Friday, August 24, 2007

Wyclef ft. Akon & Lil' Wayne "Dollar Dollar Bill Y'all" (video)

This is the online-only version; the full version will be forthcoming.

Track taken from Wyclef's Carnival II.

Friday, August 24th 2007 playlist

01/Redman "Gilla House Check" [I slept on Red Gone Wild for too long... one of my LPs of 2007. Seriously!]
02/DJ Krush "Silent Ungah (Too Much Pain)" [classic Krush sound. Can't wait for his DVD set.]
03/Calyx & Teebee ft. MC Verse "Dual Processed" [easily one of the best DNB LPs of 2007, Anatomy did my head in. Check out my review on DOA. Verse murks this one on the mic!]
04/Keyshia Cole ft. T.I. & Young Dro "Let It Go (Remix)" [big fan of this track; that beat just puts me in a zone.]
05/The Alchemist "Mr. Pitiful 2008" [not the best spitter, but it's dope to hear ALC's story and how he and cats like him get shit on for no reason.]


got leak?

Check out the latest Ninja Tune podcast, which features The Cinematic Orchestra.

Shouts to Enigmatik, finalist for the 2007 Black Weblog Awards. He posted this new mixtape from Clinton Sparks and Talib Kweli: The Get Familiar Talib Kweli Street Album. Nice teaser to Ear Drum. VOTE BGDBOOM!

This week's "For Your Listening Pleasure" features hot DNB mixes from Evol Intent, Outrage, the Lifted Podcast 006, KeM, Mayhem AND Redeyes. Don't be skurred!

In terms of this site, I've been doing a good amt. of reviews. Expect more to come next week: my review of Kia Shine's CD is coming, as well as more mixtape reviews including Conway, MiNZ and a special jammy from Elucid. More on that next week, though...

Final thought time: the iNTERNETS CELEBRITIES hit the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival HARD! Rafi finally uploaded "the lost tapes", which features Chubb Rock, Sean Price, Dru-Ha of Duck Down, Poison Pen and many other hilarious moments. Dallas and Rafi of the kings of that Hip-Hop vlogging. Don't believe me? Peep their resume. And check out THE LOST TAPES:

Until next time, keep it funky. Enjoy your weekend.

AvE Stand & Deliver (hosted by DJ SNS) [review]

"when I cook crack, yeah it's usually on the Pro Tools/that's why my name rings like jewelry from the old school" - AvE, "Stand & Deliver"

When I heard this from AvE's mixtape, Stand & Deliver, I had to take a second look at dude. At 22 years young, this Bronx, NY, native is primed and ready to make a mark, throw NY on his back and keep it bubblin'. He reminds me of Papoose, but I think AvE is a bit more versatile: he has his street gritty records, he has a few party joints, but he also has some wicked stories, too. Not your average mixtape from not your average NY MC.

In terms of underground/mixtape fodder, dude has the game in a chokehold. Tracks like the "Tom Sawyer"-sampling "No Reason" bring straight flames over a noticable sample - I was actually impressed, because most of the Rap tracks sampling Rock these days try to go more for the Hardcore/Metal angle, where this harkens back to the breakbeat days. "Where I'm From" has AvE revisiting Jay-Z's street anthem, but showing you what BX is about. He also takes "Coast to Coast" and shows you how he can flow off of beats from all over the US ("Bout It, Bout It", "The Corner", "Deep Cover" and "Flava In Ya Ear"). "Addiction" is a serious story-driven rhyme about an all-consuming love. He even has a number of other up-and-comers featured on his tape: Nucci Reyo steps up on "Talk 2 'Em", going back and forth with AvE, but my favorite feature is "The Future": a sick, piano driven beat that is just itching to be cut up by a knowledgeable DJ, features Esso (aka "Esso-bama" LOL) just spitting some crazy lines for the hood. One for the niggas on the block, indeed. He even brings back Mic Geronimo for a little lesson on the politics behind the music on "Industry 101"!

