vincent been doing on the island since Walt & Michael left?

So many questions, and no real answers...

I do like all of Sawyer's 'return to form' jokes at everyone, but his comment regarding Jin's English ("well, guess who's Hooked On Phonics") had me and the Mrs. DYING!

I am kind of relieved that Rousseau's journey is going to be coming to a head, because I do not like her and wish she would go away as quickly as possible. With Kate, Sayid and John on the Jack hunt, it looks like next week's ep will bring us back into island mysteriousness. Seeing "Patchy" really got me intrigued, b/c I've been wanting to know who dude was since last season.

Until next week... namaste.

related links:

Friday, March 2nd 2007 playlist

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Hello world. What a week... I made Project 8, had a pretty dope job interview, and watched "Macho Man" Randy Savage beat up on the Ultimate Warrior (On Demand, of course). What else could happen that's so great? How about going to Steve & Barry's with the family, then going to a house party with DJ Nappy and crew? Nothing much else... Check the music!

01/Project Pat "Good Googly Moogly (Nappy vs. Evelation Thugstep Clip)" [aside from Lil' Wayne's "Go DJ", "Good Googly Moogly" is Nappy's fav acapella to catch wreck with. Combine his cousin's first forray into dubstep, and you have a winner. As an added bonus, peep Nappy's mashup of the Art of Noise & Project Pat...]
02/J Dilla "Wild" [taken from the single before Ruff Draft drops. I love this track. So fun. Oh, I bought my "Dilla Saved My Life" tee, even though it was only available in L...]
03/DJ Drama ft. Young Jeezy, Willie The Kid, Jim Jones, Rick Ross & T.I. "Feds Takin' Pictures" [from his forthcoming album, Drama gets a lil b it of help from his friends to shoot back at those damn federales. T.I. murks it over that sick beat. Sorry for the 96kbps mp3.]
04/Bachelors of Science & Saburuko "Dreams Come True" [all I am going to say is: keep it locked for that Bachelors of Science ALBUM when it drops. This and many more sick tracks will bowl you over. Best beleive...]
05/Prodigy "What's Poppin' Dunn" [gutter. Lovin' this Return of the Mac. If you missed that advance, sorry.]
06/Tru Life ft. Tara Lynne "This Is The Life" [Polow da Don and Tru Life try to reap the benefits of subtle club music, like 2 years after the fact.]
07/Monsta "Caveman VIP" [shouts to Monsta on the dubstep flows. He's gonna be a PROBLEM!]
08/Lloyd Banks "Sayin' That Shit" [Banks letting you guys know he can still murk it on some mixtape shit. Nas beats get ate up in his path. Why his LPs don't sound like this is another question...]
09/Omillio Sparks ft. Peedi Crakk "Outta Control" [where the FUCK has Sparks been? I hope he has more heat like this on stash...]
10/Lords of the Underground "Tic Toc" [shouts to NJ MCs. Classic funk. Grab it. And notice that infamous line that Congo Natty jacked...]
11/Consortium "Innocence" [shouts to donrade for the hookup. In the midst of this thread, I let it be known that if you need feedback, get at me. That not only prompted me getting "Innocence", but it also provoked this thread, which really touched me. Shouts to J Funk, donrade, and everyone else who appreciates what I'm doing. For more Consortium news and shit, keep it locked to their MySpace page.]


Shadow Law/404 Audio's Mayhem dropped a pretty sick mix for the masses, DNB style. Check it out:

01 00:00 TeeBee & Noisia - Shower For An Hour [SUBTITLES]
02 01:28 Chook - Descend [SHADOW LAW]
03 05:30 Noisia & Phace - Outsource (Misanthrop Remix) [SYNDROME AUDIO]
04 08:27 Noisia - Facade (VIP) [RAM]
05 11:46 Break - The Uprising [SHADOW LAW]
06 13:58 TeeBee & Calyx - The Shape Of Things To Come [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
07 16:32 Gridlok & Dom - London's Burning [PROJECT 51]
08 20:57 Evol Intent & Ewun - 8-Bit Bitch (Spor Remix) [EVOL INTENT]
09 23:09 Phace - Crocker [SYNDROME AUDIO]
10 26:50 Pendulum & The Freestylers - Painkilla (Noisia Remix) [AGAINST THE GRAIN]
11 31:04 Audio - Missing [SUBTITLES]
12 34:00 Misanthrop - Factory [SUBTITLES]
13 38:16 Psidream & Axiom - Shadowpath [N/A]
14 41:33 Bulletproof & State Of Mind - Nowhere To Run [CYANIDE]
15 45:37 Evol Intent - Era Of Diversion [EVOL INTENT]
16 47:36 Dylan & Limewax - Cleansed By A Nightmare [BASTARD CHILD]
17 50:35 Mayhem & Noisia - Exodus (Ft KRS-1) [VISION]



On the ever-evolving free mixtape circuit, this week say J-Ro of Tha Alkaholiks drop a new one entitled 808 Antics. I haven't peeped it, but I guess it is very, um, Alkaholik-ish. Spine Magazine reported that it features guys like Kurupt, Tash, Planet Asia and Method Man. Be on the look out for J-Ro's LP too...

