Saturday, June 05, 2010

Armond "Illuminati"

Armond "Illuminati": Earlier today, I got a French Montana freestyle over Drake's "Light Up", and wasn't trying to hear that. Luckily, Armond supplemented his Snooze Button II mixtape with this "Light Up" freestyle. Don't let the title fool you, though...

Family Affair "Sunshine"

Family Affair "Sunshine": Something a bit heavier from Rep & QB, the duo known as Family Affair, who are also members of the STL conglomerate THE FORCE. This single is taken from Welcome To The Underground, which I'm told drops on iTunes on June 15th, so grab this freebie, support that good Hip-Hop and keep THE FORCE movement going skrong!

Freed Slave "Prince"

Freed Slave "Prince": Freed Slave is the rappin' AKA for a friend of mine, Bryant. Homey is part of the next breed of MCs out there... trying to find his way in this new America, currently in school and putting his thoughts and feelings to the beat. I know he's been rapping for a bit, but this is the only track he's sent, and its definitely different - the beat is intriguing, and the way he's flowing reminds me of something from 15, 17 years ago - really interesting mix, especially if you're not trying to keep the current "urban radio playlist" on repeat. Deep stuff in here, check it out.

Scripts "I'm Ill"

Scripts "I'm Ill": First, we got Satellites from Loose Screwz, now the other 1/2 of @ScriptsNScrewz is putting out his Director's Cut mixtape on the 22nd of June. He tackles Red Cafe's "I'm Ill" instrumental with ease. Can't wait for the rest of the project!

DJ Speedy The Spirit Of Chicago Volume 1

The Core DJ's and Perfection Music have sorted out this Chicago-centric mixtape featuring cats like Mikkey Halsted, ESOHEL, Enig'ma, Add-2 & Slot-A, Gemstones, Anton Genius and others. Dope stuff. Hit the jump.

[video] Philthy Rich ft. Deltrice "These Streets"

[video] Eminem "Not Afraid"

Friday, June 04, 2010

Big Boi "General Patton"

Big Boi "General Patton": Wow, the intro alone makes this shit sound super epic, but once Big Boi kicks his verse, this sounds like a proper statement, a call to arms - essentially, if you didn't fuck with Big Boi for whatever reason, get your mind right and realize that homey is the truth. I was half-excited for Sir Lucious Leftfoot, but this and "Shutterbugg" have me officially ready.

Shouts to Rap Radar.

Diggy Simmons ft. Bei Maejor "Great Expectations"

Diggy Simmons ft. Bei Maejor "Great Expectations" (prod. by Black The Beast): I haven't been keeping up with the Hot 97 Summer Jam 2010 rumors/gossip/news, but apparently Diggy will be appearing there tomorrow. I've never been, but being in the position I'm in (a writer/blogger from Jersey), I feel like I should be out there... like its an expectation. Many might expect Diggy to be a Lil' Run, but he's his own dude, and while this isn't really my flex, I'm not mad at him. He knows what the fuck is poppin' right now, and I can't front - homey can flow. You can hear the progression, you feel me? Don't be surprised if this pops up on your radio station's playlists... his mixtape, Airborne, is on the way.

Tru Fam ft. Qua "Lollipop Girl"

Tru Fam ft. Qua "Lollipop Girl": Damn. The thing that kills me about Jersey is that it's a real melting pot, and the influences and styles of artists living in the Garden State varies from city to city. Tru Fam represents the Pop-side of NJ, with some tracks that sound skraight off your local Pop stations, you feel me? There's that Hip-Hop/R&B feel to it, but it has those catchy hooks. Not particularly what I'm trying to hear all day, as I'm an ornery old nigga of 28, but I wouldn't be mad if the kids rocked their Boom Box Love mixtape around me.

.miDDLecLassmen CanteensForFloodgates

Here's some other shit. I threw out the promo track that duce did for this, and the full project from .miDDLecLassmen, CanteensForFloodgates, and I can't say honestly that I get it on the first spin. It's one of those intriguing projects that truly requires either multiple listens or one long, uninterrupted listen. Probably helps to have a fat sack of that boom with you rolled up and ready. Beats from duce, Jean Luc, Chase Leak & Carlito. If you like your Hip-Hop with a singular sound, check this one out.

