Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Hit (trailer)

Peep the trailer for this new flick starring Blair Underwood, Al B Sure(!) and DeRay Davis:

Now check the synopsis:

Hen has made it to the big time. Growing up in Compton and starting his own record label off of money he conned from a loan shark, he has built up a $300 million empire. But there's a problem: Like all other rap labels, despite their enormous success, a huge portion of their profits are continually siphoned off by the major distribution houses. Hen is sick of this and decides to revolutionize the business by bringing together his and other rap labels to form a confederation apart from the distribution houses — a confederation that would be self-funded and allow them to keep the profits they earn while being socially conscious within their communities.

Rap labels are notorious for not getting along with one another, but under Hen’s leadership — and the promise of seeing triple the revenues — the labels decide to give it a shot . . . except one boss, who decides to take a much more violent approach to bring his cash cows back into the fold. The story twists and turns as betrayal leaves some dead and others in the hospital. Will this fledgling venture be able to withstand infighting and constant threats by mafia and music bosses alike?

DVD available on August 28th; pre-order this badboy HERE.

Review forthcoming.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday, August 10th 2007 playlist

01/C-Rayz Walz "Original Copies"
02/UGK ft. T.I. "Hit The Block"
03/Loxy & Perpetuum "Adversary"
04/Percee P ft. Guilty Simpson & Percee P "Watch Yo' Step"
05/9th Wonder ft. Royce Da 5′9, Nawledge & Vandalyzm "The Last Time"



EPMD "Blow"
Pimp C "Pussy Nigga Anthum (Lil' Troy Dis)"
Ne-Yo "Can We Chill"
Rihanna "Hate That I Love You"
Chris Brown ft. T-Pain "Kiss Kiss"
Lupe Fiasco LIVE at Lollapalooza (as seen on NahRight): "Superstar" & "Wake Up In Tokyo"
Milk D "I Get Money (freestyle)"
Fabolous has a few exclusive remixes of "Make Me Better", featuring both Jagged Edge and Lil' Mo.
Keith Murray "Rap City Freestyle"
Wyclef "Johnny Dead"
Here's a few tracks from Swizz Beatz' forthcoming One Man Band Man LP: "Part Of The Plan" (ft. Chris Martin) & "Take A Picture"
Mya "Sorry"
J. Holiday "Mary Jane"
Everyone is jumping on Kanye West's "Can't Tell Me Nothing" beat: Jermaine Durpi has, Styles P has, as has Ransom. Whattupwiththat?
Lil' Wayne "Work 'Em"
Dizee Rascal "KissFM Freestyle"
Ali-N-Gipp ft. Three Six Mafia "What's The Bizness"
Jermaine Dupri ft. Jagged Edge "Your's & Mine's" (prod. by Swizz Beatz)
David Banner ft. Jim Jones "Fuck You Ho's"
The Cool Kids ft. Lil' Wayne "Gettin' It"
C-Ride "Pushing"
Maroon 5 "Makes Me Wonder (Cory Bold Remix)"
Styles P "Stop Skeemin'"
Cassidy "Big Spender Freestyle"
E.Ness "Drumma Boy Freestyle"
Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana "Poppin Pt. 2"
Young Jeezy ft. USDA "Chasing It"
Grafh "Chicks In The Living Room"
Nas ft. Cee-Lo "Less Than An Hour"
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings "100 Days, 100 Nights"
New tracks from the Boot Camp Clik's Casualties of War album (in stores August 14th): "I Need More" (prod. by 9th Wonder) and "Jail Song" (prod. by Jaywan)
Cassidy, Drag-On & Larceny "Cool Like That 2007"
A few Crooked I freestyles: "Hip-Hop Weekly #18 1/2 (Died In Your Arms Freestyle)" and "Hip-Hop Weekly #19 (Real Muthafuckin G’z Freestyle)"
Cormega ft. Dwele "Sleep Well"
Sean Kingston ft. Fabolous & Boosie "Beatiful Girl (Remix)"
50 Cent ft. Tony Yayo & Lloyd Banks "On Some Shit"


Dope Jay-Z interview with Angie Martinez (I love her voice) on Hot97 from 3rd August 2007 floating around. It's in 4 parts (grab them all at NahRight). NOTE: Some of the MP3 files would cut to silence randomly, leaving like half of a file with dead air. The first part also skipped a lot in the beginning. In the end, Jay's (dry) humor comes out, and it's hilarious.

