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Go See Warrior

Most of the time, when stores/entities hit me with "do you want to sign up for our service", I shy away. Don't need no more random mail to the house or the inbox. But with lil' man getting impressionable, we've been taking him to the theaters to see all kinds of movies, so we decided to sign up for AMC Stubs. Well what happened? I got an offer to see Warrior for free (!!!), and I'm so glad that I got that opportunity. I'm no movie buff, nor am I the biggest MMA fan, but I follow both, and have to say that this movie is the truth. It's a raw depiction of the behind the scenes of MMA, but also tells a gripping tale. Let me tell you - the crowd I was with? They popped for EVERYTHING. Applause. Shock. Laughter. Just reeled into it. I was damn near edge-of-my-seat towards the end. Just that damn good. Great performances from everyone, from Nick Nolte to Kurt Angle as "Koba". If you fucks with the trailer above, I recommend going to see Warrior when it's out on the 9th of September. Even Complex fucks with it.

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