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Myk Dyaleks "All Right"

Myk actually sent me this a few weeks back and, like an ass, I was gonna post it up then - against wishes. Good thing I went over that E-mail. You may or may not realize that Dyaleks has had a "color" theme to his latest projects (Make'em Yell(ow), Chord On BLEU), and it looks like that series had a name, Primary Collo(urs). While this sneak peek is short (under two minutes), it's a perfect example of what Dyaleks has been cooking on, and many feel it's the best way to (re)introduce you to his cipher. He drops his mission statement over some throwback loops. Love that synth melody, forreal. Re@d (Ow)T LOUD!!!! will be dropping on the 5th of September. Keep it liddocked.

DOWNLOAD Myk Dyaleks "All Right"


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The World According To B.E said...

Much love always, brotha!!! Appreciate the love!!!