DOWNLOAD .miDDLecLassmen CanteensForFloodgates


1. GettinFoolish
2. SquintyEyes
3. Monet’sTune
5. Omega
6. CoolestPlaceOnEarth
7. RoleDogs
8. GlowlySimpson
9. DisciplineOfAge
10. Grayshis
11. HundredGoldSpokes
12. Carlito’s
13. WeAreThePeople

Shouts to THHE via

Three 6 Mafia ft. Project Pat & Billy Wes "Keep My Name Out Yo Mouth"

Three 6 Mafia ft. Project Pat & Billy Wes "Keep My Name Out Yo Mouth" [clean | dirty]: If you know me, I love my Hip-Hop in all varieties - Hip-Hop needs balance, and I take the intellectual with the ignant. Triple 6 is all about the hood anthems, and this is the best of theirs I've heard since "Ugh Ugh Ugh". Just a fat-bottomed bassline with a pretty ghetto theme/hook - I mean, how many fights have you heard, especially between females, where someone was told to "keep my name out ya fucking mouth, you don't know what the fuck you talkinbout!"? Drop this on some unsuspecting nigga folk, see their heads bop. Trust.

Bonus Beats Three 6 Mafia "Keep My Name Out Yo Mouth (Instrumental)" | DJ Bundle

Raekwon, Eyes Low, Bad Luck, Cappadonna & Method Man "Made Men"

Raekwon, Eyes Low, Bad Luck, Cappadonna & Method Man "Made Men" (prod. by DJ Mathematics): A couple of days ago, a tagged version of this track premiered via the Killer Beez Promo team. This was a track that didn't make it onto the Wu-Massacre CD, but is now the first single from Mathematics' album. Looks like Math and Eyes Low have Love & Loyalty dropping, so be on the lookout for this... matter of fact...

Bonus Beats Eyes Low "If You Were Mines" (rrod. by DJ Mathematics)

Friday, June 4th 2010 playlist

Tunes and a drink? I need to be doing that instead of being at work...


RTD_PLAYLIST_(05282010-06032010).ZIP (~712MB)



And now for a video I slept on this week...

Tha Dogg Pound "Dogg Pound Gangstaz"

Enjoy the weekend, skaters.

The Revolutionary Riot Report, Vol. 2

I dropped Vol. 1 on you last month, and now Wordsmith, Revolt Radio and DJ Booth linked up to drop Vol. 2, which features tracks from the Nu Revolution camp, Philly Swain, King Mez, K. Sparks and many more. Hit the jump!

Joe Budden "Something To Ride To"

Joe Budden "Something To Ride To" (prod. by J Cardim): I got sent this track twice in the last 16 hours, so it must be important. Oddly enough, the latest solo work of Budden's that I've dug are with J Cardim. Why he doesn't do a whole project with him is beyond me... but yeah. And the title is sort of confusing, seeing as he let's you know through the whole hook that this isn't something you would indeed want to ride to. Nigga still has bars, though, and that's all that counts.

DJ Khaled "All I Do Is Win (Cuz Cole Remix)"

DJ Khaled ft. T-Pain, Ludacris & Rick Ross "All I Do Is Win (Cuz Cole Remix)": Teddy Pain uses an instrument on his vocals, so the bol @CousinCole uses Teddy Pain's vocals as an instrument. Proper Friday night Bmore funktastical jam right here. DJs, get on this one!

[video] Corey Black "Power Freestyle"

[video] MiLKMEN "Hello, Good Morning (RMX)" / "Light Up (RMX)"

8thW1 & Homeboy Sandman "Harm Music"

8thW1 & Homeboy Sandman "Harm Music": What's good, party people? This cut is a special modified "party version" of "No Harm", a cut from No Room For Dessert that features 8th, Sandman, Reef The Lost Cauze and Von Pea. "No Harm" drops digitally on the 15th of June, while No Room For Dessert drops on July 27th. Enjoy!

