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Tef Poe - The Preview

If you're not hearing from a nigga, assume they're working hard. I see Tef Poe jabbering on the tweets, and have gotten a few freestyles from him recently, but I know he's been tackling a couple of projects simultaneously. I wasn't really prepared for Poebama to email me this morning taumbout "I'm sitting on nearly two albums worth of new music". I also wasn't expecting him to hit me with The Preview, which is what you're getting today. If you remember War Machine, you'll remember two things: the full potential of the project wasn't reached, and Poe was saying some SHIT! Be happy to know that War Machine 2 is on the way, and this preview gives you a peak into what you can expect for that - although some of these jawns might not make the final cut. Shit happens. Love this, and prepare for a few things that Poe has down the pike, including The David Ruffin Theory, which is an EP he is doing with Rockwell Knuckles. Power Over Everything is the mixtape he's sorting with DJ Trackstar, which features Poe going in on the freestyle tip. Word is the listening party of P.O.E. goes down this Friday, August 26th at The Gramophone, and features Rocky as well as Family Affair. Also be sure to grab that GLC I Know Who You Pimped Last Summer mixtape, which features their "Out The Kitchen" remix. Phew. Slow down, son, ya killin' em!

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