Not to say that this mixtape doesn't have its missteps. "That's Mean", as host DJ SNS says, is "the single", and it has a nice, electro swerve to it. I can respect what he's doing on that one, from the song building to the "party in the club" vibe. However, "Give It To Me" just comes across as a forced effort, from the "swag" talk to the lame R&B hook on it. And those strings? Oh no, that's an automatic fast forward for me. I also realized that my copy didn't have all the tracks on the tape I was seeing. Whattup with that? Not saying I'm a big Trey Lorenz fan or anything, but I'd like to have heard the whole thing! And as much as I love SNS, I think his hosting should have been sparsed a bit. It wasn't really necessary, especially considering all he did was shout out BX, Urban Music Entertainment, and ruin songs (at the end of "Addicted", he shouts about them being "addicted to making this money", which kind of kills the vibe of the story that was just spit to us).

In any case, this mixtape does what it needs to do: it gives you a complete picture of a MC who is hungry. You can hear it in his voice, and you can see the versatility and potential hearing his best tracks. I feel like this dude could hop on someone's remix and craft a sick 16, or drop some deep introspective shit for the real niggas on the block. I highly recommend you give AvE a listen. In the immortal words of DJ SNS (lol): BX STAND UP!

rock the dub gives Ave's Stand & Deliver mixtape a 3.7 out of 5 stars. Dude has what it takes to get his name on the lips of many tastemakers - as long as he stays true, and doesn't roll with the trends. One of the MCs to watch out for, that's my word.

If you want more info on AvE, hit up his MySpace page. You can also stream Stand & Deliver on This mixtape has also been featured on Yo! Raps, as well as on Mixtape Kings.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

RIP Eddie Griffin

RIP. Dude was drafted in 2002, then signed by the Nets in 2004... just couldn't get it together - part of the reaso he got shipped to Houston and ended up having a less than decent career in the NBA. Reporter in my local paper today remembered dude's Roman Catholic days, before he went to Seton Hall. Griffin was a beast! Then... the drugs started to take affect. Or whatever the deal was. Damn shame - wasted talent.

In any case, you will be missed. Much love to the Griffin family.

The White Rapper Show 2?!

Looks like my favorite VH1 Rap Competition show is back for round 2; this time, it's all about the ladies!

Maybe Persia will remember her lines this go round?

HOW did Weezy become king?

My boy Enigmatik and I google talk during the day, trading rap news, shooting the shit, singing "Chocolate Rain"... you know, good livin'. He hit me with this link to a vid on XXL on some "word on the street" shit, asking who the greatest rapper alive is? The unanimous answer is Lil' Wayne... which prompted this convo/rant**:

Sent at 1:35 PM on Thursday
khal: weezy do do his thing; not my fav but in the streets that nigga is the king
Enigmatik: my thing
khal: lil wayne for president is hilarious though
Enigmatik: how did he become the king?
khal: mixtape game. well really, he started rapping like jay-z. if you listen to a few of the cuts on carter 2, dude really sounds like jay-z. i cant remember the track names, but this nigga iw orked with was a big wayne fan. played me carter 2 and im like WOW he sounds like he is copying jay! i think he took that and ran with it. then, he just capitalized on the mixtape game, esp those joints with drama and that lead to him on everyone song. i mean niggas seeing wayne spit fire on r&b, hiphop, etc without an album out? i mean niggas in the hood hear wayne on the radio more than you see him on 106 & park. plus, niggas in the street cop mixtapes like 47s cop retail CDs. niggas dont know track 15 on ya album, but they know your freestyle over the jeezy beat word for word. you know how that goes... i bet your top 10 tracks right now aint on no one cd, whether its a freestyle or a promo or a rmx. sorry for the rant, but thats the nature of the game, how i see it.
Enigmatik: that's a good rant; it would make for a good post haha!
khal: i know right, but now i done typed it, and it wont come out the same lol. i'd be better just posting this convo, ala
oh word lol. matta fact... brb
Enigmatik: hahaha

And here we are, back where we started. What do YOU think? WHY is Weezy considered the greatest rapper alive?