<a href="">"Harm Music" Modified Party version of "NO HARM" by 2 Hungry Bros</a>

[video] A Boston Guru Tribute (5/27/2010)

Here's a montage of footage from the Boston Guru Tribute on the 27th of May, featuring MCs like Big Shug, Akrobatik and Singapore Kane, as well as some footage of Statik Selektah spinning Gangstarr classics:

All pictures and video were taken by Miss Ash; shouts to the home Mal Moe and the OneThree Music camp. Be on the lookout for a SPECIAL mixtape, presented by RTD, to drop in the near future. RIP Guru!

EDIT Got passed another video from this night, from Bostonianz617:

Shouts to The Council.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Stadium Status

Shouts to my Internets Celebrities bredren for this. I was lucky enough to check this out last week, and it's one of my favorite pieces of their catalog. Here's some more info on this video:

"It's hard being a sports fan these days."

Stadium Status is a documentary which examines the rush of new sports stadiums in NYC as the latest example of an obscene national trend. New stadiums are built every year and the private businesses that own them benefit from huge sums of public money for their creation. Are we getting our money's worth?

Internets Celebrities are Dallas Penn, Rafi Kam and director Casimir Nozkowski
Featuring Neil deMause and Killian Jordan
Additional Cinematography - Ian Savage
Original Music - Bless-1

Stadium Status was funded by fans of the Internets Celebrities via Kickstarter including a sponsorship from our friends at DIYThemes -- the company behind the Thesis theme for Wordpress. We are grateful for everyone's support.

More videos and Internets Celebrities updates at

And check out The ICs on Dylan Ratigan yesterday.

[video] Killer Mike "Grandma's House"

[video] Mikkey Halsted & Mike Flo "COMWIDDIT"

The Mad Blogger's Weekly Podcast, EP10

This week's TMB Podcast is a special old school throwback, featuring cuts from Nice & Smooth, Chubb Rock, Naughty By Nature and many more!

DOWNLOAD [mirror] | iTunes

The Rub - History Of Hip-Hop 2000

[preview] Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War #2

Issue #1 isn't in shops until next week, but Marvel's already dropped six pages of preview art for the latest Deadpool mini-series. Shouts to TDB.

[video] STS ft. Ming "Sole Music"

[video] Killah Priest "Shadows"

This is taken from Killah Priest's The 3 Day Theory, which is set to drop on July 6th.

Jones Andrews "Celebration (Anticipation)"

Jones Andrews "Celebration (Anticipation)" (prod. by Casino Music Group): Even though we just got First In Flight, Last To Land, FSM representer Jones Andrews threw out this new joint of his, which is made for those who need some motivation on reaching their goals, primarily b/c you KNOW there's going to be a super celebration once you reach it. I know I need that mantra in my life.

Nucci Reyo ft. A-Natural "Anywhere But Bed"

Nucci Reyo ft. A-Natural "Anywhere But Bed" (prod. by King I Divine): New track from Jersey's own Nucci Reyo, with an interesting message they say is "driving home the point that all men are not the same in regards to viewing woman solely as objects of lust. There are woman out there who are living for God and know they are worth waiting for and this is a song about how the encounter with them goes".

previous Nucci Reyo ft. Elete "Mean What I Say"

Jazz Spastiks ft. Junclassic "Hot Shit!"

Jazz Spastiks ft. Junclassic "Hot Shit!": Been a minute since I've heard some new Jun, so to hear him over some jazzy flavors from the Jazz Spastiks' 12 Bit Spit album is dope. This album also features cats like The Primeridian and Wes Restless among many others - give it a preview over on Amazon and cop if you're digging!

[video] Lyriciss "Bright Nights"

FuseBox Radio (Week Of 6/02/2010)

The IC's On The Dylan Ratigan Show

Via Dallas Penn. So proud of these guys.