In other interview news, The Smoking Section (we see that Rawkus-endorsement!) chopped it up with Little Brother.


About 6 "vintage and unheard" Joe Budden joints got leaked on NahRight the other day. I'm guessing they are way early, for the lyrics are there, but to quote eskay, "his flow and delivery were suspect at times".


Keith Murray just dropped a mixtape, Intellectual Violence (I'm feeling that title). Preview that KM album on his MySpace page as well. LOD!


Did you guys sleep on DJ Tipz' "Thugstep Mixtape Vol. II"? If so, get the full scoop HERE. I also hope you did not sleep on the DJ Cable's BBC 1Xtra Guest Mix I posted up yesterday. Strictly Hip-Hop, party-startin' funk.


The Krunchtime crew got at me with a serious Dubstep workout. "Dub Krunch" is part 4 of "Ten Years of Krunchtime" specials, and is too tough. Turn up a ya woofers. Tracklisting:

01 Abucs 3
02 RSD - Love Of Jah Light - Earwax
03 L-Wiz - Girl From Codeine City - Dub Police
04 Kion - Shine
05 Round The World Girls (Tes La Rok Mix)
06 Scuba 10
07 Mala - Left Leg Out - DMZ
08 2562 - Circulate - Tectonic
09 Mala - Lean Forward - DMZ
10 Marc Ashken (Skream Mix)
11 The Black Ghosts (Plastician & Skream Mix)
12 The Others - Africa - Dub Police
13 Dutty Dubz - Back & Forth - Disfigured Dubz
14 Dutty Dubz - Structured Madness - Trackdonalds
15 Mala - Alicia Keys Boot



Want more Dubstep? Peep Kode9's Sonar Festival Mix from June. Tracklisting HERE.


Final thought? Enjoy your weekend... I know I will. Until next time...

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Tay Zonday on Jimmy Kimmel

How about I was sleep and didn't know this was on - my wife turned on ABC last night and was like "that's your boy, right?" - then it went to commercial. WTF!?!?

Here's the performance and the interview. Awe-inspiring:

Check out the Best Week Ever segment on "Chocolate Rain". Peep the John Mayer rendition towards the end...

Obama/Zonday 2008 FTW.

Ice Water ft. Raekwon & Inspectah Deck "Animal" (video)

Check the video HERE @ Hip-Hop Crack.

Polluted Water hits stores on August the 28th. I got a feeling this one is going to be a gem...

Icewater Corp
Icewater at CrackSpace

[rock the dub Interview]: YO! Darkroom

Here at rock the dub, we're not all about music and LOST: we dig the fine arts. Thing is, most of the opportunities seem to be so distant from my people (read: progressive, broke thinkers). Well, one opportunities was literally right under my nose. Well, in my past. I have a friend I went to high school with, someone I used to build with years gone. Her name is Sherry, and her resume is sharp: studied photography on many levels, and has taught in many fine institutions as well. Her latest venture is YO! Darkroom, a "photography community" deep in the heart of Philadelphia. From taking classes to using their facilities to copping cameras and film, among other things, this is a one-stop shop for all of your photo needs, especially if you are looking to further your craft in the Photo field. We rapped a bit on what YO! is about, where YO! is going, and how you can get invovled...

khal: What’s going on? First off, YO! Darkroom is such an interesting idea, but I’m surprised that in a city like Philly, which seems to have a solid art community, doesn’t have a photo community center like YO!. Can you explain where the idea for YO! came from?

Sherry: Hey! You’re right Philly does have a pretty solid art scene. With this new venue I’m most excited to bring the same attention that a lot of painters and sculptors get in the city to photographers at YO! The idea for creating a space like YO! stemmed from a real desire for a community darkroom in the city. In addition I want to take YO! further and offer a true photo venue that includes a gallery, classroom, studio and more -- a space where people of all levels and backgrounds can meet and learn more about what’s happening in the Philly art scene and photography in general.

khal: Do you see your location in Philly as a benefit? I mean, do you think you could essentially do the same thing in a city like Pittsburgh or Wilkes-Barre and get the same response/praise/etc.?