**note: some of the rant has been cleaned up in terms of punctuation. my chat game isn't that clean!

Special Teamz Stereotypez tracklisting

EDO G's new crew, Special Teamz, has an album coming out on Duck Down on the 25th of September. The tracklisting has just been released, and it is jam packed on the production and featured MC front:

1.) Get Down (produced by Young Cee)
2.) Three Kingz (produced by Young Cee)
3.) Stereotypez (produced by Ill Bill)
4.) Boston To Bucktown f/Sean Price & Buckshot (produced by Pete Rock)
5.) Classical (produced by DJ Shocca)
6.) Main Event (produced by DJ Premier)
7.) Long Time Comin f/Devin The Dude (produced by Xplicit)
8.) Home 2 f/Akrobatik, Dre Robinson, JY, Twice Thou & Frankie Robinson (produced by Young Cee)
9.) Clap Your Handz (produced by Young Cee)
10.) Story Of My Life f/JY (produced by Yomo)
11.) Fallen Angels f/D Guest (produced by Jake One)
12.) One Call (produced by Marco Polo)
13.) Fight Club (produced by Moss)
14.) Dirty Money f/Ill Bill (produced by Young Cee)
15.) Pushaman (Produced by D Boyz)
16.) Race Riot (produced by Good Will)
17.) Gun In My Hand f/Jamey Jasta
of Hatebreed (produced by Jamey Jasta & Matty Trump)
Some cream of the crop dudes on there! Nice to see guys like Ill Bill, Akrobatik, Sean Price and others get on this project, too.

Check out track 7, "Long Time Comin'", ft. Devin The Dude:


DJ Denox We Break The Hits (Special Edition) (hosted by Stat Quo)

My boy Wordsmith passed me this mixtape, and it looks promising! DJ Denox features loads of unsigned talent who sound like they SHOULD BE SIGNED on this mixtape. Hosted by Stat Quo, this is the true underground. Grab the mixtape, the go hunt down these artists. Wordsmith is featured (his track is fly, too!), as well as E.B.B. & F.L.O.W., among other up and comers, and some familiar faces (Wordsworth, Sean Price). Check out the tracklist:

01. Opening
02. Stat Quo Intro
03. Red Eye ft JBiz, C. Monk & D-Light - The Heat
04. Affiliate - Left, Right
05. R.E.U.B. ft Laila & ROE - Studio 52
06. Wordsmith - The Example: Resignation
07. E.B.B. & F.L.O.W. - Breathe
08. Stat Quo Speaks
09. Thorowbredz - Gangsta Lean
10. Mag - Gotta Gun
11. The Lyricists ft Mike Melton - 360 degrees
12. City Scholar ft Mardell Maxell - Internationally Known
13. Jus Mula - Head Right
14. Verse - Go Girl
15. Jag - Check Out My Swag
16. Stat Quo Speaks
17. Sav Killz ft. Planet Asia - Champion Rap
18. Sha Stimuli - Hood
19. SoulStice ft Wordsworth - No Chance
20. J The S - Thirteen
21. Gawdbless - Show Respect
22. JD Era - Grind Season
23. Stat Quo Speaks
24. C.O.D. ft Sean Price - Let's Ride
25. Dramills - Next Story
26. Ray Mora - Heard It All Before
27. Donny Goines - Goodbye
28. Don Cerino ft DMinor - I Love Hip Hop
29. Stat Quo Interlude
30. J.GiB - Rollin' Through the Hood
31. Ahmir - Watch Me
32. Paper Chase - I'm Doing It
33. Stat Quo - Outro
Don't sleep.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

DOA Q&A: Outrage

My Q&A with Outrage is up on DOA. Respect to him.

He also dropped an exclusive mix with MC Justyce. Peep the tracklisting:

Creeper - Outrage - Backlash Records
Unknown - Amit
Dark Dream - Outrage and Dynamic
Running Scared - Outrage and Dynamic
Everything Changes - Nolige - Backlash Records
Route 808 - Outrage - Inneractive Music
Metaphysics - Dance Planet X (Outrage Rmx)
AWOL - Outrage
Cryonize Version - Outrage and Resound
Africa - Digital and Lutin - Phoenix Rising Album - Function
R.A.G.E. - Outrage - Rufige
Strangers Eyes - Outrage, Aperture and Kirsty Hawkshaw - Metalheadz
Broken Mind - Outrage
Amnesia - Outrage - Horizons Music
Seduction - Outrage (Paradox Rmx) - Horizons
Music Ice Cold - Outrage
Too bad. And no I'm not posting the link on any of my blogs until Friday... gotta draw you guys to the site! Again, OUTRAGE Q&A/MIX is up on DOA. Go grab it!