[video] T.I. "Yeah You Know (Takers)"

previous T.I. "Yeah You Know (Takers)"

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

[video] Rebel Sonix "Samhain"

Tempa T x Chase & Status "Hypest Hype"

DJ SOLO x Datsik "Ghost Train"

This is the official leak of GHOST TRAIN, an unofficial collabo over DATSIK's "Mechano" from my upcoming EP/Mixtape “DJ SOLO – Hated In The Nation”. The mixtape will feature 5 original DJ SOLO rap tracks over dubstep beats mixed in between my latest original remixes and bootlegs. Also on the mixtape will be Nirvana, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Metallica, and Snoop Dogg, “hosted” by the ultimate punk rocker himself, GG Allin!! Get ready.

[video] Phil Ade "The Letter"

Via OKP.

[video] Bag$ ft. Prosice & Jumz "Don't Let Go"

Via Join Da Crowd.

[video] Twone Gabz "Bully"

Copywrite "Poorly Promote This"

Copywrite "Poorly Promote This": Word. There was always word on conflict within the Eastern Conference label fam, and Copywrite speaks on his attempts to work with DJ Mighty Mi from High & Mighty about re-released The High Exhaulted. From what MAC Media sent, "Copywrite had approached Milo over a year ago about wanting to re-release his debut album since there was never a formal contract between the two he felt there would be no issue. Milo however felt differently and would not give Copywrite permission to include a couple of the tracks that Milo had done production for on the re-release. Copywrite accepted that but insisted that T.H.E High Exhaulted be taken down off of iTunes and anywhere else Milo might have it for sale. A year later Milo still has not done this. "Poorly Promote This" was born out of Copywrite's frustration with how Milo and Eon handled the promotion of his first record and the recent chatter that has been heard about him re-releasing his classic debut". Shit is crazy - makes me remember I used to rock to all of their music, and like none of them are cool anymore. Copywrite isn't one to fuck with though, nahmean? T.H.E. High Exhaulted 8th Anniv. Edition dropped on June 1st.

previous Copywrite "Last Laugh"

Eternia & MoSS ft. Rah Digga & Rage "The BBQ"

Eternia & MoSS ft. Rah Digga & Rage "The BBQ": That limited-edition vinyl EP for At Last drops on June 8th via Fat Beats. It features "It's Funny" and the "It's Funny" remix, alongside this cut "The BBQ" and a "BBQ" remix featuring Jean Grae and Tiye Phoenix! Love hearing quality females knockin' out some sick Hip-Hop, nahmean? Cop this!

[preview] Drake's Walmart Soundcheck

Since the leak is out there, this should get some postage. Via TSS.

[video] Dwele "What's Not To Love"

T-Rex vs. Okwerdz

[video] The-Dream ft. T.I. "Make Up Bag"

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Tom Chase "Hello Again"

Tom Chase "Hello Again": Here's the first leak from Chidda's 200 Yard Dash mixtape, showcasing this St. Joe Louis member going ballistic over an Oddisee beat. Been waiting for some sick Chidda spit, so its good to know that he is going to follow-up 100 Yard Dash in style.

QuESt "We're Going Down"

QuESt "We're Going Down" (prod. by Ace2euce) [clean | dirty]: Wow.. I wasn't expecting this from QuESt, and I don't like it. He's a talented MC, and showcases a few different flows on this, but the beat sounds like it needs T.I. and/or DJ Khaled rhyming over it. Reminds me of what happens when artists try a bit too hard to get some radio spins. This is taken from The Reason: A Defense Mechanism, so be on the lookout for that, although I wish it has a lot less of this.

NickNack "Strangest Secret"

NickNack "Strangest Secret": Here's some interesting instrumental noodling from NickNack's Dearly Departed album, which is set to drop on June 15th. Some nice movements in here - reminds me of that classic turntablist/balls to the wall vibe from the late 90s, shit that made people ask if I smoked weed on the reg, when I barely touched the stuff. Open your mind.

<a href="">Strangest Secret by NickNack</a>

[video] Gucci Mane "911 Emergency"

[video] Kelly Rowland ft. David Guetta "Commander"

Klashnekoff ft. D.Ablo "Klash Anthem"

Klashnekoff ft. D.Ablo "Klash Anthem": Been a minute since I've heard something from Klashnekoff; this is taken from Back To The Sagas, which is available now on iTunes, and will be out physically on June 26th. UKHH does the damn thing.

