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Wildabeast - Rising Shadows EP

The other day, Jelani and Wildabeast turned on the cameras and let the world see them record an EP, live. A few minutes ago, Jel sent over this seven-track opus, and goddamn, I love this kind of Internets output. Two talented individuals linking up and getting a project written, recorded, mixed and mastered, and eventually released later that week. For free. And it's fucking ill! First time in a minute I heard some new Wil, so I'm glad this came about. Fits the odd mood I'm in due to this rainy day. "Aftershocks" might be my favorite, trust. Noise x boom bap. Enjoy that. And be on the lookout for the next EP, which should materialize in October. Yall don't hear me doe.

DOWNLOAD Wildabeast - Rising Shadows EP


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