Sherry: I do see YO! as a creative benefit to the city in that we are designed for those who, for instance, want more than what their school offers, are intimidated by or can’t afford to take a class in photography elsewhere. Our organization is not a new idea, but was uniquely designed for a Philly crowd – in particular those who need a support system and want to make a direct difference in their own and each other’s lives.

khal: Was YO! something that caught on relatively quickly? I’d imagine many of the art student/college-crowd would be very interested, but are you seeing interest from all age-groups?

Sherry: YO!’s mission and word of our existence in Center City is spreading fast in many circles. So far I have noticed a super positive response from people ranging from students to seasoned fine artists who are interested in being mentored and mentoring others. There is a lot of diversity in the people who attend our gallery shows as well and that inevitably creates a unique dialogue between people of all ages and gives people a great chance to network.

khal: I personally know you’ve been involved in photography for years now, but can you break down your credentials, accomplishments, etc. for those who might be wondering “who is she to be giving me tips on photo”?

Sherry: It’s true, I have spent some years now involved in the arts working for creative non-profits, after school programs or teaching in schools. I received my BA and MFA in fine art photography and have spent over 5 years involved with higher education, teaching classes like digital and film photography, drawing and art appreciation. In addition to myself there are a number of local Adjunct Professors and photo professionals teaching our courses. Our guest lectures and professional workshops will be run by experienced local professionals who excel in their individual fields of photography.

khal: Is the geographical makeup of YO! artists predominately Philly-based, or are you getting heads from other cities/states exhibiting their work?

Sherry: There are currently shows in the works at YO! Gallery for fine art photographers from out of state (look for NYC photographer Jennifer Warren’s color Holga Panoramics in the Spring). I am definitely not opposed to receiving artists from other communities who are interested in our mission and appreciate the work that it being shown at YO! Gallery. YO! is a community based space and therefore open to all people willing to reach out and explore what’s going on in the contemporary art scene period. I do however lean towards supporting our local up-and-comers and long time professionals doing amazing work.

khal: In reading your MySpace blog, I was intrigued by the “Redroom, Redroom” installation coming up on the 17th of August. How often do you have installations of that size, and do you have to be “internationally known” to get your shine on?

Sherry: Scott Bickmore’s “Redroom/Redroom” is an interesting concept and a challenging experiment in psychology through light and mood. This is my first time installing a show based on photography that doesn’t actually include a single photograph. When Scott approached me with his idea to take the mood of the darkroom and turn it into something a bit more dark and unexpected without being literal about it, embraced the chance to make it work in our space. What I look for when someone approaches me with a show idea is a unique presentation and a concept with some depth and experimentation involved – what I am personally drawn to really does vary. If an artist has a long resume with a ton of references and no depth to their ideas or presentation I get bored easily and want to see something new. I am also interested in having collectors come to our shows and really get turned on to all types of work that’s being done in our city.

khal: One thing I found interesting is that, if you desired, you could opt to not be a member of YO!’s, but there are benefits to obtaining a membership. Do you see a lot of people opting to attend the classes/clubs/etc. for free?

Sherry: That is true, you don’t have to become a member to take our classes, but it’s recommended. We’ve had a number of people sign on to become members of YO! early and that has really helped with the production end of things. The membership is important because it brings you closer to the community through member shows and events and ultimately saves you money each time you join a class.

khal: YO! isn’t just classes and exhibitions though. I saw on that you can purchase cameras, film, prints, frames – it’s essentially a one-stop spot for all of your photo needs. Do you think there will ever be a situation where YO! grows into something bigger than what you already have established?

Sherry: I view YO! as a business that is truly unique in the city, one that will grow and change with the needs of our members and users. If our members want hoagies, coffee or live music we’ll take those suggestions as they come – for now we offer our community an all purpose photography space to meet people, learn and work in. There’s always room to grow, especially if the population demands it.

khal: With all of this stuff going on, how big is the YO! staff?

