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The Paxtons ft. Sincere "Five Dollars"

Feels like a blast from the past. I feel like I'm always saying "It's been a minute since I've heard new Paxtons shit", but it's really been almost a full year since The Manhattan Project dropped! Fear not, doe. The above video marks the beginning of their next phase, which is capped off with the September 6th-release of Avenue A, the first of a four part series (which concludes with Avenue D, which drops in 2012). The homies haven't lost a step, either. That's more my thing - I hate when niggas go in the studio for a grip and emerge with some sub-par shit. Feels like The Paxtons are truly moving onto the next level of their sound. This shit tough, too. Get crunk to this fo real fo real.

DOWNLOAD The Paxtons ft. Sincere "Five Dollars" (prod. by Urban Legendz)

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