The Fader also dropped dime on the lastest mixtape from Mick Boogie, this time with Rich Boy, entitled The Premix. There's like 3 sendspace links in there, so don't get frustrated...

That Definitive Swim compilation is still up and free over at [adult swim] for all you Def Jux addicts as well...


In terms of other hot music shit, El-P's I'll Sleep When You're Dead has leaked (thanks, Matthew Snyder!), so expect a review of that in the next week or so. Album of the year? We'll see...

Rizoh linked up a pretty ill video for "Classic" featuring Nas, KRS-One and Kanye. Ill spot, nice seeing Primo work the MPC.

eskay threw up a clip of a Beanie Sigel interview, with him chopping up about a lot of stuff... double CD?!?! WHOA!


So that's about it. I want to let you guys know, if you need to get at me with promos, mixes, videos, whatever, for these Friday playlists, e-mail me at or hit me on AIM, screen name colemanism.

I didn't have any final thought/videos planned, so I will just post vids of tracks I can't get out of my head...

Robin Thicke "Lost Without You"

My wife and daughter HATE this dude, I think it's his voice being so high. I dig dude's swagger on this track, though. Very emotional track.

Nearly God "Poems"

This is Tricky's off-forgotten 'unofficial' 2nd album, working with loads of other vocalists, from back in the late 90s. Tricky, Martina and dude from The Specials get twisted over a hypnotic beat. Go grab that album if you are into Tricky's early style: "Keep Your Mouth Shut" and "I Sing For You" are fucking classics.

Lords of The Underground "Chief Rocka"

Brick City stand up. I miss these guys.

Until next time...

#8 in 8

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To celebrate my making it to #8 in Tony Hawk's Project 8 for the PS2, I figured I'd upload some vids of Stevie Williams catchin' wreck. Big up to the 215:

"Untitled Documentary"

Mo-Cap session for Project 8

from the DC Video

Hope you enjoyed your BHM...

Definitive Swim

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Just dropping a quick note to let you guys know that the good peopel over at [adult swim] have linked up with Definitive Jux and Old Spice (???) to put out a new, FREE batch of music: Definitive Swim. Featuring the Def Jux stable, with tracks from Mr. Lif, Aesop Rock, El-P, Camu Tao, Hangar 18 and others. If this is your cup of tea, go drink some. For FREE.

the shuffle. [2/24/07]


Don't ask me why, but I'm living in 1996 this weekend. For no reason at all, I ripped my copy of Dr. Octagon (the one on Bulk Recordings, without tracks like "1977" and "Real Raw", before Dreamworks re-released it), and checking out CLASSIC wrestling on WWE 24/7, the WWE On Demand channel. I had to wait until I paid my bill to order it, but I am so happy I have it now. I've already seen great shows from WCCW, the original NWA, Randy Savage fighting Bret Hart back in 1986, and a load of other bits. I feel like a kid again, only I have a kid. Three of them, plus three cats. And they wonder why I feel like an old man...

I also checked out HIP-HOP: Beyond Beats & Rhymes, which was a decent documentary, but it didn't really say anything new. We know that the state of Hip-Hop is fucked up, but saying that is not enough. One program I also saw was BET's Top 25 Events That (Mis)Shaped Black America, which has the audacity to have "Negative Images in Hip-Hop" being on their list, when BET is the same channel that not only showcases all of these negative videos, but had BET Uncut, which was basically a forum for under-the-rader MCs to show their skrip club vids. Talk about hypocrisy...

Anyways, let's get this last shuffle for BHM 2007 going...