"Can't Tell Him Nothing": A Re-Enactment

The brothers at The Real (i.e. the same site that let you peak at Lloyd Banks' Retirement Party) have a new sketch up, which breaks down, in their words, "the Hip Hop Holiday that is 50 and Kanye's release date". I think they did their thing, too:

I love the white girl in this. Very good choice for that role.

For more videos like this, make sure you check out The Real.

Wordsmith: Baltimore Music Conference 2007

Ill MC, label CEO, friend of this very site and all around dope individual. Wordsmith will be performing at the BMC 2007 August 23rd through the 26th, along with over 100 DJs and bands! There will be workshops, seminars, dance performances, skateboarding demos, live graf, indie movie screenings.... the works! Words will be touching down with a showcase tomorrow night, from 10:40PM to 11:10PM @ Club One, so if you are in the area of B-More and are trying to see some dope Hip-Hop, make your way tot he BMC2k7.

For those who don't know, Words is dedicated his performance to Kwasi Jones, who recently passed away. It's a beautiful thing, and hopefully Kwasi's peoples come out and represent that night.

For more info on Wordsmith, check out his website. And for more info on BMC 2007, hit up their website. Respect to Words for this... keep it locked to rock the dub radio, I'll be periodically dropping new heat from him and the Nu Revolution camp. HOLLA!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

DTP on the Remix

Just got flown over two remixes of some popular-ass songs by two DTP affiliates:

50 Cent ft. Ludacris "I Get Money (Remix)"

J. Holiday ft. Chingy "Bed (Remix)"

Is there going to be a DTP Family Mixtape before the next compilation drops? I'd like to hear it...

KRS-One signed to Duck Down!

via XXL:

Black Moon front man, Buckshot, has announced that Duck Down Records has signed the legendary KRS-One. “Yeah, we just signed KRS-One to Duck Down,” Buckshot told “He’s on my label now. We’re going hard, as far as production wise.”
I'm loving this! Well, I'm really just hoping that KRS and Da Beatminerz can do a collabo LP ala 9th Wonder & Buckshot... it can happen!

Michael Vick: dividing the community

I tried to stay quiet about the Michael Vick case. I am not for dog fighting in any form. If the dogs are gonna fight, that's one thing, but to breed them into monsters, then murder them for not performing to YOUR standards is just disturbing.

Having said that, this nigga is going to plead guilty and is looking at anywhere from 12 to 18 months in the bing, a possible NFL suspension/expulsion, and a name that will be tarnished forever. And yet some niggas think that the decision is racist:

Fans at Playmakers Barber Shop in Midtown said they still support Vick, because they feel he is innocent, and that he is a victim of a racist judicial system.

"It's bad. I don't condone it at all, but the punishment is too severe, (they’re ruining) a man's career," said barber Dontrell Mapp.

Say what? If anyone ruined Michael Vick's career, Michael Vick did. When he drowned that dog, or funded the kennel (Bad Newz Kennelz, eh? Kind of ironic choice of a name now isn't it?)... whatever his involvement was, he knew there were consequences. And if he didn't, he's a fool. And anyone who thinks the punishment doesn't fit the crime, I suggest they have someone take a pet of theirs, do everything that most dog fighters do (from doping to electrocution) and then try and put a better deal together. How many dogs has Vick killed, either direct or indirect?

In any case, don't turn it into something it's not. He stood up and is going to take a fall (even though it seems like he's trying to get a good deal before the gambling aspect of his case came to light), praise him for admitting guilt. Don't turn this into a black/white thing.

BioShock lust

Not too many games actually make me wish I bought a different system than the one I own (I've had my PS2 for a good 4 years now)... not even Halo 2. BioShock is just making me want to own an Xbox360 for no good reason.

It's my own fault, though. I read EGM, so I have a decent grasp on the latest games coming for all of the systems, even if I don't own them. I read about BioShock a month or two ago and was blown away at everything going on in this game: an intellectual shooter/RPG/gory horror suspense thriller, UNDERWATER!?!? With a quirky retro feel to the details and era of the story? I'm so in...

Or I would be, anyways. And before you say it, yes I know it's coming out on PC (the demo is available HERE), but my Dell is not equipped for more than word processing, blogging and archiving music. It could be, but I don't have the scrilla to get it where I need to get it. I got kids, nigga.