Sherry: Right now I am the one working full time to keep YO! running, however there are over 20 people on board as teachers, darkroom monitors, volunteers, gallery sitters and marketing/PR people who are hard working and enthusiastic about our mission – and are also responsible for our success.

khal: What’s going on in the near future with YO!? Can you tell us any forthcoming artist installations, new classes, etc., that are going to be offered to the public?

Sherry: There is so much going on in the near future at YO! Soon on our website you’ll find I have arranged for local professionals to come speak about subjects like photographing your art, removing the blinders of habit, photographing in the digital age, self publishing and more. You’ll also find professional workshops on “Making a Living as a Photographer” (David Graham) and even one for “Dog Lovers on Location” (A. Celeste Hardester). I think it’s really important to reach out to many different types of creative minds and hopefully our lectures and classes will do that. As far as upcoming shows we have some excellent work going up this year and people can check out all of the updates on my blog and in the YO! Gallery section of (Our next show includes black + white work by local photographers Jaime Alvarez and Ryan Widger.)

khal: Now that the public has an idea of what YO! is all about, how can they get involved?

Sherry: The best way to get involved is to physically come to YO! Darkroom, meet with myself and staff members who can sign you up for events and answer your questions. Our hours cater to people who are in school and work during the day. BTW we’re open late most nights Wed-Sun until 11p by appt. Email any questions to

LOST: Doc Jensen's BACK!

Doc Jensen = the man. For you LOST fans not up on who he is, he reports on all things LOST, and even provides his own insight and theories into things. He is not about spoiling, but will give Damon/Carlton-approved news bits and things to look out for when he has them. The latest article of his dives head first into a few things:
  • Debunking 3 show-related rumors
  • A correlation between Jacob and The Fly
  • His thoughts on The Orchid orientation film
  • Thoughts on the whole film being some kind of hoax...

Interesting stuff, my kind of writer actually.

For more LOST-related news, keep it locked... until then, namaste!

DJ Cable BBC 1Xtra Guest Mix

What's going on? You know, in the US, college students and office workers start their weekends on Thursdays - GET DRUNK, GET CRUNK! This mix I got from DJ Cable (the 2x DMC Vice Champ, not the DNB producer), which was featured on BBC 1Xtra a few weeks back. Strictly Hip-Hop, not a lot of flash, although dude does throw in some sick cuts and some doubles work - nothing too turntablistic, but you can hear my man has the fire. He also has an upfront selection, from Common to Lil' Mama, Saigon to MIMS, and he's not afraid to throw in some shit you might not know will get you moving. Check the tracklisting:

01/Skibadee - Tika Toc
02/Eve - Tambourine
03/Redman - Put It Down
04/Skillz Feat. Freeway - Don't Act Like You Don't Know
05/Common - The Game
06/Lil' Mama - Lip Gloss
07/MIMS Feat. Sean Kingston & Mr. Vegas - Like This Remix
08/Kardinal Offishall Feat. Akon - Graveyard Shift
09/DJ Envy & Red Cafe Feat. Fabolous - Dollar Bills
10/Chamillionaire Feat. Slick Rick - Hip Hop Police
11/Saigon - Come On Baby
12/Junior Reid Feat. Fat Joe - More Money
13/Raw LT Feat. Lil' Boosie - It Goes Both Ways
14/L.A. Feat. Akon - On My Trail
15/Lil' Boosie Feat. Foxx, Jim Jones, Webbie, Fat Joe & Jadakiss - Wipe Me Down Remix
16/LL Cool J Feat. 50 Cent, Mobb Deep, Kool G Rap & Tony Yayo - Queens
17/Mike Jones Feat. Bun B & Snoop Dogg - My 6-4
You can stream/download the mix with this zShare link. Highly recommended mix. And keep it locked... Cable said he is to be working on his own THUGSTEP mixtape. I'll keep you posted.

Shouts to Cable, shouts to DJ Tipz, shouts to the UK DJs who know what time it is.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Common's #1

It's his first #1 on Billboard. Ever. Damn shame the album had to suck for him to go to the top of the charts.

addendum inre: Disco D

For those of you paying attention I posted about my, shall I say disdain, for the Village Voice Disco D article in last week's "playlist" (link towards the end of that post). The writer of that article's brother, who goes by the name of Aaron M, asked why I felt the way I did (check the comments section of that post for our convo). In that convo, he posted this link to this bounce/oz post about Disco D, complete with a few MP3s. Good find... great blog.

bounce/oz - bookmark and keep checkin'


I've been sleepin' on this for a month, and I apologize.