Trumayne ft. Big Shug "Kids Get Up"

Trumayne ft. Big Shug "Kids Get Up": The future of the Gangstarr Foundation going in over that classic Jackson 5 ish. Sounds mad grimey, but he's rapping about drinking Nestle's Quik and whatnot. Gotta love this - be on the lookout for Juvenile Swagger. Big up to Mal Moe.

Smoke DZA "Sour Hour"

Smoke DZA "Sour Hour" (prod. by Ski Beatz): Word from GFCny was that this was to be on Smoke's T.H.C. album, but it got leaked and they was like "fuck it". Glad they did - this sounds like something to throw on right after the dutch gets rolled and you're kickin' back with that sour deez. Carry on.

Nucci Reyo ft. Elete "Mean What I Say"

Nucci Reyo ft. Elete "Mean What I Say" (prod. by Blunt): St. Joe Louis' Elete links with The King's Kid for this exercise in letting niggas know why we say what we say. Shit might hurt you, but it's better to catch a stern talking to than getting fucked the fuck up when some real life shit that you could've avoided is staring right at you - you feel me? This is taken from Nucci's The Odysee mixtape, which is solely produced by Blunt. Watch for that tape, as well as his In Due Season mixtape to drop this month.

FLY-C ft. Theo Martins & Paul Lowe Jr "Higher"

FLY-C ft. Theo Martins & Paul Lowe Jr "Higher" (prod. by The Trackslayerz): This beat is kind of crazy. Love how they faded it out during the hook - really BIG sound right here. FLY usually sorts out freestyles every week, but wasn't able to that and coasted this collaborative BANGER on the masses. If you're digging this, be on the lookout for his Over Night mixtape.

Judah The Amber Rose Freestyles

Looks like nuff MCs loved those Amber Rose Instrumentals that Judah put out with Dub MD back in January, and now in conjunction with Kevin Nottingham and mixed by DJ Dublee, we get The Amber Rose Freestyles, with MCs like Dominique Larue, tabi Bonney and others, including cats from Mexico, Australia and a number of other locales, add verses to these exquisite beats. Hit the jump for download link and tracklist.

Apollo The Great "Call It Quits"

Apollo The Great "Call It Quits" (prod. by YFAME): Here's some straight up '90s vibin' Hip-Hop straight out of Camden. This is the first single of homey's H.I.M. 2 album, which you can download right now via I'm seeing this weird thing - older artists are doing what they consider "staying young", while a number of the younger cats (Apollo's 20) are hearkening back to the "classic" styles heads fiend for. Not mad, just some shit I'm picking up on...

The Roots ft. John Legend "Doin' It Again"

The Roots ft. John Legend "Doin' It Again": Yup, this is my jam right here. The Legendary flipped Legend's "Again" into this awesome banger. I imagine this is the kind of sound Rick Ross wishes he was rapping over. I'm truly ready for this album now... I need an extended version of this - it can be 2 mins of rapping, but like 3 or 4 minute spazz out with solos and shit. I'd pay just to see them ride this out live. Damn.

MP3 via OKP.

previous The Roots "Dear God 2.0"

FSM Presents First In Flight, Last To Land

The FSM camp, alongside YNotMyDream, Refined Hype & Hail Megatron, have put out their new mixtape, First In Flight, Last To Land, which showcases FSM members Young Rush, The Mecca Of Rhymes, Jones Andrews and Hendrix Law coasting over found beats and original productions. Talented group of brothers, and with some of my peers giving this the stamp, it just makes sense to grab. Hit the jump for the goods.

Homeboy Sandman x Spec Bogie Album Release Party At SOBs (6/1/2010)

Donwill has the specifics up. Elucid will be performing. Booyah.

Quite Nyce & GMJ "Promise Me"

Quite Nyce & GMJ "Promise Me": RADIx might be promoting a project with Statik Selektah, but it looks like 1/2 of the crew, Quite Nyce, has a digital EP (For My People) dropping with France's GMJ on the 22nd of June. Nyce won a contest that showcased GMJ's production, and this "summer anthem" is one of the fruits of their collaborative effort.

