Introducing Side-B Radio

Princeton University's WPRB 103.3 has always been known for bringing quality Hip-Hop radio shows. From Raw Deal to Vibes N Vapors, they've made sure that quality underground Hip-Hop has been represented, and oddly enough, these shows have made sure that they paid homage to what's good about the Tri-State area's Hip-Hop scene. While we've not spoken in depth, over the last few months, I've seen the homey Hook Jackson and his Side-B Radio show (which airs 5PM to 7PM, Sunday nights) put on for the area. They've helped bring the Garden Variety shows more exposure, and have touched down on some legendary, city-specific sets full of NJ Hip-Hop. Highly recommend that you guys hit Hook up with your music. He's always looking for that fresh, true Hip-Hop, and I know a lot of you need that radio exposure. Email with your radio-edited jawns, or hit up @sidebradio42. Tell 'em @khal sentcha! And catch up on the last few shows, via Tumblr.

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