So what am I left with? A desire to partake in an epic battle that I have no possible way of ever playing. I'm going to be a 40 year old man playing this game for the first time, I think. Which isn't bothering me, I just haven't felt this way for a game in a while. It's not like I'd have time to play it - I got kids, nigga.

For you Xbox360 fans, though, the game hits the shelves TODAY. G4 has the ill walkthrough/preview HERE, but if you get G4 from your cable provider, you should wait for tomorrow's X-Play for a full rundown. IGN gave BioShock a 9.7 out of 10, and GameSpot gave it a 9.0. Sounds like a keeper to me. Anyone wanna get me a 360 for my birthday?

Dwizz Party Music EP (preview)

Shouts to Dwizz, South Philly and Flamin' Hotz for this EP. Any release that gives you instructions on how to Wu-Tang is a keeper. Proper dancefloor madness. Peep the audio:

Side A
A1. "Salt Pepper Ketchup & Hot Sauce"
A2. "Toot That"
A3. "Feeling So Horny"
Side B
B1. "Let's Go Girl"
B2. "I'm Hot"
B3. "Goodtimes"

For more info on Dwizz, peep his MySpace page. If you want to cop this EP, grab it direct from Flamin' Hotz (or one of these retailers: Turntable Lab or Rubadub).

Monday, August 20, 2007

Kanye West on Tim Westwood

I'm getting kind of excited for Graduation. Like eskay said, Curtis lost. Check out Kanye premiering "Big Brother" (deep cut) and "Champion":


Little Turntables

DJ Mark the 45 King gettin' it going:

Skream "Sub Island" b/w "Pass The Red Stripe" [review]

Skream is one dubstep prodigy who seems to create some heavy tunes out of thin air. Take “Sub Island” for instance: dude wastes no time getting right to the meat of the matter. After about half a minute of dubbed out sounds, he drops into a dub workout too slick to be missed. The sub work is serious: I’d suggest getting a tough pair of bins, or some really dope headphones to truly get where these low ends are going. Plus, there’s no mess or fuss about the rest of the tune: aside from the rumble, Skream just adds in some echoed sounds and a crisp drumbeat to the mix. Wait for the second drop; dude goes even DEEPER with that bass! “Pass The Red Stripe” brings a little more variation into the mix, getting into more of a melodic dubwise zone. This time a waist-winding bass is made beautiful with touches of horns, some high synth notes, and a softer, thumping beat. Almost transcending what you might consider “dubstep” to be, bringing a bit more of the soul and depth that classic Dub sounds provide. Score another one for the wonderkid!

For more information on Skream, check out his MySpace page. This single is available NOW on Soul Jazz Records.

Chester P "Oh No" b/w "Chessmonster" [review]

This is a slick 12” from the UK Hip-Hop scene, from the Task Force’s Chester P. I hate saying that, because Hip-Hop is one of the most universal genres under the sun, with dope shit coming from Hollis, Queens to Zimbabwe. The thing is, if an American MC dropped a single entitled “Oh No (He Loves A Ho)”, the post-Imus ethics invasion would have a field day! At least this track tries to provide some comedy and storytelling to the mix, and not just putting down the female for 3 minutes. On the first verse, Chester P tries to convince his boy that he should be careful around the chick he’s falling head over heels for, but it doesn’t matter – “she loves his dough”, and puts it on him to the point where dude falls head over heels. You gotta love the swing in this beat (produced by DJ Louis Slipperz), and the fact that Chester (and his brother, Farma G) can touch on so many topics with such a rapid fire flow. “Chessmonster” marries some solemn guitar strums with a stream of consciousness flow, almost sounding like a real MC mantra that Chester P blazes to make sure he is centered. Dude is really ill with the flow, and knows how to string a line or 50 together. If I tried placing all of the quottables in this review, I'd basically be typing out all of the lyrics! Watch out for his forthcoming LP, From The Ashes, which should be available in October, and get familiar with how LDN do!

For audio and more info on this release and forthcoming Chester P output, check out his MySpace page.

This is the first of (hopefully) many reviews for 12"/CD singles on rock the dub. Any artists or press agencies looking to get their materials covered on rock the dub, please get at me.