Seanie Mic "I'm Quitting You, Facebook"

[video] Dumhi w/ Random & Ethel Cee "Cannons"

<a href="">DUMHI Cannons w/ Random &amp; Ethel Cee by dumhi</a>

Grafik ft. Jermiside, B Wash & Fashawn "Flavor In Ya Ear 2010"

Grafik ft. Jermiside, B Wash & Fashawn "Flavor In Ya Ear 2010": Four MCs coasting over the classic "Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)" instrumental? Lessondary vet Jermiside and Fashawn? That's worth the price of admission right there. This is from Fresno's own Grafik and his LL Cool Graf mixtape. 'Shawn mighta got this one off the illest, but you know.

[video] Macca "0'10 (Spaceship Anthem)"

Via DJ Cable.

Malicious "In The Air"

Malicious "In The Air": Not mad a this right here. @Mr_Malish reps Montreal, Canada, and produced this cut, as well as the bulk of Life's Not So Sample and Life's Not So Sample 2. Shit has a nice vibe to it - love the vocals chopped in that beat. Check this out then rewind on homey's output.

Botchamania 133

Botchamania 130

Monday, May 31, 2010

[video] Mic Wilson "Ain't My Fault" LIVE

My favorite track off of Square One. Shouts to Ka5p.

Drake "Best I Ever Had (DnB Bootleg)"

Drake "Best I Ever Had (DnB Bootleg)": I previewed this what it seems like ages ago. Good timing, considering his album drops next week... DJs beware - this is a dirty version - now "youtheyouthe besss" in the chorus at all. Nice liquid vibes, though. Should go off well for the drunken Soulsters in the club.

[video] Hi Stakez "I Just Can't"

Track produced by Jett I. Masstyr; video directed by John Carillo.

Digiwaxx Presents Memorial Day Mixtape

Here's the soundtrack to this weekend, mixed by DJ Gyvis, from the heads at Digiwaxx. Features include Kanye West, Dirty Money, T.I., Mike Classic, Rick Ross, French Montana and many others. Hit the jump.

MiLKMEN "Ms. Fat Booty Freestyle"

MiLKMEN "Ms. Fat Booty Freestyle": Them milky niggas are still on that Served With Milk & Honey, and revisit some classic Mos Def. One of my favorites, and I've been loving how they are re-imagining these jawns. Enjoy.

Dutch New York "Miss Me Freestyle"

Dutch New York "Miss Me Freestyle": DNY has a new mixtape, Katrina Flood, dropping on the 25th of June, and this is the first leak from that project. Dude's nasty. Fuck you for sleeping.

Purpose "Rising Sun"

Purpose "Rising Sun": Here's a serious banger from the Better Than Your Album mixtape, which will more than likely be better than most niggas albums. Too much malarky on major label CD releases... but you knew that already.

Gripz "Chosen One"

Gripz "The Chosen" (prod. by Vherbal): Gripz is still on his Poetic Literature 3 ish (which should be dropping via 2DBz and this very site sometime soon), and this is the newest latest jawn, not even 24 hours old. Enjoy.

The Boondocks S03E05: "Stinkmeaner 3: The Hateocracy"

previous The Boondocks S03E04: "The Story Of Jimmy Rebel"

[video] Lil' Wayne "Get A Life"

Sunday, May 30, 2010

[preview] Heist "I Need Killers"

I first heard this sick sick SICK tune on Heist's Sumo Beatz Podcast #1, and was immediately floored. I don't get too deep into labels and such, but this "drumstep" craze has me hooked. Criss Criss and Youngman have a "drumstep" mix of their "Kick Snare" tune coming on Technique, but this was the first tune from that genre that really had me going:

Heist - I Need Killers [radio rip]

So menacing. DJ Cable said it made him want to smash up his furniture. Sick tune. And you might've heard Skream rinse the dubstep edit of this one:

Heist - I Need Killers (140 Edit) [radio rip]

I need more tunes like this in my life.