Burt Fox and the RiotControl crew offer up a podcast that specializes in, well, everything. The mix that's up right now goes from The Roots to J Dilla to Aretha Franklin to Dizzee Rascal to Public Enemy... very keen, with loads of familiar cuts and those forgotten gems you need in your life. I also like how dude takes pics of the covers of the albums/singles he spun - really nice touch, really dope dedication as well.

Check out the latest edition, "RiotControl Seven w/ Burt Fox":

The Payback - James Brown
Grown Man's Business - Mos Def
Godfather Theme - The Professionals
Glaciers of Ice - El Michel's Affair
Landmines Instr - Yes You (burt fox and breez evahflowin)
The Jungle - El Juba (con burt)
La Murga - Willie Colon
McNasty Filth - Jaylib
Apollo Kids - Ghostface
Don't Feel Right - The Roots
Soul Food - Frankie Seay and the Soul Riders
Alcohol Pt 1 - Robert Jay
The Weight - Aretha Franklin
Where Is My Mind - Pixies
Workinonit - JDilla
Whatcha Want (Soul Assasins Rmx) - Beastie Boys
Jump Off Instr - Wu Tang Clan
Bring The Noise - Public Enemy
Sirens - Dizzee Rascal
Death Mix 2 beat - Afrika Baambaata
Planet Rock - Breakout
Planet Rock - Afrika Baambaata
Hey Hey Can You Relate - Mink and 2wice

You know you wanna... hit up their MySpace page, and make sure you subscribe to their podcast feed (you should also dig into the archives... loads more to digest). I'm not sure how frequent the shows come (this one is from June 7th of this year), but hopefully this plug will make Burt knock another one out (wink, wink).

Keep it going!


Let me just preface this by saying that I'm not a big baseball fan at all. I haven't watched a game since I went to a minor league game in my hometown with my father-in-law and my mom's boyfriend...

Why do we get pissed at Barry Bonds for breaking Hammerin' Hank Aaron's home-run record over supposed steroid abuse, yet allow him to play? Michael Vick is in boiling water for fighting dogs, and the NFL is like "um, nah nigga, don't even THINK about coming to camp". The MLB is looking at Bonds like "well, we MIGHT put an asterisk next to your stats in the record books, but you also bring $$$ to the sport". Say I'm wrong. And to hear my boy Enigmatik tell it, "they excluded an entire race of people from playing even though every knows that blacks woulda murked 'em on the field"... no truer words have been spoken on this subject.

Why the double standard? Why kick his back in, but allow him to make bread for you? It's not like Barry wasn't/isn't a hall of famer based on the shit he made before he looked like a juiced up Ving Rhames... I mean, OK, he's broken the record now, right? Alex Rodriguez just hit 500 homers the other night... he's SURE to get murk whatever record Barry will retire this year with (if you think neph will be playing any more ball after this season, you're bugged). Why even go on about this, knowing that Barry's shit won't last 30+ years? It just seems like they want to get his shit done and over with quickly... but they sacrifice the stats their baseball cards and sport is built on. Having that * in the books is a bad look, but they did it to themselves...

Remember the times...

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

rock the dub's "RUSH HOUR 3" Giveaway

On Friday, August 10th, 2007, New Line Cinema's Rush Hour 3 hits theaters. Now, I don't know about you guys, but I am definitely going to be there, checking out the next installment in the Lee and Carter saga. I am a big fan of the first two (the 2nd more than the first, mainly for Carter's "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" karaoke), so it's a must.

In saying that, I am proud to offer you, the reader(s) of rock the dub, to win some Rush Hour 3 merch! I wish I was getting some of this for delf, but alas, I am sharing the wears with you lucky rock the dub readers. The only thing you will have to do is send me an e-mail.

That's right, send an email to with your address and one (1) piece of merch that is being given away, and I will pick the winners at random. This contest is going on until August 31st, 2007, so don't feel obligated to get your e-mails in FIRST.

