Friday, March 02, 2007

LOST, Season 3: "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead" [recap]

Not a whole lot to recap here, eh? I mean, this episode was more about character development than true LOST lore, which is not necessarily a bad thing... it just leaves me devoid of LOADS of points to discuss. I guess after episodes like last week's, we can afford to chill for a bit.

Some interesting observations, in reading over the LostPedia rehash though:
  • I wonder how much of the bribed psychic's babble was bull... I mean, did Hurley's pops make her come out with the "there is death surrounding you... and more to come" stuff? Why scare your kid like that if you are trying to help him; or was that just to help draw him in to the "cure"?
  • What the hell is a VW Bus doing on the island? And is it a coincidence that it played the same song (on 8 track, no less) that Hurley played as a young boy?
  • I noticed Hurley's pop's motorcycle was a YAMAHA, but it was missing letters, reading only as "AMAH". In doing my usual 2 second Google research, I find that there is a Hong Kong legend having to do with a wife waiting for her husband at an Amah Rock. Nice touch...
  • What exactly was going on with the map that was in the VW Bus?
  • What exactly did Desmond mean when he told Charlie that "it didn't work like that" in reference to telling him when he was going to die? Desmond can see the future, right? Does he think that Charlie would try and stop his own death, even though Desmond told him that Charlie would end up getting got some other way at some other time?
  • What the hell has Vincent been doing on the island since Walt & Michael left?

So many questions, and no real answers...

I do like all of Sawyer's 'return to form' jokes at everyone, but his comment regarding Jin's English ("well, guess who's Hooked On Phonics") had me and the Mrs. DYING!

I am kind of relieved that Rousseau's journey is going to be coming to a head, because I do not like her and wish she would go away as quickly as possible. With Kate, Sayid and John on the Jack hunt, it looks like next week's ep will bring us back into island mysteriousness. Seeing "Patchy" really got me intrigued, b/c I've been wanting to know who dude was since last season.

Until next week... namaste.

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Friday, March 2nd 2007 playlist

Hello world. What a week... I made Project 8, had a pretty dope job interview, and watched "Macho Man" Randy Savage beat up on the Ultimate Warrior (On Demand, of course). What else could happen that's so great? How about going to Steve & Barry's with the family, then going to a house party with DJ Nappy and crew? Nothing much else... Check the music!

01/Project Pat "Good Googly Moogly (Nappy vs. Evelation Thugstep Clip)" [aside from Lil' Wayne's "Go DJ", "Good Googly Moogly" is Nappy's fav acapella to catch wreck with. Combine his cousin's first forray into dubstep, and you have a winner. As an added bonus, peep Nappy's mashup of the Art of Noise & Project Pat...]
02/J Dilla "Wild" [taken from the single before Ruff Draft drops. I love this track. So fun. Oh, I bought my "Dilla Saved My Life" tee, even though it was only available in L...]
03/DJ Drama ft. Young Jeezy, Willie The Kid, Jim Jones, Rick Ross & T.I. "Feds Takin' Pictures" [from his forthcoming album, Drama gets a lil b it of help from his friends to shoot back at those damn federales. T.I. murks it over that sick beat. Sorry for the 96kbps mp3.]
04/Bachelors of Science & Saburuko "Dreams Come True" [all I am going to say is: keep it locked for that Bachelors of Science ALBUM when it drops. This and many more sick tracks will bowl you over. Best beleive...]
05/Prodigy "What's Poppin' Dunn" [gutter. Lovin' this Return of the Mac. If you missed that advance, sorry.]
06/Tru Life ft. Tara Lynne "This Is The Life" [Polow da Don and Tru Life try to reap the benefits of subtle club music, like 2 years after the fact.]
07/Monsta "Caveman VIP" [shouts to Monsta on the dubstep flows. He's gonna be a PROBLEM!]
08/Lloyd Banks "Sayin' That Shit" [Banks letting you guys know he can still murk it on some mixtape shit. Nas beats get ate up in his path. Why his LPs don't sound like this is another question...]
09/Omillio Sparks ft. Peedi Crakk "Outta Control" [where the FUCK has Sparks been? I hope he has more heat like this on stash...]
10/Lords of the Underground "Tic Toc" [shouts to NJ MCs. Classic funk. Grab it. And notice that infamous line that Congo Natty jacked...]
11/Consortium "Innocence" [shouts to donrade for the hookup. In the midst of this thread, I let it be known that if you need feedback, get at me. That not only prompted me getting "Innocence", but it also provoked this thread, which really touched me. Shouts to J Funk, donrade, and everyone else who appreciates what I'm doing. For more Consortium news and shit, keep it locked to their MySpace page.]