01/On a piece of news that finally puts to rest one of Black Entertainment's legends, the battle over where to lay James Brown to rest has finally come to a close. Why this took two months to be hashed out is ludicrous, but I guess when that much money is involved, everyone feels they need to be represented properly - or just hold up the proceedings as they see fit. The final resting spot has been on lock for whatever reason, but I'm sure the world will know so we can blow that town up like Elvis' remains blew up Graceland... not to be outdone, one of the successors to JB's legend, Michael Jackson, has to keep his name in the news, for good or ill: it looks like back in Feb. 2005, MJ visited a hospital, and to make room for him (does he really need MAD room?), this 73 year-old lady had to be moved. Her family states that, as a result of the "circus-like atmosphere" created by MJ's visit, she was unhooked from life support and ultimately died because of the ordeal. The hospital is saying they took good care of this woman, but of course, the family just sees cha-ching. Now, I totally sympathize with what they must have gone through, but is that really MJ's fault? Break it down for a second: MJ requests a private room, so this lady who had a two-bed spot got moved. The onus is on the hospital to provide care for the sick, right? Why should MJ come out of pocket over this situation? He didn't pull any plug... he just made a request and was coddled. It's a fucked up situation, but I feel they should be solely going after the hospital, not Peter Pan...

02/In the aftermath of this Britney Spears going bald mania, her ordeal is just getting weirder and more surreal as the days tick away. I first thought she was just going through a depression, but I think she might have serious issues she needs to deal with. In the beginning of the week, locks of her hair were supposedly up on eBay for sale; who knows how much they had, but then I heard about this website, that's asking for $1M for her hair. There are lots of pictures up there (even ones with a Bic lighter and a can of Red Bull, like this is some twisted still-life art project), and while they look like a lot of hair, I'm not sure one million bucks is truly worth it. Next came Britney's dabbling with the rehabilitative services, first going back to rehab on Tuesday, only to duck out yet AGAIN on Wednesday, but is not set to be spending $48K on a 30-day stint. Many think that her completing rehab will help her keep her kids, but who knows. I'd be surprised if a judge would seriously consider K-Fed a legit parent. I'm just wondering what Brit is doing to herself. I don't see her as a heavy drug user, although the sight of her snorting up the white lines is not that foreign of a thought; do we really think she would get drunk enough to be considered an endangerment? Finally, the last bit of Brit I have this week is a fucking wacked-out Brit. X17online looks like it had a serious encounter with Britney on the 22nd of Feb., while she was trying to visit her boys at Kevin's residence. Apparently Fed didn't open the gate, so this enraged Britney, who took it out on the photographers with an umbrella. There's even a video on the site that shows the entire ordeal, from the cursing from Britney's mouth to the marks on on of the dude's backs from the umbrella. Sick, sad world indeed...

03/I wanna send a shoutout to Bol for keeping the Joe Rogan vs. Carlos Mencia video up on one of his blogs. I knew comedians bit each other's bits, for I've been watching stand up ever since I was a shorty, but I just couldn't believe how many guys were saying that Carlos in particular stole from their acts. I think it'd be one thing if he wasn't so damn popular, with his TV show and stuff. It's just insane when you actually see footage of someone telling a joke, then he goes and does it practically identical a few years later. I knew there was a reason I couldn't get into him. And the fact that he's overplaying the Mexican thing, when his real name is Ned Holness and shit (LOL WTF), it's just got fraud written all over it (here's an mp3 of Joe Rogan talking for 40+ minutes about Mencia and more on Jim Bruer's satellite radio show). Who woulda thought that Fear Factor's old host was so deep, btw? After doing my research on more Joe Rogan craziness, I was directed to this link on his website about the "Santa Claus" story being derived from (magic) mushroom use? The fucked up part is, with the pictures included, that shit kind of makes sense. Something to think about, esp. for you 4AM stoners...

04/For some reason, there were people who kept tripping up on shit this week. This one poor bastard from San Francisco returned from his two-week trip to find that his apartment had not only turned over by apparent robbers, but he literally tripped on a corpse that was lying in his apartment. How do you trip over a fucking dead body? I rarely walk into dark rooms without some kind of light; how do you not see a grown adult lying dead on your floor? Well, it was in Haight-Ashbury, so you do the math... On the other side of the country, a Florida teen stumbled upon one of the largest fossils ever found in that area in nearly a century: a 65 lb. jaw/tooth from a mammoth, supposedly. While it was black, it must have been in pretty good condition. I wonder, does the kid get any kind of recognition (other than this story) for finding this, and does that include monetary compensation? I always wondered if you could get rich finding shit like that, these days anyways. I just never fall upon surprising shit like that. Last thing I found out of the blue was a $5 bill like 6 years ago. Now I keep my eyes on my feet from time to time, but all I find are pennies...