Want to see what you can win? Check these out:

T-Shirts And Baseball caps

We also have tatoos with the ill Dragon Logo on it (pic coming).

In terms of quantity, this is how it breaks down:
3 - RUSH HOUR 3 "SILVER" tees
3 - RUSH HOUR 3 "WHITE" tees
3 - RUSH HOUR 3 baseball caps
3 - RUSH HOUR 3 tattoos

So there will be a total of 12 winners. Got that? Send me an email to; make sure the subject says RUSH HOUR 3 GIVEAWAY. Inside the e-mail, please include the item you'd like to win, and your mailing address. Have your e-mails in by the 31st of August; 12 winners will be picked, at random, from those e-mails.

Simple, right? Send a kite, then go see what looks like one of the funniest movies of this summer!


Trailer: .wmv : .mov

Internets Celebrities ROCKed THE BELLS

Dallas & Rafi take it to Rock The Bells to explain good Hip-Hop, weed etiquette between the races, and the joys (and pain) of mud wrestling:

Rafi, Dallas: rock the dub salutes you.

More iC fun HERE. Chea!

LOST: Harrold Perrineau Interview on

DJ Tipz Thugstep Mixtape Vol. II

DJ Tipz done done it again! You loved the first Thugstep Mixtape, right? You ain't heard shit yet...

"Thugstep Mixtape, Volume II" (zShare stream/download link)


01/Lil' Wayne - Fireman (Nappy Vs. Gutterbreakz Thugstep Mix)
02/D Shep - 22's (Nappy Vs. Professor J Thugstep Mix)
03Khalifah ft. Bun B - Light A Fire (Nappy Vs. Ekaj Extended Thugstep Mix)
04/Big Boi & Purple Ribbon All Stars - Kryptonite (Nappy Vs. Juju Thugstep Mix)
05/Monsta - Cavewoman
06/Ric Jilla - Bounce Something (Nappy Vs. Demonic 1 Thugstep Mix)
07/Monsta - Aliens
08/Crime Mob - Here On Out (Nappy Vs. Emalkay Rough Thugstep Mix)
09/Boo ft. Young Jeezy - Miss Me With That Rap Shit (Nappy Vs. TRG Extended Thugstep Mix)
10/Jody Breeze - Rookie Of The Year (Nappy Vs. Bowzer Thugstep Mix)
11/Trillville ft. Twista - Neva Eva Remix (Nappy Vs. Pinch Extended Thugstep Mix)
12/Bravehearts ft. Lil' Jon & Nas - Quick To Back Down (Nappy Vs. Emalkay Thugstep Mix)
13/Fabolous ft. Young Jeezy - Do The Damn Thing (Nappy Vs. Radioactive Man/Narcossit Thugstep Mix)
I've said it before, and I'll say it again - Tipz gets it. He spins the tracks with such a ferociousness, with precise cuts and a keen sense of timing. Dude has a great ear, and has the skills to match. He even dropped a few choice cuts from Monsta's FREE DUBSTEP ALBUM. Props to Tipz, keep an ear peeled for homeboy.

For you DJs out there, if you want some of these THUGSTEP refixes by DJ Nappy, just shoot me an e-mail: I'll lace you proper. And any DJs playing THUGSTEP and have mixes online, let me know - much shine will be given.


Poppin' Off At The Mouth

How The Fader can be into such nonsense is beyond me...

Monday, August 06, 2007

LOST: Latest Podcast/"Orchid" orientation film

Did you LOST fans miss my post from this past Friday, alerting you to the new podcast up? If so, I suggest you take 52 minutes out of your day and give this a listen. They take questions from a room full of fans, giving insight on the way the next 3 seasons will be structured (with some word towards the flash forwards), words about Michael's return, and some funny moments. They also made mention towards the end about an event that would be happening... which turned out to be a new orientation film! This time, it was about Station 6, AKA "The Orchid" (Lostpedia has all the info HERE). Check out this vid:

I also found the trailer for the much-hyped LOST video game:

I definitely think it's odd to have a linear game based on the show, but it looks interesting... who knows.

In any case, what do YOU guys think is going to happen this coming season (Feb. 2008 can't get here soon enough)???