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Hollywood Floss "Stalker"

The boy Flawse likes telling stories. I hope this one is more creative expression and not relaying a real life situation. I never had a stalker, and back in the day, I probably wished I had one. Get some excitedment in my life. Over a bright banger from brandUn DeShay (who I'm seeing more production credits than rapper credits from), Floss goes from going on a date (calling himself helping a friend), and I guess he impressed the shit out of her. Or maybe he laid down that New Houston pipe game, and now he has a new dog chasing his tail. That's some hectic shit. Hopefully she aint put any burning Jordans on his doorstep or anything. Enjoy this. One Fan At A Time, September 26th.

DOWNLOAD Hollywood Floss "Stalker" (prod. by brandUn DeShay)


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