05/To break things up a bit, I want to hit you guys off with some news stories from the crazy world known as "Urban Entertainment". That's white radio for Black People Shit. The dude Taye Diggs must have someone who really loves him over at ABC: after being in the failed Day Break program, he has been offered a new role in the forthcoming Grey's Anatomy spin-off. Again, all these cats get work THROWN at them, I spent 4 months at my PC, hunting... I wanna big up Spike Lee for winning a Polk Award on his When The Levees Break documentary for HBO; if you haven't seen this doc, it's the one to watch... In a decision that is 13 years too late, a judge ordered OJ to start paying the Goldmans from the residuals he received from his past work. My question is, how much of that money do they seriously think is there? By the time the trial and shit came, he wasn't exactly rolling in the dough, and Team Cochran cost him a pretty penny. What a bunch of bullshit, they might as well bleed OJ and sell his corpse to science... Rizoh reported on The Rap Up that Hip-Hop is not doing well in terms of album sales. It is kind of telling that the only guys from last year who went plat were T.I., Jay-Z, Ludacris and fucking Gnarls Barkley. Do you think Diddy barely passing gold will stop him from making solo albums?... J-Zone, of the my favorite producer's you've never heard, broke down his Five Things That Killed Hip-Hop, creating one of the more concise write-ups on Hip-Hop's descent... Redman kept it gully with AllHip-Hop in his recent interview (parts 1 and 2), breaking down his thoughts on the current state of Hip-Hop and Def Jam, him being a more mature individual, and his plans for himself and his Gilla House crew... This week was an odd one for rich niggas who are my age: Nick Cannon got married to a dame he had only been seeing for less than a month. Talk about Wild'n Out; on the flipside, word is that Usher got engaged, with no known wedding date. Now, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but doesn't shit like this tarnish their images? I can understand if they come into the game with someone on their arm, but these guys are known primarily for their bachelor-ness. I just don't see how this helps them at all, but good luck to them nonetheless!... Beanie Sigel fucked up his probation and got an additional six months for testing positive for codeine and morphine, as well as hanging with convicted felons. Do they not know how Beans rolls? Mac is just a hood dude, they had to have known that he wasn't going to stop. I feel for him, though, because I know he is trying to get his career back on track - at least I thought he was. Beanie, please just lay off the sizz and the purp for six months, then get back in that booth and do you. No need to risk your livelihood any more than you already are... Finally, Busta Rhymes figured that, "hey, since I beat my charges recently, it will be OK if I go out driving with my Ls suspended"; mind you, if convicted he only has to do 15 days, but what good is that? And why was he driving anyways? I know he spent a grip on those icey medallions he has been rocking the last year or so, but no more loot to pay ya boy to sit behind the wheel? I'll never get it...

06/This guy who got fired from IBM has a set of cajones on him, yo! It looks like dude had been visiting some 'adult' chatrooms, and when IBM found out, they booted him. He says he is addicted to the Internet, needs some therapy, and figures he should sue IBM for $5M. Say whaaa? Let me get this straight: your ass is so addicted to both the Internet AND porn that you have to be on your work PC chatting on adult chat lines? AND THEY SHOULD PAY YOU FOR THIS!? Shit, I guess I should go pay the good people of Swank a visit and get some money back for long-term pain/suffering.

07/Speaking of porn, Antonella Barba, NJ's answer to shitty singers in this season's American Idol competition, has been outed this week for a gang of sexually-explicit photos of her that hit the 'Net this week (here are 13 shots of her in various outfits/poses; more explicit shots here). I will never understand who finds a pic of her holding a Swiffer as something erotic, but to each his own... the sad part is, these shots show a promising career; this audition? Not so much... and while Idol producers are now aware of the shots, they have not made a decision on whether they will pull a 'Frenchie' on her or not. I would imagine so, but only time will tell. I guess at the end of the day, Sprite was wrong: Image is everything.

08/In other naked female news, blogger Perez Hilton is in hot water, AGAIN, this time over some topless photos of Jennifer Aniston he posted on his blog. It looks like the shot was made during filming of The Break-Up, but was never used, for whatever reason (probably b/c her tatas are kind of teeny), and Perez is said to have obtained them illegally. I say fair play to him for posting it up, but he might want to choose his culprits a tad more wisely in the future: Aniston is a pistol, and is definitnely equipped to rape you in court fees, dog. Good luck in this one...

09/Remember Tommy Morrison? He was an average boxer, and starred in Rocky V, playing, well, himself, but ended up testing positive for HIV and ended up retiring? Well, he recently tested negative for HIV, and already had his first fight on Thursday, whooping a bum's ass in the 2nd Round. This is wild though, because he's apparently tested negative on like 5 or 6 tests in the past couple of months. How did he end up testing positive back in 1996? What was he doing in that 11 years, meaning, was he taking meds or receiving HIV treatment of any kind? I just don't see how he lived with that for 11 years, and only just recently got back to trying to reclaim his name and life back. I can only imagine how frustrating that ordeal was for him, but something just seems wrong. Eh, at the end of the day, he can get his weight up and get his ass kicked by a whole weight-class of bums and underachievers. What a great time to be a pro boxer!