Shadow Law/404 Audio's Mayhem dropped a pretty sick mix for the masses, DNB style. Check it out:

01 00:00 TeeBee & Noisia - Shower For An Hour [SUBTITLES]
02 01:28 Chook - Descend [SHADOW LAW]
03 05:30 Noisia & Phace - Outsource (Misanthrop Remix) [SYNDROME AUDIO]
04 08:27 Noisia - Facade (VIP) [RAM]
05 11:46 Break - The Uprising [SHADOW LAW]
06 13:58 TeeBee & Calyx - The Shape Of Things To Come [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
07 16:32 Gridlok & Dom - London's Burning [PROJECT 51]
08 20:57 Evol Intent & Ewun - 8-Bit Bitch (Spor Remix) [EVOL INTENT]
09 23:09 Phace - Crocker [SYNDROME AUDIO]
10 26:50 Pendulum & The Freestylers - Painkilla (Noisia Remix) [AGAINST THE GRAIN]
11 31:04 Audio - Missing [SUBTITLES]
12 34:00 Misanthrop - Factory [SUBTITLES]
13 38:16 Psidream & Axiom - Shadowpath [N/A]
14 41:33 Bulletproof & State Of Mind - Nowhere To Run [CYANIDE]
15 45:37 Evol Intent - Era Of Diversion [EVOL INTENT]
16 47:36 Dylan & Limewax - Cleansed By A Nightmare [BASTARD CHILD]
17 50:35 Mayhem & Noisia - Exodus (Ft KRS-1) [VISION]



On the ever-evolving free mixtape circuit, this week say J-Ro of Tha Alkaholiks drop a new one entitled 808 Antics. I haven't peeped it, but I guess it is very, um, Alkaholik-ish. Spine Magazine reported that it features guys like Kurupt, Tash, Planet Asia and Method Man. Be on the look out for J-Ro's LP too...

The Fader also dropped dime on the lastest mixtape from Mick Boogie, this time with Rich Boy, entitled The Premix. There's like 3 sendspace links in there, so don't get frustrated...

That Definitive Swim compilation is still up and free over at [adult swim] for all you Def Jux addicts as well...


In terms of other hot music shit, El-P's I'll Sleep When You're Dead has leaked (thanks, Matthew Snyder!), so expect a review of that in the next week or so. Album of the year? We'll see...

Rizoh linked up a pretty ill video for "Classic" featuring Nas, KRS-One and Kanye. Ill spot, nice seeing Primo work the MPC.

eskay threw up a clip of a Beanie Sigel interview, with him chopping up about a lot of stuff... double CD?!?! WHOA!


So that's about it. I want to let you guys know, if you need to get at me with promos, mixes, videos, whatever, for these Friday playlists, e-mail me at or hit me on AIM, screen name colemanism.

I didn't have any final thought/videos planned, so I will just post vids of tracks I can't get out of my head...

Robin Thicke "Lost Without You"

My wife and daughter HATE this dude, I think it's his voice being so high. I dig dude's swagger on this track, though. Very emotional track.

Nearly God "Poems"

This is Tricky's off-forgotten 'unofficial' 2nd album, working with loads of other vocalists, from back in the late 90s. Tricky, Martina and dude from The Specials get twisted over a hypnotic beat. Go grab that album if you are into Tricky's early style: "Keep Your Mouth Shut" and "I Sing For You" are fucking classics.

Lords of The Underground "Chief Rocka"

Brick City stand up. I miss these guys.

Until next time...

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

#8 in 8

To celebrate my making it to #8 in Tony Hawk's Project 8 for the PS2, I figured I'd upload some vids of Stevie Williams catchin' wreck. Big up to the 215:

"Untitled Documentary"

Mo-Cap session for Project 8

from the DC Video

Hope you enjoyed your BHM...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Definitive Swim

Just dropping a quick note to let you guys know that the good peopel over at [adult swim] have linked up with Definitive Jux and Old Spice (???) to put out a new, FREE batch of music: Definitive Swim. Featuring the Def Jux stable, with tracks from Mr. Lif, Aesop Rock, El-P, Camu Tao, Hangar 18 and others. If this is your cup of tea, go drink some. For FREE.