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Ess Vee "Backyard Sippin'"

I got sent this sometime last week, and I been on some other shit. Maybe I got abducted by an alien. Who knows. In any case, I'm here now, and post-Irene, it's time to break out the charcoal and enjoy the last few weeks of summer. Taken from The Veelude (which is going to be presented by UHTN), Vee creates the kind of backdrop you'd want when the smoke from the grill is hitting your nose (alongside that cheeba scent), the honey dips are dressing less, and your family is there, cackling at times gone by. We've only got a few weekends where these kinds of excursions are permissible, so get that shit in, early. Props, Vee.

DOWNLOAD Ess Vee "Backyard Sippin'"

EDIT Oh snizzle, here's the video:


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