10/I knew there were millions of blogs and bloggers out there in the world, but had no idea about Amanda Baggs, an autistic woman who, by reading her page, would not come off as autistic from the rip. She writes about living with autism, her personal struggles, the media attention she is receiving as of late, and whatever else is on her mind. In her face-to-face dealings, as reported by CNN, she is drastically different: introverted, reserved, and she does not communicate like others do. She says she is bilingual in a sense, and referred to seeing things in terms of color, which I had heard author Daniel Tammet, who is also autistic, make reference to with his book. It's ironic how little mainstream America knows of autistic people. Like, my oldest daughter is autistic: my wife tells me time and again about how Tika is not supposed to be speaking/using the bathroom/reading/interacting, etc., essentially, they had Tika pegged to be a vegetable before she was out of diapers. Now, you wouldn't know it. And you know what? Tika is probably smarter in things others aren't. Most people equate autism with Rain Man, which my wife has never seen, and sadly, they wouldn't be wrong. I think America needs to educate people more about this disease, especially with studies showing that the number of Americans living with autism is a lot larger than we once thought. Think on that.

11/Alright, with that, let's hit you guys with the ADD rundown of the rest of this week's new bits: James Gandolfini helped usher in this year's Mardi Gras celebration in an ugly ass shirt... this poor Florida teen can't stop her hiccups... Although she failed a field sobriety test, and let the cops know that she was smoking herb and took some Vicodin before getting into her vehicle, Nicole Richie entered a not guilty plea in her DUI case... Viacom hates YouTube, so it decided to create a solution: set up its own online video viewing service. While they gain control of how their programming is viewed online, it will lose loads of viewers who have to a) download a separate program to view the Viacom videos and b) have to sit through commercials. Sometimes bucking the trend is not the best option... Buckethead, the former Guns'N'Roses guitarist who recreates ODB songs and Bruce Lee themes, all whilst wearing a KFC bucket on his head, is currently selling a 13-disc collection of albums entitled In Search Of The, which he is personally burning and shipping himself ($20 for a single CD, $200 for the entire set). There is no concrete artwork, nor does anyone know anything about the music on it, but I bet you the guitars are intense and the other sounds are out there. Check out his site for a dose of weirdness... A lot of people are saying that, statistically, Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevards across the nation are not as crime-ridden as we like to believe. I dunno, I grew up near an MLK Blvd., and there's always violence or drug running on that street... There's a situation going on currently involving a military man being accused of serial rape in the military. Now, they say he drugged these dudes with GHB and sodomized them, but one of the guys says that they did have consensual sex in the past. Since most of these accusers are guys in uniform, I can only think of 2 scenarios: either dude really did rape them, or they just skurred of being outed in the military. Or a possible 3rd scenario: the accused was a ho, and too many of his partners found out what he was doing and concocted a scheme. I wonder if this will get more mainstream attention, this could be a big case in terms of gay rights issues, esp. in a military context... Cisco and Apple have settled their iPhone dispute, with Apple basically being able to use the name, but only if they get gwap with Cisco in the future. Cisco, you punked you, but I see why you did that: it was easier to break bread than break the bank in court fees battlin' Apple... Former SNL star Jimmy Fallon is being rumored as Conan O'Brien's successor when Conan takes over Jay Leno's spot in 2009. Is that wise? Jimmy had no career after SNL, and hey, Arsenio should still be free. Or just holler at me. I'll blog while doing the show, double exposure!... For you fans of the Game Cube, Nintendo announced that it has officially stopped manufacturing new titles for the unit. There are still tons of games available in the stores, and my daughter Tika swears by the system, but hey, gotta make room for the Wii... Louis Farrakhan is going to be making his final address on Sunday, which is kind of a landmark thing I guess. The jew bashing and ridiculous posturing can now end. I just wonder who will be HIS successor... Rakim?... Some well placed, porno boomboxes turned faithful church goers' Ash Wednesday into Ass Wednesday (sorry, I had to!!!)... You know the state of the world is in trouble when teachers are buying crack in middle school offices and cops are too dumb to realize when THEY are being stung for their pseudo-mobster lifestyle. And they wonder why are children turn out the way they do.


Hey, this turned out pretty good. Now for my final thought:

Randy Savage and Arsenio Hall: two guys I miss these days. Even if the Macho Man lost some points trying to rap...

Be easy, peeps.